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    Jake Wright was the defensive organiser (very aware of what’s going on, always talking, shouting, pointing) in our league one promotion year and is actually bit of a legend at Bramall Lane after his run of over 30 games without defeat I cannot think of a better player for you to bring in under the circumstances - well liked modest and sensible professional who you could build a defence around and I expect would also bring on your younger players Wish him success, hearty thanks and I hope he is as good for you as he was for the Blades
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    A Derby winner still in training over fences at the age of 42, ridden by an 85yo amateur jockey who’s yet to ride under rules? I just don’t see it.
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    I've been lucky enough in my life to travel round parts of the World, experience different places, cultures & civilisations, seen some amazing sights & had some life changing adventures. But nothing, NOTHING! ever comes close to the Euphoria, the pure joy of the terraces with the White Army, cracking day out with cracking people again. To think we came so close to never having it again. BTID COYFWM
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    Don’t think ever felt as proud to be a Bolton fan. 2 kids, the wife, peteski and my old man kicking and heading every ball at the end like it was the World Cup final. We are in it together folks, right to the motherfuckin end. I love this club.
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    He’s looking down saying ”Oh no, no! KA he’s acting like, well, like a cunt, so to speak”
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    What's really pissing me off is criticism I read aimed at Michael James If he wasn't putting himself on the line we would be goners Gone Bang Finished
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    My last comment on this... There are people on here who apart from being Bolton fans I have nothing in common with & whose opinions I wheheartedly disagree with, however I would fight for their right to express those opinions. You however are a sad, self absorbed, self serving, contrary, contradictory knobscratch who would argue black is white, night is day etc to gleen attention to justify your sad little existence. You wouldn't have the balls to vent your bullshit in your local pub as you do on here as you would spend most of your time in A&E having your nose reset. As for my marriage I am lucky in that I don't need a balaclava & rohypnol to keep my wife happy & am reasonably confident that unlike yourself I'm not being cuckholded. Happy Easter chuckyegg xxx
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    I was in bed at 9pm last night. Felt as shagged as those young heroes must have done. Think I kicked and head every ball with them like has been said the best bit yesterday was looking round me in the stand, ESL social club, the hotel and around the ground and being with comrades who wanted to be there. Folk that will be there till the moment they lock the doors for good. The same faces I saw in Plovdiv and the same I saw at Ipswich away on a Sunday afternoon and every mundane shit home game in the past decade. Loved every single second of yesterday, sat there with my wife, kids, pete and my old fella who hasn’t got many seasons left in him.. We’re not going anyway and either is the club. In it together till the very end 🙌🏻
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    Folk want too much. Sorry but they do. This is a failing business in administration. And a complex administration at that. There may be a undertone of football matters but unfortunately, and quite frankly they dont need to say shit. I'll wait for the email about season tickets but until then, I'll get on with the rest of my life. Folk just being negative and second guessing everything need to chill the fuck out. It's utterly pointless.
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    Get Nolan in. I don’t give a fuck about what his record is compared to Parky’s. I just want to get excited about going to a football match again and that will do it. New owners, new players, Nolan in charge, we’ll have more fans at Tranmere than Tranmere.
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    I deffo think he inside info and was involved with a particular party. Maybe just not as involved as he made out and I think he underestimated the knowledge of a few other posters and onlookers from twitter etc. He didn’t like being taken to task on his figures, which suggested to me he was receiving loose and maybe embellished info from Someone involved and spinning it all as fact. Dont think he was made a fool, just not as bang on as folk first thought. As soon as he started chucking shit about, even the most ardent anti kenners from elsewhere tore it to pieces which says everything. Theres only John Galt on here that knows the truth but he/they seemed more interested in defending themselves than offering people a full explanation as why the club is dying from within at a rapid rate. Even the debate and bad feeling on here and twitter seems to be turning in to United apathy and panic is slowly starting to take hold. I always thought ken was doing his upmost to keep the wolves from the door to the club running therefore covering his own pocket. A total crook, but our only crook and it actually worked for a bit. The shit hit the fan when Eddie died and any sellable asset gone. But he’s given up either because he knows there’s an end and someone is gonna either buy us or one the local big wigs are gonna bail us out with admin and go from there. Or he just doesn’t give a fuck and we’re heading for admin. Whatever Happens, it’s the time for unity. No I told you so’s, no age old debates and shit slinging, What’s happened has happened, if he has screwed us over and it’s not just mismanagement because of lack of funds I’ll eat humble pie for backing the only show in town, but nobody can be blamed for doing that.
