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  1. Don't leave it on top of a gas fire like I did!
  2. Great minds Youri. Her and that old bird Alan Partridge covers in chocolate! 😂😂😂
  3. I reckon I could take a highlighter pen and mark the parts DT has written himself. Probably despite the protestations of his letter writing team. He's relented on allowing them to correct his capitalisation at least It meanders from raising some meaningful and interesting questions, to incomprehensible bollocks. Looking forward to seeing a point by point rebuttal from the WHO but I doubt many people will read it.
  4. I think this is what most of us have been saying on here for some time. Succinctly put mind!
  5. Me too. Seems the most sensible solution to me. With the possibility of weighting for home games etc.
  6. There's a critical care course you can go on that takes about 12 months to complete. But that's to get you used to all the different types of conditions that people are regularly admitted with and how to use lots of different types of kit. You could quite easily upskill a ward nurse to take on CC duties if the majority not the cases were going to be vented COVID patients on similar equipment. Trouble is who would staff the general wards. We've not got enough nurses as it is. Still think most of the problems we're facing with COVID today have been stacking up for the past 10 years. Not necessarily the fault of this government - although they've still questions to answer when it's all over!
  7. I agree. That's a hell of a job though! I'm still not convinced it's going to happen over here in any meaningful way. At least anytime soon sadly.
  8. That's not really true. I worked in HDU and all I got was supernumerary status for about 2 weeks. You could work the ventilators with support from a senior nurse fairly easily.
  9. I work in testing at the moment. We've got more capacity than we know what to do with. The reality is that the numbers requiring testing have dropped significantly over the past month. As have the number of people requiring critical care. If we are going to reopen the country in a staged way - then now seems like the logical time to do it. We will have a second wave - without a vaccine there's no real way of avoiding one. What we need to work on now is training up critical care staff to deal with the new influx.
  10. I was listening to him on LBC yesterday. He was claiming that he'd cut the deficit in TFL's finances by 70% since he took over. Not seen that verified but it's remarkable if it's true.
  11. kent_white


    I've just had a look for research purposes but couldn't see anything interesting! It's not Penny Sneddon again is it? 🙂
  12. One things to bear in mind with all this. We've got the infrastructure and the beds and the testing kits and the ventilators and the PPE. What we've not got is a load more critical care nurses, Doctors and ICU consultants. And they've been working flat out for the past 2 months.
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