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  1. My Lib Dem vote went in last week because I am a lazy shite and use postal. I hope they start to gain ground again as they were unfairly treated for going into coalition with the Tories IMO. They did so in the national interest at a time of serious economic hardship. Something the other two parties seem incapable of doing, always their party interests first.
  2. In other news, a bear was seen shitting in local woods... https://www.businessinsider.com/says-liam-fox-former-trade-chief-2019-3?r=US&IR=T Can't be right, David Davis said countries would be queuing up to give us grest free trade deals!
  3. Who the fuck built the wall again?
  4. I agree, it was good. I think the series needed another episode though, seemed a bit rushed. Should have had her going full on mad cow a bit longer.
  5. I was specifically talking about those making promises before the referendum. Once we voted leave those in Government had to try and make it work but realised it wasn't quite as easy as hoped. But of course the A Team of Davies, Raab & Johnson would have dealt with all much better? Nah. I do however believe May has been shambolic.
  6. The shit show was created by leavers having no credible plan to leave something we have been part of for 40 years. It will take a huge amount of time, effort and money to untangle ourselves from the EU. That is my main issue with this, people promising things they couldn't possibly deliver.
  7. They should arrested, simple. Nice comment from the racist who posted it - "deport these scum". Where to exactly?
  8. As I understand it, A50 can be revoked by the PM but that is unlikely. However, it is in her power. Parliament can take over house proceedings (as we have seen recently) and force vote on it also. Again probably unlikely to happen or even succeed. So, all we can do is stay in limbo instead for God knows how long until finally something passes one way or another. Wonderful.
  9. Yes they did and what has happened since? I will tell you what, a bloody great big twatting dose of reality. The unicorns don't shit nuggets of solid gold afterall. Who'd have thought it.
  10. I would agree to a point about Osbourne. Same for David Davis, Liam Fox and Boris Johnson. 1-3 😁
  11. I get what you are saying but there is a difference. Osbourne's scare stories were politically motivated. The vast majority of independent economists say we will be hit hard by brexit and massively so by a no deal brexit.
  12. Lets hope this silly Brexit bint is wrong, eh?
  13. It matters very little what anyone here thinks is democracy. We have a rather old parliamentary democracy which means if legislation doesn't get through both chambers it doesn't fly. Simple as that. I think the best way out of this is to revoke A50 and do it properly. Us, the public, vote for MP's so if you want Brexit then you vote at the next GE accordingly. Then if you have a majority in Parliament you get your Brexit.
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