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  1. Going off his earlier posts it looks like he’s fell off the wagon again
  2. Why would you block someone then continually bring them up in conversation? Weird. https://www.indeed.co.uk/m/ get hunting and stop whining.
  3. 😂😂😂 it’s cheat night tonight as well! battle of the unwashed happening right before our eyes! Who needs UFC toneet
  4. The second one possibly the black guy being racist to the honky?
  5. And out come the keyboard ninjas 😂 Tell me what advice you would give to someone who paypacket is getting lighter every payday and by his own admission it’s only going to get worse? Would you sit there and accept it? Or look elsewhere? or just whine on a football forum 🙄
  6. I’m sure there’s better jobs out there than fucking you?
  7. I’d focus my efforts into looking for a new job instead of whining daily on here about how something you voted for is ruining your life.
  8. As you said, pretty much both sides. From what I see, especially over here, the left seem to be a hell of a lot more cultish. That FBPE lot are a special breed.
  9. Poorly man. Help is out there, please seek it. The whites need as many fans as possible we don’t want to lose folk because BREXIT has sent them loopy!
  10. Heard mega reviews about Zwift. Tried it today but it was giving completely different reading than the bike. fuck all this tech, I need to get my bike out of the shed
  11. Has anyone used The Zwift app with a watt bike? Gonzo I can get some man up pills if you need some 😉
  12. He’s fully blown it this mon now, BREXIT has broken him. Wanting people to be drowned for spending their money how they wish. That’s a poorly mind is that.
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