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  1. They've already announced that haven't they?
  2. I hate running uphill. I'd probably enjoy it in Holland.
  3. I'd hazard a guess she's more integrity than Boris.
  4. Mounts can vote to leave the EU and then decide to go and retire there. I don't think cognitive dissonance is his thing! 😁
  5. Very brave statement. I can imagine she's going to get dogs abuse from some - but it was well articulated.
  6. Or 'out of his depth'. People love saying 'out of his depth'.
  7. Not sure I agree about Darcy and corners. His first two didn't clear the first man. Got it right when it mattered though! 😁
  8. Plenty of these players can still turn things around. Even Comley. Santos looks like Franco Baresi compared to his first couple of games! 😁
  9. Also very lucky that they didn't score a 4th when Crellin was miles off his line. Desperately want them to pull this around.
  10. Surely this system only works if you're constantly pressing and taking pressure off the back 3/5? Need to see a lot more from Sarcavic - not looking like a captain to me at the moment. Need a Nolan or someone barking orders in the middle of the pitch.
  11. Just can't see us going 45 minutes without gifting them at least 1 goal!
  12. To be fair they can't live with us when we move the ball quickly. Gifted them 3 goals in our usual fashion.
  13. To be fair that's a hell of a goal!
  14. Come on boys. Could be the making of this team if they pull this around!
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