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  1. I agree, summert about Moira and Kerry is definitely filth but Priya is number 1.
  2. I was amusing myself with 5G conspiracy theories but they just got too much. Social media really is something else these days, it is like the UK tabloid media × 100. Problem is, retards can repost all over the shop and before you know it we have a zombie swarm of the fuckers with their coronavirus 'theories' they repost for Aunty Chardonnay.
  3. Venus been in the sky for ages so could be that. I think Mars is due an appearance around now too
  4. The missus said they are all running though the scenarios, like a major incident where you literally decide between life and death. So those who you would normally help would have to be left to give those with a better chance whatever you can do given the circumstances. Now that is a grim situation for a nurse or doctor in a major incident, imagine the toll on them if it goes on day after day?
  5. Does my nut in. Whales and sharks in the sea, elephants and rhinos on the land killed for fucking stupid human cuntpipes. 😡
  6. There are going to be a lot of people seriously in the shit financially very soon. It really is a shitstorm brewing in all aspects of life.
  7. Exactly, she would have enough to get by, by most standards!
  8. Seriously, what's his missus playing at? Is she as thick as he is or what? You would have thought she would have fucked him off long ago?
  9. I am drinking too much according to the missus. I think she may have a point.
  10. She is gorgeous but for some reason those nudy pics she did were just, well, a bit underwhelming.
  11. We are going to see major fatalities. I am trying my best to sit on my hands and not be critical of the Government but for fucks sake we had 2 weeks on Italy and wasted it.
  12. Bet half of parliament has it and loads of front line civil servants too. In fact, let's be honest most of bloody London will have it.
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