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  1. kent_white

    25 MPH.

    Quick experiment seems to conclude the slower you go over speed bumps - the smaller the effect and the less impact your suspension takes.
  2. kent_white

    Removals company

    Cheers Barry - cheers Casino! I didn't realise it was you Barry. I think we've already had a chat over Facebook but you were busy in the day sadly!
  3. kent_white


    Just scrape the middle out of a steak one!
  4. kent_white

    British Transport Police

    It feels like it sometimes!
  5. kent_white

    British Transport Police

    And also - what kind of circles do you have to associate in to even have this advert brought to your attention? Is there some kind of alt right blog that tells you all what to be offended by on each particular day? Because you lot always seem to be well on the ball of these obscure issues. Last week it was London Underground's advertising policy - this week it is British Transport Police's recruitment strategy. It'll be the coffee rota at the Department for Agriculture soon at this rate.
  6. kent_white

    British Transport Police

    So are people saying they feel discriminated against because they're under represented in this advert?
  7. kent_white

    British Transport Police

    It's 40% honky?
  8. kent_white

    British Transport Police

    Is it just me or is there quite clearly a white bloke in the advert?
  9. kent_white

    Todays Games

    I see Everton have achieved the predicted world domination since sacking Big Sam
  10. kent_white

    Sweaty Ken

    Fuck me - please don't tell me that has gone out on social media?
  11. kent_white

    British Transport Police

    Who's blood?
  12. kent_white

    Celebrity Deadpool 2019

    Lovely shoulders boyo!
  13. kent_white

    Removals company

    Looks like we're on the move on 1st February! Does anybody know any reliable removal companies locally? I know we've a poster on here from Bolton Van Man (can't remember who through). They were our first choice but fully booked sadly. Any help gratefully received. And Miami - if we need our roof doing will you give us a quote? And if you did the work would you promise not to leave a picture of Jacob Rees-Mogg under our tiles?
  14. kent_white


    Thank you!
  15. kent_white

    25 MPH.

    So many dickheads on the road - I'm not really that arsed if somebody is doing 25.

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