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  1. It’s frightening the amount of scaremongering and false information being posted on Facebook.
  2. About 5 years ago I was working for Dmitry Rybolovlev, he was going through the largest divorce ever at the time (4.5 billion) and I ended up in charge of ‘hiding’ some of his private art collection. little did I know how much this would sell for a few years later https://www.artnews.com/art-news/news/collector-dmitry-rybolovlev-seller-450-3-m-leonardo-questioned-monaco-corruption-allegations-11294/amp/
  3. But but but an unemployed Dr on YouTube or a meme told them not to
  4. Good morning Britain this morning. Spent the best part of 15mins talking to experts about the £30 food package. Then decided at the end of the interviews to read out an e mail from the company saying it wasn’t from the £30 10day package but the 5 day one which cost £10.50
  5. It needs to be done so that only the recipient can use it.
  6. the Box cost £10.50 not £30 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9137379/amp/Marcus-Rashford-blasts-unacceptable-food-parcel-supposed-feed-family-three-days.html
  7. Schools have been in over a week now, they’ve probably fished out 10s of thousands of meals but people are making assumptions off a handful of pics. There’s probably more to the story
  8. Decent warm up that, what you doing after?
  9. No one has said you can’t leave your flat or house. Go out and get fresh air, exercise etc.
  10. So when does local mean you can’t leave your flat.
  11. Course they can. Who has said they can’t?
  12. Jesus a proper ground spotter. Belmont - family - bubble - baby sitter - essential. I was hoping the majority of us had learnt more about the virus since then early days, I’m quite confident many have, though clearly some haven’t. Like I have said, it comes down to what you class as local and we both clearly have different views on this, maybe you could jump on Twitter tonight and defend Boris as he’s getting a lot of hate for what many see as selfish behaviour, you can explain to them why it’s fine. 👍
  13. Haha let’s get back on subject. Anyone up for a cyber race next week on the turbo trainers. #stayhome
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