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  1. Going on at the min. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/shooting-philadelphia-active-shooter-downtown-police-a9059061.html?amp
  2. Them bloody darkies, always looking for a reaction!
  3. I can’t see it being in an area where there’s no cameras. It looked like it was in the middle of the lobby. No doubt insurance will be getting involved
  4. Not sure what your point is with this?
  5. was looking forward to this. Looks like the hotels insurance will have to make a decent payout
  6. And he only killed 9! Shocking Marksmanship
  7. Switzerland has relaxed gun laws but we don’t hear of mass shootings. I think it’s a mix of the 2 in America. Americans (there’s something not right with a lot of them) and poor gun laws
  8. How when I’ve said he’s a white supremacist? That’s what the Ohio killer appears to be, he left no manifesto so to speak so I’m going what’s in the press and on social media hence “appears” the point I’m making is they’re both mental and both probably killed folk that you wouldn’t expect them to kill. I.e. a white supremacist killing a white guy and a lefty killing a lefty
  9. I didn’t Make out he wanted to kill whites 🤦‍♂️ He was a white supremacist who’s probably ended up shooting whites. Likewise a lefty who’s ended up killing lefties. Both are mental
  10. That makes no difference to my original comment.
  11. 😂😂 100% though, if for a minute you think it’s normal regardless of colour, religion etc just to go out and start opening up on people then you’ve definitely got problems. Obviously the easily offended are now on Trumps back saying he can’t say they have a mental illness. Tell you what go to a specialist with a manifesto, tell him you’re planning on going down town with an assault rifle and shooting everything in site. He will soon diagnose you!
  12. In El Paso You’ve got a white supremacist who’s probably shot some white folk. In Ohio you’ve got what appears to be a Antifa loving lefty who’s probably killed other lefties along with his sister. I think Trump is right when he says they have a mental illness. Because there’s something not right with them which ever side they’re on.
  13. Well after a morning of everyone that hates Trump saying the El Paso murderer was far right, it now appears that the Ohio killer was far left and a fan of Antifa https://www.thepostmillennial.com/breaking-the-dayton-terrorist-was-a-self-described-leftist-according-to-his-twitter/amp/
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