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  1. So Sorry to hear. May she rest in peace
  2. So sorry to hear, thoughts with all the family
  3. Not a bad watch, I think some of it was filmed in stoneclough
  4. I can’t believe the amount of videos and articles doing the rounds showing groups of people ignoring the stay at home/social distancing rules. what’s wrong with people?
  5. Heartbreaking, I’ve got a lad at the same age. You’d never get over it. I hope the bitch that did it is tortured everyday until she snuffs it.
  6. Off topic, he’s doing well for himself now aint he
  7. Don’t know if you’re interested mate but a girl I know has just started at Walkden Tesco doing deliveries. They’re still taking on. She was in the same boat as many self employed workers where she found herself on the phone all day every day trying to get through to sort her claims out.
  8. Quite a few footballers were hanging out the back of his missus! She was a bit of a bike
  9. Whilst stalking her profile it does appear that he remarried. He’s married a fkin crank!
  10. No worries, I’ll just have to use my imagination 🤔👍
  11. These 5G cranks are getting worse. Totally ignore science but believe they have read expert reports on Facebook Just been debating with one on FB, she was fit to be fair, turns out she’s Shay Givens wife..... I wonder if @Rudy’s Message knows HBAHT
  12. Cool, I’m happy that you’ve managed to do something productive during lock down. well done 👏🏻
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