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  1. That's right - it's only for a limited number of practices though! 👍
  2. You can get your first vaccine tomorrow in Great Lever if you're either...... 45+ A carer Have a long term condition Or are shielding. No appointment needed - there's a vaccination bus outside Great Lever Start Well Centre 10-4 👍
  3. Welcome back King Crellin in that case!
  4. I genuinely didn't realise Fonz had come on until about 2 minutes to go.
  5. I can't imagine that thought ever entering my head!
  6. I've still got two minutes left you cunts! 🙂
  7. Find it very strange how poor our passing has been tonight when we usually look so calm and assured. Nerves getting to them?
  8. Fonz for Doyle for me. Won't happen though!
  9. Why the fook am I listening to Carlisle commentary?
  10. Get into decent sci-fi. You'll never be short of books if you read one a day for the rest of your life! 😁
  11. Scotland would become independent, there would be a return to Northern Ireland sectarian violence and the economy would hit the skids? 2 out of three ain't bad - and I reckon we might be in for a hat trick before too long. Visionaries! 😁
  12. It wouldn't stop them being tried for rape though would it? Even if they had to call the accused Mrs Salmond and opposed to Mr Salmond (to pick a name at random) 😁
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