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  1. Kindergarten has never been used in Blighty ever, by normal folk at least. Nursery or pre-school, surely? Even the 1st year at school is called reception mostly is it not?
  2. Yes but I lost the fucking cover sheet and it has a code on it for your household. Some dumb shite on the phone couldn't help me so transferred me to their support line. That cut me off after 5 mins of waiting. Ah well.
  3. I think that is harsh, If you have been following this thread you will know peely has been very thorough with the science of all this.
  4. 1. Brie 2. Camembert 3. Any decent firm mature cheese such as cheddar, Red Leicester etc
  5. Is Spider brown bread yet? Have you booked a test yet?
  6. As I have said previously, the Swedes and us Brits are poles apart when it comes to stuff like this. And that is poles not Poles. 😄
  7. Not at all, just wondered where the info came from as it seemed rather far fetched.
  8. Sorry, not your claim but you have posted as though it is fact. You got a link to the info by any chance?
  9. Tough shit, tis the new post Brexit way. It is what it is old bean. To be fair, the furlough scheme was good and impossible to continue indefinitely.
  10. I am sure Jules will be along shortly to back up his claim as it is a game changer if true.
  11. I do wonder what circles you lot move in...
  12. Really!? Where did you get that from as that is news to me and I expect many others?
  13. Me and the missus have asthma, only relatively mild but would rather not get it.
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