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    And here we get to the heart of the sheer remoaner arrogance. Let's cut to the chase. You'd go to a court of law to stop Brexit because you disagree with the outcome of a referendum in which 17.4m voted the opposite way to you. Now let me think ... what might it be that undemocratic people like you like about the undemocratic EU? If you cannot see the corrosive effects that casually disregarding the outcome of such a momentous vote would have then I really do think there is a place for you somewhere in Brussels technocracy. You are tailor made. If people like you got your way many if not most of those 17.4m would never vote in any type of election every again, such would be their anger. You clearly don't care about that. Instead you continue to do what you've done for two years - label people thick and brand arguments made with which you disagree as "lies". It is almost Stalinist in its haughty intolerance of opinions other than your own. I strongly suggest you google the phrase "liberal bigot".
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    Sending me to sleep, a team from our darkest hour Possession we can't keep at home or away Calls for David Lee cos Parkys football's dour Time for getting pissed, to hope & pray Lost a million games in a row, the ball never in control I believe he's lost the plot, it's time let him go
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    six 1-0 wins are better than one 6-0.
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    Remember when you were chastising folk for not getting accountancy Good job they’re more lenient with you about football because that comment is more clueless than anything that us “morons” ever wrote in the Sluffy and Custard thread Utter fuckwit
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    Just think All this mither with Iran was down to Trump tearing up an agreement made in good faith because it was a ‘bad deal’ Complete cretin
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    Eldest son priced up train tickets from Carnforth yesterday. “Dad ... it’s 240 for the three of us or only 180 if we leave my brother at home.”
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    same as Big E then
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    Think Parkinson’ s comments in Bolton news sums it up “Forget all the lawyers making loads of money out of this situation, the main players in the deal should go somewhere, sit down in a room, and don’t come out until it is sorted. It’s as simple as that. “I’d imagine we are making some lawyers really, really rich. Sort this situation out. “We are Bolton Wanderers, one of the founder members of the Football League, and we’ve had enough. “It is just unacceptable.”
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    Season's greetings & salutations! Time to get the White Army on the march again. COYFWM!
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    If we do go pop.one thing i wont miss is miserable gits like you. Stick to bolton news comments page. Middle of nowhere - fuck off . Always doing us down. We are not a big club for an unfashionable town team and our attendances compare with counter parts like Burnley, Blackburn, Preston, Barnsley, Uddersfield, etc. Bournemouth? Get stuffed
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    “I just want us to have a club to support” “I’m Bolton ‘til I die, me” “The minute Anderson is gone, I’m back with a vengeance” FV - “there you go, we’ve saved the day. Long road ahead but we were told the fan base is the best in the country so they’ll understand things may take time and get behind us” “You don’t know what yer doing. FV out!!!” Pathetic. Absolutely ridiculous
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    Sluffy says someone is over complicating something ?
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    You're just thick. Period.
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    I don't trust people who take a username from literary works
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    He could always tell Facebook it was a typo. See if that works?
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    Depends how much their strikers cost? if it’s more than ours then we have an excuse early doors
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    Forgot about the return button.
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    Doesn't help that every caller on GMR says 'I wasn't at the game but i listened on the radio and it didn't sound great, we need to spend money in January'. The club might have some money if the supporters actually went to the fucking games.
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    At last. It's about time that the childish name calling ended and a proper straightener was offered
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    Ha ha. Ok i will stay cracked. Parkinson made me hate going to the game. Yes i will give you the players he had were poor but you dont seem to be prepared to give Hill the same consideration. And as for that Forest game it was ALF who saved us. The same ALF who was benched and marginalised by the genius that was Parkinson. He will be shit at Sunderland. Hills not won in 6 games Fuck off youre the crack pot look at the circumstances. Utterly deluded . Last word to sunlun fan on yesterday 'absolutely disgusting tactics' rolfcopter
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    Can't stand the fucker.
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    Totally agree. I know loads of Wigan fans and none of them would want us, or any club, to go bust. All those genuine people who happen to be Bury fans that have been on radio and TV, can you really have hate for them just because some 14 year olds have chanted anti-BW songs or posted stuff? Get a grip and stop listening to kids and nasty people who are a stain on our national game. And yes, we have our fair share of not rights. Just think about genuine employees, fans, old folk and young kids having a club to support for generations to come, not the idiots who tarnish society never mind football.
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    Harsh, but probably true. Football is over for me if we cease to exist. I know a few people who've switched from Liverpool to Manchester United or vice versa over the last 20 years, and every single one of them is a grade A cunt. Not a chance in hell I can ever support any team other than Bolton Wanderers.
