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  1. If it needs explaining you’re obviously a little thick 😉
  2. 😂😂 brains of Britain here
  3. Very random. Apparently stephen Lawrence day is a thing now 🤷🏻
  4. Fuck at George’s day....it’s Stephen Lawrence day today, good to see my 8 year olds school are catching up on all the missed education over the past few months and are teaching about Stephen Lawrence
  5. Pathetic really. Of all the problems we have over here you would think talking about bad policing thousands of miles away would be at the back of the list.
  6. Bet the other coppers involved are shitting it a little more now.
  7. How many white officers have killed white people? How many black officers have killed black people? How many black people have been killed by the police in total?
  8. Looks like the wine gums are out again.
  9. Yep this. Sick of hearing about it now, there’s enough shit happening on our own doorstep.
  10. Redemption - From Iron Bars to Ironman was A cracking read. I’ve just got my mitts on the Tattooist of Auschwitz so I’ll start that tomorrow
  11. Like a Gary Neville fan club. 2 faced cunt is part of the problem
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