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  1. Bandit country is one of my favourites. All about South Armagh.
  2. Probably the only thing that you have said that is truthful. I wouldn't know where to start and have never once implied I could negotiate Britain leaving the EU.
  3. So you couldn’t solve the problem then. Why didn’t you just say that.
  4. You asked who I would pick, I said I don’t know and that would be best left to TM. It’s really that simple. But because you don’t agree it’s someone else’s fault. Get back to that cellar.
  5. Struggling to follow again, that’s not like you Go back to your cellar and make up some more lies, there’s a good lad.
  6. Correct me if I’m wrong but who has been the one at the front of it all, hasn’t it been TM? She should have left it entirely to the leave voters. They should have been the ones doing all the negotiating.
  7. I answered your question but you couldn’t answer mine? No surprise there then. I don’t admire any politician/MP, I have no idea where you have plucked that from. Lets simplify it for you as you’re obviously struggling. TM has a good idea which members of her party talk sense, certainly more than you or I do. She should have picked those who voted leave and who she trusted the most to carry out the negotiations. following?
  8. I don’t know, did she? If she did or didn’t she’s still the one heading the negotiations when in my opinion it should have been left to someone from remain.
  9. I, like you have no idea who would have been best for the job. Maybe the PM who knows these people better should have nominated the best few?
  10. There’s a long list of tories who voted leave.
  11. With May (remain) having the final say.
  12. It may have been a lot easier if we had someone from leave negotiating the deal and not a remainer.
  13. “All military leave is being cancelled in April” is what you said. Its not. Nor will all military leave be cancelled anytime in April.
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