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  1. Ok but apart from being gay (joke) did he do something wrong? Or is he a secret killer?
  2. What is really sad is that can't happen without corruption of some sort. This stuff matters much more than our membership if the EU yet we all don't care or realise (me included)
  3. Why an injunction? Is there a court case on the way?
  4. Seriously? Nooo don't fuck with my head? Phil is a gay nonce? Not sure this speculation is reet at the mo.
  5. Never heard the accusation on Schofield before? You sure about that? Who is the veteran of Britain's war on terror? I genuinely don't know but maybe that's the point you make?
  6. Is it just me that finds this all a bit depressing? Cunts ruling their area and absolutely nothing done by the police? Can you imagine what the poor fuckers who live there have to deal with day in day out? We are supposed to be a civilised country ffs.
  7. Very true Baz. I hate our gutter press.
  8. The family and I are up in the lakes for a few nights staying in a wooden lodge, it isn't raining much at the moment but by fuck it's windy. The journey up earlier was shit though, some poor lass in a Pug 206 aquaplaned near Penrith and totalled her car in the barrier, must have only been 5 mins before us. It was like a river running across the motorway.
  9. We kind of do when we know about it in a hospital environment for example. But this seems to spread like a common cold whilst flu isn't quite as easily transmitted - at least that's what some bod on the radio said.
  10. To be fair, consider how many people die every single winter from flu.
  11. Sounds vaguely similar, just less shouting and more quips and silliness :D
  12. Cox was asked to resign as Attorney General as well, seems an odd move also.
  13. Hopefully good news then and we aren't actually all going to die of bad (man made chinese) aids after all...
  14. I have just been introduced to Friday Night Dinner by my eldest. Great show that, my kind of humour.
  15. He really is good. Some of his earlier stuff is excellent and worth a watch too.
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