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  1. Americans are weirdly macho and their coppers even more so. Seems to be worse the further south you go.
  2. Had a lovely time in the garden today, kids in the pool having fun, a few ciders and a relax. The missus had blood taken yesterday at work for the antibody test. Fingers crossed she had already had it and not known. Unlikely I suppose but you never know.
  3. My 15 year old suffers with his mental health. This has been really hard for him. Thankfully, his councellor has been having sessions with him over facetime which have helped. The slight easing of restrictions recently have been a godsend, he has been able to chat with a mate kicking a football about or go and sit in a friends garden for a bit for a natter. He also went for a walk with his girlfriend yesterday, I do wonder how much social distancing was achieved...
  4. Bunch of dickheads. Not sure what else to add? Loads just fucking it off now, big gangs of teenagers roaming about all over the shop. I can see another lockdown in months time.
  5. What kind of misdemeanor gets you sent to Germany?
  6. Fucking poor form if you ask me.
  7. Only been once, to Gran Canaria 20 years ago. Hotel was full of old Germans who were rude as fuck. Didn't matter as we were out a lot but the place just seemed moody to me, in one week there one gay bloke at our hotel got the shit kicked out of him and another girl just about escaped a likely rape by a gang of lads, a taxi driver of all people helped her. Considering there were only a handful of Brits in the hotel it was a bit worrying. Plus there were fucking cockroaches everywhere, hate them little fuckers.
  8. I am thick, who we talking about?
  9. Manchester has always been a pain, but the last few times we have flown out from there in typically busy times it has been a breeze through bag drop and security. Still wouldn't like to experience the first few weeks of reopening though.
  10. I have never had a headache like I have off Oranjeboom. When I was living in Holland, I quite liked draught Jupiler.
  11. A trio of cunts, Hancock, Grimes and Peston
  12. Ooo... 928 please. 911 was/is my fave but the shark was a close second.
  13. Ever since I was 5 years old I have wanted a Porsche. I can't imagine I will ever get one, even a knackered old bucket
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