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    I saw the truth from the beginning ffs KA’s job was to balance the books and spin plates till investment came. He’s done that with success so far. It just can’t carry on, we don’t have a Gary Madine or ED now. We either get investment elsewhere or admin is a distinct possibility. KA has openly and repeatedly stated every fucking week we need more money. I really don’t know what people expect. To quote Traf, to me and you KA is an extremely rich man. In football club owner terms he’s a dosser. We just don’t have enough money to pay the bills. We are small club, on a small budget, paying for premier league facilities and trying to compete in a league with a bunch of giants. It just doesn’t compute. listen to what the former Wigan owner says above and just think of the job KA or any other owner coming in has on his hands. We need £10m just to switch the lights on ffs. Folk need to realise the size of club we are and shite revenue we actually create. We need a billionaire not a Ken Anderson to survive at this level. Unfortunately the market is already saturated and foreign billionaires won’t fancy buying a club ten miles away from biggest club in the world and Man City with 12k attendances.
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    "I am being silenced!" says Tommy into a microphone, standing on a specially erected platform, outside the most famous court in London, as he addresses the gathered media. "Journalists are the enemy of the people!" cries the self-declared journalist.
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    Fucking hell, just get over it.
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    Sending me to sleep, a team from our darkest hour Possession we can't keep at home or away Calls for David Lee cos Parkys football's dour Time for getting pissed, to hope & pray Lost a million games in a row, the ball never in control I believe he's lost the plot, it's time let him go
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    "Dear so called Ken, Speaking on behalf of my fellow STrust members, i'd like to tell you that we're in a right fluffery buffery about the whole situation. You are being a proper Boots McNasty and not telling us every morning what your plans are for the day. My mate John has been so angry these last few days that he has been refusing to eat his dinner that his Mum makes him, and is feeling very poorly after biting the family dog on its tail. His doctor has told him that he now needs to wear his special helmet and gumshield when leaving the house so he isn't a threat to the wider public. You've done that you horror bag. How are we supposed to be a mob of self-righteous bum canals on social media if you persist with your information blackout? We demand that you give us some shares, and a key to your house where we reckon you are taking all the pints that don't get drunk after half time you Big Boots McThief. I'm going telling on you to the Bolton News, see how you like THEM apples."
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    The problem faced is leaving the EU. Not a flawed negotiation process Not a PM who was quietly pro remain. Not remainers in government Not Brexiteers in government. Leaving the EU. That’s it, my ideologically intransigent friend.
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    You really don't get it do you? Or continue to argue for the sake of it. Creating things that haven't been said. Then continue with a lecture that is irrelevant. Where the fuck have I or anyone said anyone should have a problem with anti racism? Why have you inserted politics into speech marks as if to redefine it, and make assumptions about what I will allow my kids to follow with regard to issues. Why does a non political issue like the park protest become a political one- presumably so you can argue about it. Or can't you understand what is meant by a political protest? Why do you continue to make assumptions that because of my objections to kids going on political marches I'm in some way condoning racism? Frankly you're disappointingly incapable of reading a post and applying those so called trained negotiator skills. Throughout threads you have to continually accuse folk of being stupid or thick or of having an interior moral compass. I'm no longer prepared to engage in any future discourse with you on anything as it's pointless. Crack on masturbating in the mirror.
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    Here's a picture of Lily Allen's clopper to brighten things up.
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    The problem with this Grenfell thing is that it was put on social media. Back in the day when some major story hit the news we got hit with all the sick jokes that followed the event. The gas platform disaster in the north sea is a classic example. What's got 4 legs and goes woof? Piper Alpha. Sick jokes like that went around every workplace in the country. It was a sick world then, it's still a sick world now. Nowts changed. The problem is that now, with social media, more people can and want to be outraged. Scum and cretins will always exist. It's just the fooking stupid ones who get the publicity.
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    Only a cock would ever forget what he has done It's clear a lot of folk underestimate the job he has done It's generally folk who struggle to dress themselves
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    Joking or not, I think we need to be very careful going forward not to give others with an agenda the opportunity to publicly throw shit at us.
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    At last. It's about time that the childish name calling ended and a proper straightener was offered
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    'Your' gang wanted Sam sacked for last 3 years (at least) he was here, you said every year we would go down. 'Your' gang said he would never get us promoted. 'Your' gang said he would never keep us up. I said at various times the problem with 'your' gang is that you are only right when the club does badly so I am sure you are all now delighted to able to pat yourselves on the back and say 'we were right'. Is it time for him to go ? Probably if we do not win Saturday but please do not pretend this makes you right.
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    Chris, what does that mean?
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    I was so sure that you were a regular in the TR thread that I was determined to prove you wrong. So I cleverly used the search function to see how many time you've used the word 'Robinson'. Lo and behold - 38 times for someone who professes to have no interest in the man. Imagine my disappointment when on closer inspection - 37 of them were you talking about Paul Robinson and the only reference to Tommy is in the post I'm quoting above. I shall never doubt you again!
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    Can't see how you can prosecute people for this really. It was a fucking stupid idea and has made them all look like a right set of cunts in the eyes of anyone with half a brain. That's where it should end for me. Can't see how prosecuting anybody is going to make things any better for anyone.
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    Chemtrails are my favourite. Although there's smoking gun evidence they do exist. See below!
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    if i want to be entertained, i'll go and watch city i loved last saturday, well worth 15 quid or whatever it cost me if its costing you 50 quid, its cos youre a tightwad who chooses not to buy a season ticket and if you want it cheaper sit with the nsl peasants, why quote the most expensive price? its like me saying its 100 quid for trainers when some shitty shoe outlets do em for 3 quid
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    He will probably inadvertently play our strongest
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    Hold him down, nurse Meds have worn off
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    If Chris Wilder took charge of Bolton instead of the Blades and PP took charge of the Blades instead of us...... do people think we would be in the position we are now? My point being that I knew none of the Sheff Utd players when we were in league 1 together, apart from Fat Billy Sharp who was probably 'recognised as a journeynan footballer who had missed his big chance at Leeds or Sunderland and Basham who played for us. Yet they are near the top of the championship playing quality football, football that is easy, pass, move, close down etc..... Wilder and his coaching staff play football because they are coached to play football, we have professional footballers who are being coached anti-negative football. I get that PP has worked a minor miracle in pretty damming shitty conditions and the integrity of the man has been exceptional and cannot be questioned, but the man is out of his depth in the championship with whatever players he has or could have. And someone may ask who do we replace him with? Someone who wants to coach football would be a start, and that may result in keeping the supporters we have left, because at the moment they are abandoning us slowly but surely.

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