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    Really interesting article that Micky. Despite it's obvious pro-Thatcher bias, it raises a number of salient points, in particular (and I'm paraphrasing here) the clinging on to the industrial revolution (because we invented it) and the lack of foresight in "retraining" to move forward with technology For those old enough to remember the 3-day week, power cuts, and the like. Mick McGahey demanding 35% pay rises for the miners yet refusing to amend outdated working practices. Red Robbo crippling the British car industry that was producing wrecks like the Austin Allegro and Morris Marina that started rusting within a year of purchase For me, regarding Thatcher, you had to be there, and living in the time, to truly understand why and how she came to power. Yes, she was divisive, but she needed to be because, in general, the British public was sick and tired of being held hostage by the unions. Sorry, let me clarify, sick and tired of being held hostage by self-serving union leaders who were feathering their own nests. Those union leaders were cunts. They had a workforce who had to follow them (closed shop anyone - can you imagine that now?) and it was the working class man, the miner, the docker, the printer, etc, that suffered, not the leaders Thatcher changed things for the better, but what she failed spectacularly to do was put any forward plan in place for the unskilled worker, and I have every sympathy for people like leigh-white (if I'm understanding his post correctly). I lived in Sheffield during the miners strike and saw the abject poverty suddenly inflicted on mining families with no plan to help them. Mrs Manc's uncle was a Doncaster miner - fuck me, he and his family suffered - but all he wanted to do was work but couldn't thanks to Scargill. He proposed many working changes to make things more efficient and cost-effective but was basically told to fuck off. And then the pit shut!!! Thatcher made many mistakes but she knew what needed to be done and she just went and did it which in hindsight was the best thing imo I look now at the Brexit arguments and think that is nowt compared to Thatcher, the miners, The Falklands Corbyn? Shit Arthur Scargill. You're just a shit Arthur Scargill. Shit Arthur Scargill. You're just a shiiiiiit Arthur Scargill
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    I'm not convinced he shouted black cunt, but am I convinced he voted brexit
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    You're doing it all wrong. You're supposed to just walk up Bank Street - say it's a shithole and then silently wish you were lucky enough to be born in Bury. I don't care what anybody says - I love Bolton and I love Bolton folk.
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    Iles isn't perfect, but he's clearly got contacts within the staff and the players, who are unhappy with the continued uncertainty around whether they're going to be paid every month. That's newsworthy. Ken has his platform for a response. The first team still haven't been paid two days after Ken said it would be sorted, and over a week since their actual payday. If you think Iles should instead be trying to build 'positive vibes' and discussing who might play left back against Norwich, you've got your head in the sand.
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    Boltons on the rise. It's trendy to knock it. Haters gonna hate courtyard 36 gets a thumbs up
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    Grown men standing 3 yards away from a footballer screaming abuse at them, fucking sad whatever he's said
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    One things for sure, Parky and his boys have more backbone than some of our so called fans
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    I'm no lip reader either - but it looks like the guy on the right is shouting 'You've got all the physical attributes but your decision making in the final third is why I never think you'll be properly considered world class' And I'd have to say I agree with him.
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    Aye. Why are they so angry? Whatever they are saying, they’ve got issues.
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    Well, we hardly use it
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    aye end of the day, it should've been a bullying video that did the rounds, people shook their heads in disappointment, and that was that but really, what the fuck is this now? I don't think the syrian lad "deserved" a gofundme account to the tune of 100k or whatever, but if people want to set one up and donate, that's up them and the same goes for this other kid, if people want to donate go ahead, but again, fuck that no one deserves death or rape threats and here we have TR on some shit stirring crusade again, and for what? the only actual facts in all of this are the syrian got legged up and water poured in his face, and that's all we know to the true. yet we have backlash after backlash. so what is the aim of all this exactly? and I thought TR was anti-islamic-extremism, so what's this go to do with him in the first place? fuck all (and fuck off to any other high profile person who choose to retweet the video for whatever political angle, they can all fuck off, it was for sharing on social media, that is all)
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    I get the feeling Ken is going to walk away, some of the comments on twitter are just unbelievable, some people don't have a clue what they are on about. One idiot moaning that Ken isn't putting any money in but admits he doesn't go himself, fuck off!!!!
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    Why me laugh? Because me have brain.
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    I think I even saw Tomski wearing a Colls bobble hat once
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    If Corbyn gets in an re nationalises the Energy companies how many tens of thousands will he need to make redundant? You won’t need sales for a start as it will be a closed shop, loads more will lose their jobs as it’s all consolidated Apparently it’s fine for him to do it if he is bringing down energy prices for all but wasn’t that exactly what thatcher did in the 80’s? Refused to subsidies expensive British Coal when we could buy it cheaper elsewhere For some reason we romanticise industries like Steel, Mining and fishing even though they deliver fuck all to the country in the grand scheme of things (relatively speaking) Yet many don’t give a fuck if service sector jobs like Banking, Sales or Marketing are at risk that drive a huge proportion of our economy
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    I’m using a vpn which won’t let me see the game and I’m much happier about it
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    Fuck off Mr Picky, I let you off with that M C B jacket.
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    Adidos trainers ? Did you buy them in Spain
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    up at 5.45 am , going to be a long day COY(U)WM unpaid
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    What a way to go that would be, wound up by Forest Green Rovers.
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    He did say stabbed in the arse.
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    There's no bloody way I'd last that long.
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    Please leave this thread to respect Pete Shelley Cheers bd

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