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  1. Same here. I was worried meds would make me numb but instead I feel they help me cope.
  2. 🙃 Who would think the chat up line ‘are you Alibob off w-ways?’ Would work!
  3. alibob

    Wigan away

    An away match I can walk to. I should go...
  4. You’re crossing the line with some of these puns.
  5. Not a problem. I think her site is such a great idea. Just like people sharing their experiences on here, it helps to realise you’re not alone.
  6. What’s her @ on twitter? I’ll retweet her.
  7. Have a +1. I’ve asked google if you can die from sleep deprivation. You can. Hope that isn’t the way I go.
  8. ‘Why’ instead of ‘while’ ‘Sat having a coffee why the kids play’
  9. When I was on Citalopram, I was worried it’d just make me numb, as in not getting worried but also not feeling happy. In reality, I just found it helped me ‘cope’. Still experienced good and bad moods.
  10. My little lad (2) ‘plays’ football. Apparently some of them are scouted as young as three years old.
  11. That’s what I heard too
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