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  1. And also why would you want to eat something that smells like the toilets at Moor Lane Bus station?
  2. Prawns are basically the witchetty grubs of the sea
  3. To be fair - a hundred people isn't a huge. And to draw conclusions about such a large group of complex, diverse and multifaceted conditions makes me extremely dubious. And especially seen as those conditions mean people suffer from different types of pain, acute, nerve, tissue etc. Sounds a bit like one of those memes where cannabis has cured cancer and big pharma have 'supressed the findings'. Has he published his findings yet?
  4. Sounds like a really shit Nick Cave!
  5. Verlinden was at the game on Saturday. Anybody know why?
  6. Can't come out as sluggish as that in MMA, especially not against a fighter like CM. How slow was that right head kick he tried to land before getting caught. Piss poor from a fighter I've always really liked. Was really looking forward to the two of them going toe to toe. CM looks huge at that weight. Be interesting to see what would happen over a longer fight.
  7. Mr arse will be on that seat no matter what division we're in
  8. This would have made more sense if the person who actually did get the job wasn't from Zimbabwe.
  9. No - I think they're both social constructs that are perpetuated by the people most likely to benefit from them. I've said many times before - the inequalities don't come from whether you're black or white, male or female. They come from whether you're born rich or poor.
  10. And in the first example we were made to respect the patients wishes.
  11. I had a patient who refused treatment by a black district nurse because she "didn't trust darkies" not to steal from her house. That was overt racism. On the flip side - I had someone claim I passed them over for a promotion because they weren't white. Where as in reality it's because they were really bad tempered with patients.
  12. I'd say it's number two to 'Its your round m'lord' by Aston Villa
  13. £900,000 we paid for him back in the day. I'd be surprised if we've paid more than that for player over the past 5 years combined!
  14. I inwardly cringe whenever someone uses the term 'white privilege'. I put it in the same bracket as 'mansplaining'.
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