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  1. Well credibility for one. You know my thoughts on it - I think it's a stupid idea in the first place. But if it's going to happen - then the person leading on it should at least believe it's a good idea in principle. People need leadership and to be sold a vision. It's important. We have to get behind something as a nation - and we've had nobody who's been able to offer that since the vote.
  2. Maybe so - but I still think a brexiteer at the helm would have made more sense in hindsight. At least that way you wouldn't have all this 'the PM is thwarting the will of the people' bollocks.....
  3. I'd take a competent admin at the moment.
  4. Fair enough. It's a moot point anyway.
  5. I thought those two were the only people who managed to sell a vision of what life outside the EU might look like during during the debates. And having a negotiating team from either side of the political divide might have helped to build a consensus.
  6. Precisely - still reckon Andrea Leadsome and Gisela Stuart would have been a better negotiating team.
  7. Size 3 thank you very much. And with a nice lining so I don't end up with blisters!
  8. I heard someone suggest the other day that we should remind the EU that we could decide to revoke article 50 and then just sit there and veto everything until we got our own way
  9. This would have been a decent analogy had it not been for this season!
  10. If we do crash out with no deal, surely the first thing everyone will want to do is urgently seek a deal?
  11. I'm pretty sure that when my great grandfather was killed in the war - he died in the hope that one day - you'd be able to say that Parminder Basran smelt of curry.
  12. Apart from Peep Show which was one of the funniest things ever to appear on TV.
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