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    I spent the night of the Manchester bombing treating life threatening shrapnel wounds and consoling patients and families who had lost loved ones. That's my fluffy, coffee coloured, candy floss world.
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    Well I've come I've all emotional Come on you fucking whites Big shout to Matt and his daft Mrs And even the sunshine bus crew And that's why you don't ever give up on your football team Fucking come on
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    Stop HS2 for me and all. Better spent regionally.
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    Yes, very interesting. Thank you. It seems that for 18/19 Bolton are/were due to pay more in rates than both Sheffield clubs combined. Perhaps that's the story that should be given airtime.
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    Looks like that KA parody account has just uncovered more information about this Basran takeover via his DM than we've seen in any actual media Not sure I'm ready for another regime very active social media, but still... https://mobile.twitter.com/kenandersonbwfc/status/1095800897714692099
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    Dave, I'll get you a new shirt for £50 Which you can sell to Kent for an instant £50 profit
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    Does a post hold more weight if you refer to another poster by their first initial? Why? They know who you are anyway
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    He could literally save a kids life and people would still find a way to slag him
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    Jesus, I’m imagining one of those gurning tortoises on the job now. Wrapped in a suitably patriotic beach towel, obviously.
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    I'll take a stab that this rumour is bollocks
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    Anyone singing that whilst the match is on can fuck off themselves IMO.
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    1-0 up in stoppage time, fans can play their part in dragging the team over the line. Out comes “fuck the Anderson’s”. Thankfully the majority realised that the team needed the support at the time so it was over shouted with an almighty ‘Wanderers’ chant. Could tell at the end that the players appreciated it
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    Butterflies, can’t stop laughing. WEVE FUCKING WON ONE
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    It’s easier when they don’t have 97% possession and have to actually worry about us at times Hope Parky learns from this
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    He sounds like a decent sort to be fair, leave him to it.
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    The reality is that, if it is so difficult to leave the EU now, just think how difficult it would be when we next got an opportunity in 10, 20 or even more years. Whatever the strains might be, they are definitely worth having the courage to face. The possibility of Germany fudging the issue in the last 48 hours will remain real even if all seems lost. I'm sure Mr Putin is watching the backbone being displayed by so many Britons with interest.
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    Opening line ‘ no point bringing facts and evidence into it’ 95%, fact or fiction? slow bleed or crash on the rocks, fact or fiction? Yes, some jobs and businesses will go as a result of Brexit but, IMO, more jobs and businesses will be created once we are out, the genie is out of the bottle, do you honestly believe that we can just hold another quick vote and Remain can win and the whole Brexit nightmare can be forgotten If the last 2years has proved anything it’s proved how much interference the unelected ruling class in the EU hold over the UK and the power that Barnier,Drunker, Tusk, etc have over us, I don’t want that, I want the opportunity to remove politicians who I’m not happy with.
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    I’ve thrown my remote off the pier strapped to a brick.
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    You know what I mean, if we knew what they get charged then took it off what we get charged you’d have a NET figure that would give us a better comparison vs other football clubs Ken seems to have an excuse lined up every time something like this happens, it’s always someone else’s fault. I’d have more respect for him if he just held his hands up and said he’s overspent on players and he can’t afford the rates which is the real issue here
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    Listen matey - you are too late on the scene. We've had all the arguments with your fellow Remoaners Remainers over the last couple of years. The time to deliver on the will of the people draws nigh no matter what you contribute with your JCL arguments. Mounts will have been proved right all along. Denouement is close and it seems more likely every day that a deal will be reached if for no other reason than the Germans in particular now want it badly and the rest of the EU needs it. My laissez faire preferences (no deal, WTO and a separate agreement with the ROI to avoid the hard border) will have fallen by the wayside. I will get over the disappointment. The sun will come up on the 30th March. Mahou will still be being quaffed by thirsty Englishmen on the Costa Del Sol. All the fine detail will be sorted by bloated bureaucrats. Life will go on.
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    They say our boss won't pay the rent........
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    Lose, parky keeps his job for longer
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    This trade deal with Switzerland in the event of a no deal,due to be signed tomorrow hasn’t been in the media much has it ? By far the biggest of the EU third party trade agreements and represents 20% of the total of the value of the trade for the UK of all existing rolling over of existing EU trade agreements.......will come into force on March 29 at midnight...
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    Bolton fans aren't exactly famous for their loyalty but the crowd figures have been remarkable this season really, averaging over 14,500 to watch a club with no ambition for the football team. The ambition if there is any is to simply not go bust (while paying the owner a handsome wedge of course), paying the monthly wages on time is a news event in these parts

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