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  1. Presumably you were in on your own and you didn't meet any mates?
  2. kent_white

    Jimmy Wagg

    They best not put that fucking Manc woman on!
  3. Probably. You've no doubt got the most militant ones kicking off but I'd imagine most would be happy to go back to work? We've managed so far and we're working with confirmed positive cases every day. Take precautions - stay sensible and your risk is pretty low.
  4. kent_white

    Jimmy Wagg

    Always really, really liked Jimmy Wagg. I know he's City through and through but I always feel like he genuinely wants the best for all the North West clubs. Natural for radio and always seemed to k ow all the staff at the clubs down to the tea ladies. Really sorry to hear we won't be hearing his voice on the radio anymore!
  5. I was outside the ground the day Dean Holdsworth first reported for training - I was working for FITC at the time. He got out of his car wearing one of those backwards Kangol hats like Samuel L Jackson. Before he even got through the front door someone who was passing told him 'You're not going to get away with that hat up here pal' - class 😁
  6. Not that surprising really. We've had 1 member of staff die at RBH where we're stuck in a room with COVID patients for 12.5 hours at a time. Plus you'd imagine the police are generally quite young and in decent health. Not quite sure what this bloke is trying to get at?
  7. Train to Busan - Never had a zombie film leave me with a lump in my throat before. Reet good. Not quite as good as Snowpiercer though (the original one not the remake which will undoubtedly be shit)
  8. Good to see he's got his finger on the pulse 🙄
  9. I just can't see them winning an appeal against the EFL's own rules and another club being sent down in their place. Barnsley would go fucking mental and rightly so. Still it's the EFL so who knows?
  10. Jesus - I can't even tell what I'm looking at here. Is that a copper on the floor and kids laying in?
  11. If I was watching an episode of Black Mirror and not watching Western civilisation slowly eat itself I'd likely agree.
  12. Fucking hell - I've opened this is a non secure browser. I dread to think what the Facebook advertising algorithm is going to make of it!
  13. I don't know either. But I can almost guarantee you that whoever is using it is desperate for attention.
  14. I'm being gently encouraged to 'state my preferred pronouns' on the bottom of my email signature at the moment. I don't know a single person who's 'preferred pronouns' are anything other than exactly what you'd expect them to be so far!
  15. Extermination seems a little on the harsh side. Told to pipe down might be a bit more appropriate. Or ignored maybe?
  16. I remember the conversation when Marco Silva took over and was about to propel them to European glory the horror of Big Sam's reign! 😂😂😂
  17. I'd miss the boxing. And the odd Champions League game. That's about it.
  18. Did anybody else realised they don't actually give a fuck about Premier League football during lockdown?
  19. Not really. I googled it while I was having a shit
  20. I was doing a bit of reading on everybody's new poster girl tonight. And oh look! https://edition.cnn.com/2020/05/07/politics/kayleigh-mcenany-trump-2015/index.html Amazing how quickly an about turn can occur when someone waves a few quid and the promise of fame in your face 😂😂😂
  21. Can I have Noam Chomsky. He looked like he'd been warmed back up in a video I saw of him yesterday.
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