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  1. But we didn't need a new ventilator. That is the point. We just needed more of them. As pointed out already, they spent millions and produced something crap and too expensive anyway. In a time of crisis you do not start trying to reinvent the wheel.
  2. Experience in air movement? Are you serious!? 🤣 Ignoring the fact that hoovers and dryers (and racing cars) are somewhat removed from our respiratory system, I think Red Bull know a little about "air movement" 😉
  3. I would have had a lot more faith in those than Dyson. However, were they given blueprints to create parts or full items or to design one from scratch? Were they used?
  4. Make them quickly? How many did his company make then? I have no issue at all throwing money at the problem but if you need a piano making quickly you don't rock up at fucking DFS.
  5. So when we wanted ventilators asap, the Government decided to ask Dyson who makes overpriced hoovers and dryers and has no background in manufacturing medical equipment. The fact he is a Tory Party donor obviously has no bearing on things.
  6. Oh right, that's OK then... Any ideas from our Boris fan contingent? Advanced apologies for interrupting your foredlock tugging. 🎣😉
  7. So do I pal but the cat is already out of the bag. From the BBC: Bangladesh, which had the South Africa but not the Brazil variant, and Pakistan, which had neither, were added to the red list on 9 April. But India, which had both as well as a new variant, was not added for another two weeks. I am struggling to see why this is the case. I am also trying not to just do a Tory Gov bashing for the sake of it. But how the hell does all this make any sense ?
  8. India are fucked. Seems to be affecting younger ones too which is awful and a real worry. The last plane from there landed a couple of hours ago before it is finally put on the red list at 4am.
  9. Fair enough but surely to get to Barrow from Leigh you are catching buses, slow trains and connections?
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