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    Boris got this completely wrong, deflecting blame, poor poor comments and the unsung heroes of the virus are care home nurses. He needs to apologise quickly and mean it and accept the governments part in the care home shit show.
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    fuck all grip on them soles, so pretty much nowhere and you hear me coming a mile off in those heels
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    I don’t disagree with that. I can’t see anyone getting it overturned thus that was my point really. And even if they did it wouldn’t matter to us as every case is different. But it would open a can of worms. Rules are very clear Insolvency event and it’s -12. Doesn’t provide for exclusions. it isn’t getting overturned and the tin pot cunts are on the way down and long may it continue.
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    They shouldn't have tested him, he wouldn't have had it then......I think that's what Trump believes isn't it?
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    Fuck em, pikey trampy cunts! i hope they go fully bust, then they can all get back to donkey stoneing their doorsteps on a Saturday afternoon.
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    Are all your belongings in storage, or have you gone full Dick Whittington with a bag on a pole?
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    Finance the rugby club to sign top players by selling the football club better player - what could possibly go wrong. I like it
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    Fuck it, just lay into him! Happy Birthday, BTW!
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    I'd call Gary a lot of things (not to his face obviously) but unwashed isn't one of them
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    You just need the right clothing to ride in winter - and the good stuff doesn’t come cheap.
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    Knew about evatt before anyone else, and Doyle too. Had his medical on Sunday and not sure why he’s not been announced yet. It’s a done deal. I’d say they were making some promo vid, hence the delay. Says we are in for this savaric lad as well. Got a decent offer in for him.
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    That RDM rossco fella certainly knows his onions. Proper itk mon.
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    Yee-har! Y'know when we said we'd catch up for a pint the next time I am in Bolton? I'm washing my hair that night
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    Fucking Hell. Didn’t spot him in that. Is June Ackland in it as well?
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    That was Embankment coming out of Beer School on Saturday
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    What an absolute shithouse Johnson is.
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    We really do have the opportunity to morph into a new BWFC now under Evatt. We really should take heart from all his 'brand' talk. Makes your heartbeat a bit faster.
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    At every one of them. To be young again
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    Line of Duty is one of the best British police dramas ever, imo, great acting performances. Stick with Ozark, first season is a bit slow in the middle but then just gets better. Seriously fucked up characters. Agree with you about White Lines - tosh.
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    It's not just about you though is it? You can choose to go and sit in a pub and risk being infected all day because it's your choice. There could be people in Asda who are petrified of becoming infected and they are there just to get necessities.
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