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  1. kent_white

    In Or Out Again

    Clearly he did - and when you hear it in context you might wonder what all the fuss was about. Another load of bollocks in the same vein as Diane Abbot can't count etc.
  2. kent_white

    In Or Out Again

    Dominic Raab did well on Marr this morning. Refreshing to hear a politician give yes and no answers for a change.
  3. kent_white

    In Or Out Again

    Has he actually done it though?
  4. kent_white

    In Or Out Again

    I was reading about Arlene Foster today. I had no idea that she was she was a passenger on a school bus that the IRA set a bomb off on - in an attempt to kill the driver.
  5. kent_white

    In Or Out Again

    I love how people say WTO like it's an A4 pamphlet......
  6. kent_white

    Songs for Europe(an Union)

  7. kent_white

    In Or Out Again

    Thanks everyone. If I'm adding to the homeless figures in 2019 you can all buy me a brew!
  8. kent_white

    In Or Out Again

    Not really - it's at the top of what we can afford and both our jobs are in commissioned services which can be cut annually if budgets dip for any reason. Would it not be sensible to wait 6 months and see how the land lies then?
  9. kent_white

    In Or Out Again

    We are literally about to buy a house. We are now considering not buying the house.
  10. kent_white

    In Or Out Again

    Again - why leave it until May?
  11. kent_white

    Tommy Robinson

    He might end up being the new Brexit Secretary
  12. kent_white

    Jamie Bulger Documentary

    I can't - I can only post pictures of 0.12mb or less. That's barely a nip. It's a grand idea though!
  13. kent_white

    Make An Old Man Very Happy Thread....

    Incredible! - this is the true spirit of WW

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