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  1. Don’t want it but I’d rather have it and get it over and done with. Weren’t the early estimates that 90% of the population will catch it (until a vaccine is available)
  2. Possibly the biggest mistake this goverment has made is putting to much trust into the general public from the start.
  3. I’ve got a mate who works in the travel industry, let me tag him @Traf 😉😂
  4. You’ve obviously never had a suck off a fit thai bloke/bird whilst watching the match on Boxing Day 😄
  5. This, done Thailand a few times and Langkawi And heard nothing but good things about Vietnam
  6. Jesus, COVID is bad over there. Add them figures to the 150 million he said have died of gun crime And you’ll be lucky to find anyone left in America
  7. He’s r mauds cousin, he’s tight as cramp when I try and get a family discount!
  8. Dans a sound bloke ain’t he
  9. Whether for or against, some of the tattoos I’ve seen lately are brilliant works of art
  10. I’m just reading about the tattoos over there now. Apparently in some parts it’s frowned upon. I was obviously oblivious to this as I had no probs
  11. Correct and The eyes on my arse were for the lady boys in Thai x
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