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  1. I think everyone needs to take some share of the blame. But mainly - David Cameron for putting the needs of his party above the needs of the country, and the leave campaign for putting the future of the country at a real risk without ever having a plan they were confident that they could get though parliament. I don't buy this idea that remainer MP's have obfuscated for three years in the hope we'll all just give it up as a bad job. There might be one or two who are thinking like that - but I think most of them have been working damn hard to find a way of doing it that doesn't fuck the country at the same time. I don't blame anyone from the general public who voted leave for the choice they made. You were given a choice and you made it. Although I must admit it was hardly a topic that many people talked about prior to being asked in a referendum. And I don't blame anybody who voted leave for being frustrated that we haven't left yet. That's partly why I think it's such a mess. Even though I think it's tantamount to shooting ourselves in the foot - I still think the vote should stand. The only thing I do blame people for is the triumphalism - and there's been loads of it since the result. People have every right to vote for what they believe in when they get asked a question. They don't have every right to be a cunt. In fact - I take that back - they do have the right to be a cunt - but they then can't complain if people take exception to it.
  2. Well for me it's both. I think leaving is, was and remains a monumentally shit idea. 3 years down the line and still largely in a state of impasse with the very real possibility that this could drag on for an equal length of time again and I don't think you could conceivably call it anything other than a mess. If you think you're frustrated as a leaver - imagine being someone who thought all this was unessesary in the first place, and from where I'm sat at least, watching out global reputation and influence diminishing by the day. But still hoping for the sake of our democracy that we manage to leave - even though I think it will lead to us all being worse off and possibly the break up of a union of which I'm very proud. Imagine that scenario for a second. And then think how monumentally depressing that must be. I might not be a nationalist - but I bet you as much as you have that I'm at least as patriotic and proud of our country as any leaver on this forum.
  3. You can think what you like about Brexit. But if you don't agree it's a mess then you're deluding yourself.
  4. We are two months behind these lot. And to be fair - I thought Rotherham were head and shoulders over anyone else we have played this season. Loads more days like this to come. Keep the faith.
  5. "Convicted of journalism" 😂😂😂
  6. We're a laughing stock. Cheers everyone! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-49689123
  7. Anybody seen that Sharon Brittan interview? She's remarkable.
  8. Am I the only one who doesn't give a shit either way?
  9. We were all talking about it on rivals weren't we? Imagine looking back through that thread now!
  10. 😂😂😂 Peter. You've lost the news!
  11. Bullied. By Owen Coyle? Jesus.
  12. $22 million. Paltry given the circumstances - but was turned down anyway, mainly due to one man's hurt feelings. Another prick running a huge country that's fundamental to whether we can combat climate change sadly. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/world-latin-america-49479470
  13. - only a matter of time till someone starts a prostate exam thread
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