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  1. Hope you'll be fit for a sesh at Bradshaw when we come to town
  2. Burn your bungalows down Taff. One for the older lads
  3. I went on the Santa Train last Sunday, parked in Millgate for a quid. Oh and it's not the Real Santa
  4. I hated Naz, couldn't stand the cocky bastard, until he beat Kevin Kelly, what a fight that was. Watch his fights now, he was off the scale, funny as fuck with all his antics. I went to watch him at The Men v Paul Ingle and wanted Ingle to kill him at the time, Naz was class. There's a good interview with him on Sky somewhere, admitted he made a lot of mistakes, leaving Frank Warren was one.
  5. I must know you Bolty Lad, I spent my childhood at FSCCC Macky was a good mate of my dad's.
  6. Know em all Pal. My old man was captain until 1982 when he died, John Tonge. Banky is crackers, he used to bully us along with Crommy when we we kids, tied us to the sightscreens, put us in water holders upside down, nutters the pair of em
  7. I've changed my mind, be 5 nowt this.
  8. Bolty, what year roughly would that have been?
  9. We shouldn't even be in that final, last score was a try all day long.
  10. And, he'll be fit enough. Cassie, we'll get battered, even with Stokes, our bowling attack is too powder puff for their conditions.
  11. Jammy Twat, Where about's are you Birch?
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