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  1. See that's the fucking way to do it, Traf is the man for me from now on even though it might be a little while before we are looking to book again.
  2. Our Jet2 booking for 23rd July (the missus) has been cancelled by them. Going to use the money from that to pay off next years already booked holiday (the missus again!) then after that I am going to insist on using Traf.
  3. Surely there has been a few on Ww tonight who qualify? It's like a pissed up pub we are all missing...
  4. Haha, the Orkadians are a great bunch though. A bit odd for sure but decent people who are very welcoming
  5. Oban is a lovely place but I must admit, as an 18 year old lad I was quite nervous at times, some of them aren't a friendly bunch. It was well over 20 years ago mind.
  6. Watched The Gentlemen last night. I really enjoyed it but I don't take Guy Richie films seriously unlike proper film buffs. For example I really like Lock Stock and Snatch just because they are fun. Anyway, listened to Kermode's review this morning and he didn't like it as expected but he did mention In Bruges as an example of better characterisation using Colin Farrell. Just saying, that is a great film that passed me by, worth a watch for sure. (To be sure)
  7. The air is just still tonight, there is absolutely no breeze. Going to be an uncomfortable sleep methinks
  8. Me neither, it is a cunt of a drive hence the stopovers on the way up and down planned this year. Still worth it though to see family, enjoy orkney ice cream and just absorb the history and landscape. Plus a night out is belting, right characters them Orkadians.
  9. I would recommend Orkney to anyone, lovely place, as is the vast majority of Scotland to be fair.
  10. Had a really nice couple of days planned on the way up and again on the way down from visiting the inlaws on Orkney last half term. Obviously not happened but was really looking forward to seeing more of the west of Scotland rather than just bazzing up the A9 as fast as reasonably possible.
  11. Got to be a typo that, one zero too many.
  12. Looks like our week in Spain at the end July is on now. Bugger, was hoping it would be cancelled. It is going to be shit at the airport, shit on the flight and probably a bit shit at the hotel and resort too.
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