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    I thought Ameobi was leaving?
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    Was hoping for a Saturday for Rovers but will still look into it. Might be a yellow coat job that if stand is uncovered
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    Old boys are having this 1 as there annual away day this season.
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    Lots of Tory MPs are voting for Johnson purely because they know he'll win and they are hoping for a job....it really is that simple. Had it looked like he might not get into the final two or there was a chance he'd not loads of those MPs would be voting elsewhere.
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    It’s going to kill the game. People keep saying it will get better. It won’t. Refs will become more and more reliant on it. Its human nature to rely on the machine rather than your own judgment.
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    Not disagreeing with what you say, but could you give an example of a PM (past or future) who would care about northern working class towns? I don't think anyone is saying BJ will be an ideal PM but he seems to be the only one to sort out the biggest political mess this country's seen in my lifetime, and that is what is needed right now.
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    What an absolute fucking farce. If you can’t decide about the offence after three or four replays then it isn’t going to become any more clear cut after two dozen. Close to 10 minutes fucking about with one decision and then essentially only added on a minute before full time. And as for the goalkeeper off the line thing, good luck making the same call in the last minute at Liverpool v Utd or whatever next season. Thank fuck it’ll be quite a while before VAR affects BWFC games.
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    A bit of unity is all I ask. No more bickering, no more negativity, no more trying to lose every game 1-0, no more 5k gates and soulless home games watching 11 spazmos boot the ball out of play while everyone watches the clock waiting to go home. Let get them motherfucking 12 points, some great away trips and do it all together with some positivite football and mindsets. Lets throw the kitchen sink at it, play every game like it’s 3rd round cup tie. Weve got fuck all to lose, we haven’t got time to be pissing about with ten men behind the ball. We need points and need them fast.
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    "In deed" or "indeed" - there is a difference.
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