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  1. ZiggyStardust

    In Or Out Again

    16% of 1200 replied to have definate plans. 13% of 1200 considering a move. Its obvious then that 2 million will do so. Nothing to do with the IOD being an organisation where a large proportion of their members actively export to Europe (~67% as opposed to ~5-10% nationally). The only surprising thing really is that their survey numbers came in so low, considering the companies they represent.
  2. ZiggyStardust

    In Or Out Again

    Really ? A 1/3 of Uk Businesses, looking to have EU HQ'S ? Around 2 million businesses are looking at moving their British base to the EU ? I'm calling bullshit on that one.
  3. ZiggyStardust

    In Or Out Again

    <CTRL><ALT><DEL> Reboot.
  4. ZiggyStardust

    Terror Attacks

    if thats true, then well done Mr Javid.
  5. ZiggyStardust

    Terror Attacks

    Indeed. She may have just become very rich, at the expense of the British taxpayer.
  6. ZiggyStardust

    In Or Out Again

    As its not going to change the price of Japanese cars in Europe, it really wont make much difference to sales, but the Japanese Manufacturers will be able to make more profit per unit.
  7. ZiggyStardust

    In Or Out Again

  8. ZiggyStardust

    In Or Out Again

    flybmi (not flybe) have lost money every single year of their existance, they have subsidised every passenger over the last 7 years to the sum of £20 each. Its easier (and less embarrasing) for their board to blame brexit rather than their own failings.
  9. ZiggyStardust

    In Or Out Again

    Probably the first of many Japenese car plants throughout Europe to close in the next 10 years, due to the impending zero import tariffs into Europe (and possibly UK) for cars made in Japan. Otherwise, they would be relocating elsewhere in Europe, as opposed to back to Japan. Brexit may have sped it up by a year.
  10. ZiggyStardust

    Terror Attacks

    Its not 'our' law, its international law, one we have signed up to.
  11. ZiggyStardust

    Norwich City at home

    And the northwest have, on average ~320k weekly fans, compared to the ~45k in the Norfolk and suffolk areas. Popoulation : 5x larger Crowds : 7x larger Your point ?
  12. ZiggyStardust

    Sweaty Ken

    its still being translated from its native Turkish.
  13. ZiggyStardust

    In Or Out Again

    Thats not quite true though is it ? The UK didn't agree a deal, until it had approval from parliament. As someone who was pushing for parliament to have the final say, i would expect you have reaised this.
  14. ZiggyStardust

    Area's Of Bolton Never Been To

    Bolton Council, Radcliffe Post code.

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