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  1. We All have to start somewhere 👏🏻👏🏻
  2. They have in the past had Stone island in. Stone island jacket goes well with a Tap out vest and Lonsdale shoes 😄
  3. https://www.sportsdirect.com/paul-and-shark-crew?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=ROIH+-+Paul+&+Shark+-+All+-+PRO+-+UK--ROIH+-+Paul+&+Shark+-+All+-+PRO+-+UK+Interests&utm_content=at1!24006228&utm_id=at1!24006228#dcp=2&dppp=120&OrderBy=rank a week later and Sports direct is rammed with it 🤷🏻 Oh well
  4. Weight loss, less stress on the body therefore less injuries, building up a strong aerobic base. Anyway enough of me waffling on heres the link from the man who’s method it is. https://philmaffetone.com/want-speed-slow-down/
  5. Give it a crack mate, but no matter how frustrating You find it try and stick with it.
  6. debatable 😂 There’s a lot of tweets being deleted, it’s not the white Trump supporting supremacist that they was hoping behind the wheel.
  7. You couldn’t make it up. White BLM protestor killed by a black Driver 🤦‍♂️
  8. Again that comes down to class over privilege/race I bet there’s thousands on non black kids that want to get into motorsport but their parents can’t afford it. Will he provide funding for them or just for black kids, if the latter is that not just adding to the problem?
  9. Looking like parts of Melbourne are going back into a hard lockdown
  10. Not sure what it is but whenever I buy anything from flannels online, especially anything from BOSS, the sizes are well off
  11. I can’t teach them to tell the time with a stone island can I 😂
  12. I’ll just mention your name like I have done in the past 😉
  13. Exactly my first thought when I read that. Then I thought if I can get My kids vouchers (3) and bribe my missus for hers, crack a bit of overtime at work then it’s a new Rolex 😉
  14. Google Maffetone running, I’ve recently started doing it and I’m slowly beginning to see results. Basically it’s all about running in a low HR to build up your aerobic fitness. I found It very frustrating at first as I had to walk on some of my runs to maintain my HR goal. But It has its long term benefits. It’s what a lot of the Kenyans train too. Failing that I’m sure @Rudy may have some sound advice
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