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  1. royal white

    In Or Out Again

  2. royal white

    In Or Out Again

    Such an angry boy
  3. royal white

    In Or Out Again

    It’s not my thing, but I can see why some would want to ignore certain cockwombles on here.
  4. royal white

    In Or Out Again

    I’d like to know where I have given the impression that I know what’s going on/going to happen.
  5. royal white

    In Or Out Again

    Why the anger and agression? Instead of pretending you’re an expert (which you’re onviously not). Just say you don’t really know what’s going to happen
  6. royal white

    In Or Out Again

    Cheese, have you been involved in neumerous BREXIT’s in a previous life? It’s just you seem to think you know more than everyone else on this subject. Or is it just a lot of guessing that you’re (and like most others both for and against) doing.
  7. royal white

    In Or Out Again

    I just want my Blue Passport
  8. royal white

    In Or Out Again

    Cheese is right you know, there’s no strawberries here in the Cotswolds of all places! The end is nigh, break out the rations!
  9. royal white

    In Or Out Again

    I just want my Blue passport
  10. royal white

    Tommy Robinson

    Haha some of his theories are strange, Tommy Robinson for example, apparently he’s far right because he attracts far right supporters.....he also attracts people from the left and centre but cheesey can’t see that for some reason. Then on me believing in an eye for eye (on another thread) apparently I’m similar to Islamic extremists now. He’s a strange person bless him!
  11. royal white

    Tommy Robinson

    Maybe They agree with some of his points? What are TR political opinions that prove he supports Nazis? Why would he openly burn the swastika when he was running the EDL. Didnt one of the earlier posters say he was a fan of JC and TR, why don’t you accuse TR of being left as this is how your stupid comparison is going at the moment. He has fans from all sides but you obviously want to pick up the few far right clowns. No shock there
  12. royal white

    Jamie Bulger Documentary

    As per the TR post, another stupid cheese statement!
  13. royal white

    Tommy Robinson

    I’m not I’m simply pointing out that’s theres knobs in all Walks of life and it impossible to keep tabs on them all. Racist knobs will go on Tommy Marches, racist knobs will support certian political parties, racist Knobs will follow probably every football team. You saying TR is far right because he has far right fans is quite a stupid statement but Ive come to expect it from you.
  14. royal white

    Jamie Bulger Documentary

    Or America, Malaysia, Singapore....
  15. royal white

    Tommy Robinson

    Haha you’ve totally lost your way, so now you’re telling me what I have and haven’t seen, seriously you’re unbelievable! Have you never heard McClean being called a fenian cunt? If not and if he’s ever to play at the our place again I will guarantee you that you will hear him be called that if you sit in a certain part of NSL.

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