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  1. Again - it speaks volumes when you see where some of our ex players have ended up plying their trade after leaving the club.
  2. I can almost guarantee Royal White is a Superdry man.
  3. https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/strawman
  4. Then start a Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite thread.
  5. Jeremy Corbyn - the bloke who's spent his entire career in an anti racist platform? My enthusiasm for him has wained over the past couple of years - but calling him a racist is laughable. I've no idea who Formby is and I couldn't give a shit about Ken Livingstone other than he's got a whiny voice. And why try to find a moral equivalence all the time to justify a piss poor argument? Whataboutery at its most strawclutching!
  6. No - but if you support Trump you have to be willing to turn a blind eye to him being a racist.
  7. Behind the Curve is good on Netflix. About the weirdness that is flat earthers!
  8. What would it actually take for some people to finally admit that the guy is a cock who's somehow wormed his way into the most powerful office on the planet? It's ok to change your mind. Nobody is going to think any less of you. The opposite in fact. We're going to look back at this moment in history with a sense of shame. Fuck me - you think his tweet was bad - watch the interview. He hasn't even got the balls to name the people he's talking about - just does his usually wormy, weedy, shambolic mess of an answer. Fuck me - we might have had some incompetents running our place for the past decade - but at least they weren't outright cunts.
  9. We were driving up Blackburn Road the other day and my Mrs was complaining about people switching lanes to get ahead of traffic. Our 4 four year old son who was in the back then piped up with 'bloody pakis!' After trying to keep a straight face I started to wonder - where the he'll has he picked that up from? Has Miami been extracting his revenge by secretly whispering into his ear whilst he sleeps? Motivation - annoy left wing mincer Opportunity - climbed in though open window during hot weather Ability - roofing ladders Case closed!
  10. Isn't worried is a bit strong! “First and foremost I think we now need certainty. I think business was pretty clear that it would prefer a deal with free trade with Europe, and it is true we are looking at a cliff-edge without one, but at this stage a decision is better than no decision. “It’s not great, but we have modelled No Deal and run the scenarios. What we find harder to work with is goalposts that keep moving every six months. We need an outcome, and the truth is that we have debated our negotiating tactics in public, while the EU27 have worked with consensus and executed their negotiations brilliantly. Our Brexit strategy has been laughable.”
  11. I agree there are a hell of a lot worse walking the streets. They're not on telly every day though or sticking themselves in the limelight. TR is - so we talk about him. He's also a useful reference point for the lens you view the world through. He's divisive - so he's interesting to talk about. It doesn't mean anybody thinks he's more deserving of prison time than a nonce though. And I'm not happy or sad that TR has been jailed. I'm certainly not gloating about it. I'm pleased that justice has taken its course and we've not been cowed by populism. Which would be just as dangerous as being cowed by political correctness has proved to be. In my eyes anyway!
  12. The judge can only judge what's put in front of them. I'm sure if they had one cell and the judge had TR in one dock and a nonce in the other - the judge would choose to put the nonce in jail. As would we all. You're conflating two separate points though. I can't talk about the 'thousands of others' who've been done for contempt. I don't know what any of the circumstances are. Although I'm pretty sure if they got warned about something and then continued to do it they'd get banged up. Especially if they've got a criminal record and a history of violence to begin with.
  13. I think it's a reasonable question. At what stage do you think a custodial sentence would be appropriate. The third time, fourth time, fifth time - or should he get ever increasing fines until the stage that he genuinely does fuck a nonces trial up and only then get banged up?
  14. Because he's a media whore who can't stand to be out of the limelight for more than 5 minutes and has deluded himself that these people won't be brought to justice unless he 'highlights it'?
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