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  1. If anyone is at a lose end tomorrow SJM, Tony kelly and David Lee are all fighting at Farnworth social circle along with about 30 not rights who are all trying to raise a few quid for charity. First fight is 12:30
  2. Bananas up your arse, your bird getting raped and now thinking about some bloke getting rimmed off TMGJ. what an odd individual
  3. I’m sure Farage will have a good chuckle to himself today. He headed up the Leave campaign (which was victorious) and the next day Cameron resigned. Now he’s headed up the Brexit party which is highly likely to win and TM has announced she’s off next week.
  4. I’ve never voted in the European elections. If I was to vote it would probably be for Farage.
  5. That can be said of many politicians. It doesn’t make it right for him or his supporters to be attacked as it wouldn’t be right for other politicians to be attacked
  6. So what you’re saying is no matter where he goes he will always be met with violent clowns because they don’t like him? All politicians (though I find it hard to class him as one) piss off a certain element yet they don’t receive the same reaction.
  7. Breightmet is hardly a tense area which has only a small Muslim population. Yet the day he was there a large group of Muslims turned up. Would that be his fault?
  8. I’ve seen quite a few folk saying they’re going to
  9. If you support the bloke or can’t stand the him surely anyone with half a brain cell can see this isn’t right. Can you imagine if that was a group of football fans.
  10. You can’t beat some good hill reps to get the ticker going. I did some last week on a hill that’s not far off vertical. I checked my heart rate after the 4th one and it was 198. Let’s say I broke into a steady walk after that! considering us footy fans are meant to be lager swilling fat louts there’s some pretty impressive times being posted up for the runs.
  11. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if their parents posted on here
  12. Haha many will tell you I’m more of a brad Pitt / Orlando Bloom type. Ask about Cheese and you will likely get a meatloaf / Ozzy osbourne goth Type odd ball comparison.
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