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    I once made a bong out of a plastic Cadbury's parrot. There was an unwritten rule that after you'd exhaled you had to squawk in approval.
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    I don't think they even work Fridays.
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    Racists, Remoaners, Robinson and Retards
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    We don't mind it if its a Tory government selling them. A Labour one though would be criticised by the very same people talking nonsense about "socialist hypocrisy". Its quite simple to me - sell them weapons, be open about it and say "we need the money". Or don't and stick to our supposed principles. I don't mind either way - my personal choice would be not to sell regimes that have questionable human rights' records weapons. But either way, what we're doing now stinks - and whoever you vote for - it should stink. The way some on here cannot divorce anything from the "side they vote for" is depressing. Like reading the Daily Mail on a constant basis.
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    Miami Royal & Cheese sounds like a tasty burger
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    Can someone set up a sub-forum for Miami, Royal & Cheese to go and argue about everything, instead of loads of threads descending into farce?
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    Seems to be doing ok after his 3rd kidney transplant. This quote from the great man himself is post-op around the 24th Sept 2018 - 'Thank you all for the nice messages! At the moment I feel great and after my last transplant there is no reason to worry about my health! I feel good and I hope it will stay that way. "
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    Have to dip your lid to Southgate. Almost revolutionary what he has done to the England team. Fearless about blooding youngsters and letting the old guard sling their hook if they want to. Full marks - that first half was exhilarating.
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    This is all quite simple. He is reviled by the left and some of the marigolds on here because he stands up and voices the concerns of what I believe to be the silent majority. They would rather he remained silent and some of them may yet engineer a way to achieve it. Conversely, he is admired by those of a more conservative nature who are fucking sick to the back teeth of the results of a couple of decades of social engineering by left leaning PC utter wankers who have added terms such as 'gender neutral' and 'culturally sensitive' to the lexicon. This TR and the squaddies thing is just a further extension of this overbearing, nanny state mentality where they wish to fashion or at least control even the thought processes of any individual. Manufactured outrage about the most simple and inoffensive encounter has become the norm. We probably need another (conventional) world war to concentrate the minds of these scurrilous 'activist' shithouses on what is truly important. Family, friends and country.
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    Fanny 5 is a wanker of the highest order. Tries to make out he's a 'centrist' (maybe he said 'bent wrist' and I misheard) but is clearly a Momentum type full of utopian ideals and no fucking idea of how the real world works and of consequences of actions. Working class people would suffer if these deals were cancelled and it would not cause Saudi Arabia to break step. They would simply source elsewhere to the cost of traditional labour voters so what would be the fucking point other than making a damp squib of a 'statement' to the nations cost? The Labour Party has completely lost touch with its power base and is led by despicable chardonnay swilling idealists with starry eyed visions of some "every man/woman (add 52 other genders here) is equal socialist heaven" where all is peace and harmony and everything is done for the common good (and zero to satisfy human aspiration). On reflection, I could have condensed all that into 'daydreaming imbeciles'. Fanny 5 should get back to hate crimes. Wolf whistling is in vogue again I see with a senior police figure breaking ranks and saying that it should not be a hate crime. Hopefully Fanny5 will be apoplectic with rage at this and organise a protest or something? He could march with the 'gals' of which no doubt 90%+ would be those who would never, ever be likely to suffer the ignominy of being wolf whistled.
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    They want us in the customs union for lots of reasons. It would be in our best interests to remain in it. But there we are. Napoleon? This is the problem, you’re living a history rather than dealing with present politics. People that actually had an understanding predicted all of this. They weren’t listened to and instead a mob of worthless popularist thickos swayed everything. Thickos that have spent two years bitching from the sidelines but haven’t managed to cobble together one sensible and credible plan to get us out of this mess. Hang them as the disgusting traitors and cowards they are and move on. If only.....
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    Miami, royal and cheese's bitch fest?
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    In opposing the "border in the sea" , i'd guess that the DUP do represent the views of all unionists by objecting to any kind of border being created between Northern Ireland & the rest of the UK, unlike any other part of the UK.
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    Tough shit Why should I give a fuck?
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    Last night Saudi arms purchases were 63% American, and a bit over 20% British. Moral pedestals won't solve the issues of the world. Two different Muslim sects going at it, what a surprise. It's horrific what's going on in Yemen, but the two nations concerned don't give a toss and have different cultural attitudes. We could refuse to sell them arms, and in a way that would be great. Then they'd get them from elsewhere, we'd lose security cooperation we currently get, and who knows, maybe have another Syria situation with the Russians getting in. They're another lot who don't care. Politics is clearly a murky world, and not for everyone.
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    kept quiet as in widely reported: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-45862091 https://twitter.com/BBCWorld/status/1051808483845296128 https://www.express.co.uk/videos/559699/Cologne-Police-on-scene-at-hostage-situation https://news.sky.com/story/cologne-station-shut-down-in-hostage-situation-11526505 or kept quiet as in you didn't see the news or hear about it till today?
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    His football conviction was for shouting 'Sheep Shaggers' at a group of Newport County fans outside Lutons ground, he has no convictions for violence again any women and he pleased guilty to signing his brother in law's mortgage application so that all the charges against his wife and family would be dropped, you need to look at this thigs a bit more closely if you are going to accuse someone of offences that aren't particularly true
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    That’s what citaloptram does for you my friend haha
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    Agreed, but he can't.
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    What a refreshing change to get a straight answer. Cheers mate. Still not convinced he's ever "exposed" anything that wasn't already being investigated by the authorities. I had a watch of the Didsbury Mosque video, and he just ranted at some random Muslims about hate preachers who'd previously spoke at the place. Shoving a camera in some random Muslim lads face and saying things like "You lot have been getting away with it for too long" isn't exactly the pinnacle of investigative journalism. What does he hope to achieve by doing that? A full blown confession that they are indeed terrorists and are using the Mosque as HQ to plot their next attack? And at the end of the day, he IS a convicted hooligan, woman-beater, and fraudster - that's not just a biased impression I have of him. It's all on his criminal record. Not to mention him potentially collapsing a trial against some of these sick cunts, TWICE, just so he could get some attention and donations. You're right though - I do find it hard to separate him from the EDL lot who follow him around chanting his name (which is odd behaviour in itself). He founded the organisation and sowed the seeds, then darted when he realised it was having a negative affect on his career. You can't be an ex-member of the BNP, co-founder of the EDL, draw crowds of racists everywhere you go, then deny that you're part of the Far Right movement. He revels in it. They fund him. But he's not one of them? Aye, alright Tommy. I think we'll just have to agree to disagree. You've obviously got a lot more patience for him than I have.
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    He's a shrewd businessman, often operating close to the wind, seemingly acting in the best interests of bwfc I don't care about ethical as I'm real world rather than fairy tales I'd love it if he was around for years to come Can't see it, tbh
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    Sweaty Ken is an anagram of Kanye West.
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    Because that's the type of thing a fucking simpleton might do, but maybe you are one of those? Don't you think the terrorist threat hanging over the UK, Europe, the US and other countries worldwide is a tad more complicated than the direct actions of one person/govt? Something that has been decades in the making, across multiple political administrations on a global spectrum? Nah fuck it, its easier blaming evil Tony B

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