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  1. Surely the kid needs to be going to school? You ever seen folk going to see them?
  2. What the fucking hell in St. Paul's ballbag does that actually mean? Do you need a reboot or maybe a detox?
  3. Funking hell, not exactly selling the place are they with their "places to see" and driving round the streets of the backward shithole. 💣
  4. What the hell? I would like to know what the other bloke did to the cruel fucker.
  5. I like cats and dogs. Our dog is a dickhead but we love the litter shit. We have always had cats before the pooch came along and we are getting a kitten in a month or so, Christ knows how that is going to work with a batshit crazy dachshund. My youngest has two hamsters too and they are really cute. Oh and fish too.
  6. What vaccines didn't agree with you? Maybe one of these new mRNA types will be fine for you?
  7. Only president to ever be impeached twice. What a plum he is.
  8. Fair play to you pal! 👍 I have a small role in a local charity (scout group) and I know it isn't comparable to feeding hungry kids but we do have some kids who attend without paying (or did pre-covid). It is a fact of life that some kids can't join a footy team, Cubs, Karate, Gymnastics, etc because their parents are skint. But they are essential for kids to develop, sometimes they are the only interaction out of school where they meet other kids or can express themselves. Worst case it is the only place they aren't bullied or even worse than that. The vast majority of kids have
  9. Nah, he is just sharing fake news, Trump stylee
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