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  1. I’d be delighted with Madine. We are -11 + and will be fighting to survive. We need the most pragmatic approach. We need to scrap and battle for every point. Anyone expecting a better brand of football can’t see past the end of their nose.
  2. Having a beer 🍺 Up The Whites!
  3. Bassini just rang my brother in law, who is a minor creditor of BWFC. He offered to pay what is owed in full (not the 13%). My brother in law asked for the offer in writing. Bassini got flustered and said “Steve, Take them off the list” then hung up. Fruit cake
  4. I think they are using Edmonton
  5. Delighted the World Cups coming to North America - 3 games in Toronto!
  6. Plovidiv away! Boiling heat, Nessebar, a second half come back to save knock out and a cracking goal from Nolan.
  7. I was on the official wanderersways charter flight - well organised Happy. The main square in Guimares packed with Whites is one of the best ill ever have has a Wanderer. We were lucky that Guimares and Nessebar are both World Heritage sites and amazing backdrops for a European away
  8. Port vale away 1992/93 promotion season. The piss was an inch deep on the floor
  9. I'm following Toronto FC as it's my local team. It replaces something I love, but can never compare to the attachment I have to BWFC. I get to 3 or 4 games a season but the match day experience is very expensive (£9 per pint) I have become gradually attached to TFC over the years. Sebastian Giovinco is a wonderful player by the way. I was at the MLS Cup final in December (-15) where TFC lost at home to Seattle on penalties. I thought the Leeds game in 1997 was cold. I was at the pre season friendly here under Coyle so I have experienced my first team playing my second team. I couldn't give a shite about TFC during that game and celebrated vociferously in the home end when Jussi saved a penalty to win is some random trophy ????
  10. https://youtu.be/1vbElMNCirE There are also plenty more clips from the Higson era which I believe have not been posted on here. God bless Andy Brandwood
  11. https://youtu.be/1vbElMNCirE There are also plenty more clips from the Higson era which I believe have not been posted on here. God bless Andy Brandwood
  12. I'm closely following from the promotion push from Canada. It's great to hear stories from these younger fans who have never experienced this. The playoffs are unreal - you either get the all time best or all time worst emotions. I found this on YouTube. I'm not sure if it's been posted before but it's definitely a great example https://youtu.be/dMe-lV6WYyg
  13. I heard it was for a Nandos .... ????????
  14. I was back over Christmas and got to enjoy the delights of Fulham, Blackburn Rotherham and Huddersfield. I will make myself know next December ????
  15. Not posted for several years and lost interest in the site (not Bwfc) since moving to Canada, but nice been reading every day since the shit hit the fan. I'm hoping someone from here bought the 33 million ticket at morrisons in town. I nominate Mounts as he sounsd like he needs a bit of a pep up
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