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    My facts as always chaps
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    Great day and so proud. Every young man that contributed deserves the towns respect. I know the seniors have had it rough but it’s time for us to part ways. I can’t justify their decision even if it is to avoid injury they had no issues letting some other lads do it. For me they are worse than Magennis because they saw how much it meant last week. They don’t deserve a fuck off or any abuse because they are not worth it. I hope they all find new clubs and bore the tits off their supporters. COYFWK
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    when I was at Uni a lot of the younger students with political ambitions talked like you, I thought it was a load of bollocks then, I still do
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    The hotel will make money and has done. Which will likely offset some of the football club losses. If you run the club well maximise commercial opportunities to offset losses with good management and a bit of investment over 4-5 years you could have a club ready to challenge for top half of the championship ready for a rich buyer looking to get a potential premiership club on the cheap. That has to be the business model.
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    I was doubtful to buy a season ticket if Parky had been in charge for this coming season, but given our current perilous financial situation, this is now the time for us Bolton fans to show our support and back the club with purchasing season tickets, no time for jumping ship at this moment in time.
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    You do realise this is a website for all Bolton fans? Whether they be folk who left school at 16 with no qualifications or others who went onto Oxford uni People don't always understand the on a and outs. It's not that they are slow on the uptake, they just don't know that side of things. I bet there's plenty who could explain what they do for a living in a way that would make you seem slow on the uptake as well Though they wouldn't probably use childish terms like the beeno constantly either
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    Howard, You could have called me a cunt publicly on here, rather than sending me a private message. Rattled? xxx
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    Trouble is.... by not fulfilling our fixtures, it's opened us up to a whole new set of future sanctions from the EFL, ranging from points deductions ( if we survive ) to expulsion from the league. For what ?....the starving footballers were always going to get paid at some point, but most of the shithouses won't be here when we have to pay the price for their strike.
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    And so the curtain has finally come down - after seemingly endless encores - on Sweaty Ken’s reign at BWFC. It goes without saying that it will be remembered with all the fondness of an unshakeable sexual infection. The last 18 months of his reign - a constant outpouring of increasingly narcissistic and occasionally bizarre Chairman’s Notes, along with regular court appearances - will almost certainly be his legacy. His shadowy past and even more shadowy entourage consistently bringing his methods and objectives into question. There can be no doubt that both BWFC and Ken Anderson are better off without each other. But - and it’s a big but - we have to acknowledge that as things stand on April 17th 2019, Ken has done precisely what he said he would from day one. He painted himself as a temporary custodian of our proud and famous club. He went to great lengths to assure the fans that he wasn’t here for a long time (and certainly not a good one), but merely a stepping stone to a wealthier and more capable owner that the club deserves. He was also honest in that he wanted to make some money. He’s a businessman, not some batshit-mental supporter with a carefree attitude to his personal fortune. In the end, it’s likely that Ken made a few quid. A couple of million perhaps. For what it’s worth, that’s too much, but we must acknowledge an undeniable and for many uncomfortable truth - without his slimy, self-absorbed intervention we may not have a club to support today. No-one else stepped in last time, and the man that did has now delivered on the promise he made. The new chap seems to be making bigger promises and let’s hope to Lofthouse that he’s as good as his word. For now, it’s a slight doff of the flat cap to Ken Anderson. A bit of a cunt, but mission complete.
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    What he does going forward is the main thing couldn’t give a Rats arse about his past
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    I assume he means that it’s because our supporters trust isn’t upto scratch when compared to Pompey or Blackpool Which (if true) is a sad state of affairs really as they are voted in by our fans and should be a broad representation of us unless someone comes in soon and decides they are happy losing £30m+ then it looks like we either need the ST or go out of business from what many have said on here it seems that plenty would prefer us to go out of business than have anything to do with the ST Very sad indeed, I’d rather we still have a football club
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    I wish they'd stop using that picture of the smug bastard sat in his office at the stadium, he hasn't been there for weeks. Here's one they can use for the next one...
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    Seems like the liars who wanted a 2nd referendum have now now decided to tell the truth and demand revocation of A50
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    I skip the detail because it’s up to our government and not me to arrange tariffs to protect our industries, our meat industry has survived under EU rules, why you think it won’t when we take back control I don’t know. What I do know is you choose every opportunity to diss our country and glorify the EU. There really is no point me replying to anything you post given the bile you seemingly have for the UK. So it’s good bye from me.
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