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  1. At any cost? Just leave without a deal?
  2. Once set off to London at 5am for a job and didn't finish till 3am. Didn't have anything to eat all day just drank coffee as some idiot fucked up and we were seriously in the shit. Fixed the problem and couldn't be arsed finding a hotel at that time in the arse end of Acton. Set off home wired on coffee and was fine till Birmingham. Going round the bendy bits of the M5 northbound I suddenly nodded off and crossed three lanes and ended up in the ditch next to the central barrier doing fuck knows how fast in some shitty hire car. I pulled off at the next junction and found a petrol station where I slept for an hour then refulled on coffee. Never again.
  3. I like Pie, he makes me giggle whilst being bang on the money!
  4. Fuck. Me. Don't get me started on cunting leaseholds. Turns out in about 20 years my house could be near fucking worthless due to the leasehold rates going up so much. Got a class action of 1000 other folk like me on the go at the minute.
  5. You would think so but we live in a house only 5 years old. We have some air recirculation system which means there are no window vents needed and it keeps the house cool in summwr and warm in winter. Does it bollocks. Everyone on our estate is on at least their 2nd unit as they break all the time. Many don't bother once it has as you are talking 300 quid to fix. Our covenant actually states no solar panels, how fucking stupid.
  6. I fucking hate Blair after Iraq but he managed to get moderate Labour and Tories on side for a pretty good show for a while. He is still a cunt. However, I would love that now rather than some Marxist dick as head of Labour or some utterly overeducated idiot who can't seem to fathom any kind of detail as PM.
  7. I have never been to a stadium or arena gig. Been to loads and loads of gigs in pubs and clubs and small festivals watching bands but never watched a major one. Dunno why but they don't appeal.
  8. Ta, will have a look when I am back home
  9. What's that about and what can I watch it on pal?
  10. I am liking the fact there is more challenging for the top 3. Talk about massively messing up, MC leave Honda after a terrible few years then they compete again with red bull.
  11. What the fook are we going to do anyway? We have no means to deploy any kind of force abroad without help.
  12. As someone who likes space and science I am really surprised at his tweet. The holocaust and malaria tweet is utterly brilliant. Fucks sake.
  13. The UK is, was and always will be an export orientated economy. Overall, Brexit or no Brexit, we are generally worse off with a poor pound.
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