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  1. True but I'd be more worried if we weren't creating chances.
  2. 58 shots hit the woodwork 6 times in 4 league and cup games. No points, no goals and no luck said the moose on talksport. Its not all doom and gloom but we need a striker and quickly, very quickly.
  3. Went to a recording of Mastermind a few years ago. Believe it or not they had Ted Robbins aka Den Perry from Phoenix Nights, as the warm up man he was hilarious. John Humphries was pretty funny to cracked a joke about the Rev Ian Paisley , that was so funny I can't remember it in full. Just been on the BBC web site and all 4 shows are fully booked, doh. Told you it was good.
  4. Down, down, down. They could go the way of Tranmere now Dave Whelan doesn't want to play with his toy anymore.
  5. Nearly a hat trick for Craig Davies
  6. She destroyed lives and communities, selling off the crown jewels ( Nationalised Industries ) more to line her and her cronies pockets while tryng to kill off trade unions in the process. The Hillsoboro cover up I'm pretty sure the driving force behind that would have been Thatcher. As for her greatest hour The Falklands, would you praise a landlord who booted out squatters if you knew she'd left the house unguarded with the windows and doors wide open in the first place. Needed a war and basically invited a the Argies to invade. The fact she was booted out of office by her own party hurt her to the core to,
  7. Been to one there and it was as good a venue as I've been to Bolton. Didn't even think about nipping out to the Lion of Vienna.
  8. Looks a bit nippy there. Great hit from Pratley.
  9. Right outside my office that. Traffic starts to back up around 4pm most days. I go in on the train which is utter garbage.
  10. Leicester 2-2 Savage should have been sent off for his thigh high tackle on Colin Hendry in the first half. Burnley 2-2. Don't think I've ever celebrated draw more than this one. That includes Leicester and Bayern to name a couple more. Post match thought we'd found a quite little boozer away from the ground. Turns out it was full of hooligans, it did'nt look to good for us. Never been so close to home and felt so out of place & they knew it. Quick as flash one of our group, walked to front and in his finest southern accent, enquired " Is Big Dave in ". The guy hanging off the door, looked puzzled. Andy repeated " Is Big Dave in " . Someone shouted from inside the pub. "No mate you've just missed him". " Cheers " & a very sharp exit was made. As we were walking towards the pub, a lad had come out of the pub and shouted to the aforementioned Big Dave to hold up while he caught him up. Absolute genius on Andy's part.
  11. Mmmm Interesting appointment. Given where he has come from and the position both in the table & financially we find ourselves in. He's young, ambitious and with something to prove. Surprised he's joined us in that regard. Lets get behind him.
  12. Did Dougie sign up to do a hatchet job was that in his remit?. Regardless you cannot legislate for his over rotation. Chelsea would struggle making 5-6 changes every match. Then changing the formation game in game out when the only one that works is 442. If he doesn't know his best team & I don't think he does by now he never will. If he's not gone by Saturday its going to be toxic at The Macron.
  13. Hollywood. Just checked into the Hostel I was staying at Banana Bungalow, went out for a quick mooch. Heard gunshots, drive by shooting outside the said hostel. Police cordoned of the area when we could return I picked my bag up and left. Lots of blood outside & bullet holes in the window, can do that to you. Though I might have done that anyway as some Scandinavian babes I'd met said I should come stay at the Hostel they were at in Huntingdon Beach. Paris. A little shit backed up by 2 mates decided it would be a good idea to spit in my face. This on the Champs Elysee of all places. Didn't brick it then but did when two gendarmes arrested me for assault, having smashed his nose all over his face. People in a cinema queue had seen what had happened & told the police it was self defense. Luckily for me one of the Gendarmes thought spitting in someones face to be vile & repulsive & let me off.
  14. Lived in Paris for a couple of years but found it difficult to learn french. Tended to have conversations were I'd talk in French and they'd reply in English. So I can say what I need to say but listening to it I'm poor. So the question "Quelle grandeur sont vos seins" could be replied to by 34DD.
  15. Ron Moody as Fagin in Oliver. Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones & Han Solo of course.
  16. Was in Oslo on Monday & heading back there tomorrow after 5 days in Badeland gjestegaard. The train journey is just under 2 hours and cost 225 krona. About £22.50 at current rate one way. Paid on average £6.40 a pint in Oslo and its about the same price all over Norway for 0.4 litre. Guinness was £8.40 for a 0.6 litre. It is an expensive country to visit but the natives all speak English and are really friendly. I, d recommend it but warn the bank manager first.
  17. Sounds like a trip I had to Paphos or Papheticos as we called it, in 1999. With added nasty ear infection from the hotel pool, plane delayed by 25 hours, stuck at the airport for over 15 hours with no food and water ( they'd ran out ) having security lock & load machine guns & point them at us. Don't ever want to go back.
  18. Used to drink in a bar in Paris that was owned & run by Muslims. Most of the clientel were Muslim immigrants from North Africa. Improved my French no end, couldn't speak English in there but they were happy to help if i got stuck until i got to leathered on the Main drink Picon, a strong beer usually Pelforth Blonde in there, with an added bitters called Amer Picon got sloshed on that a few times.
  19. 6 quid at the time for a pint of Guinness in Paris but that was in 1992. Raffles Hotel was about 10 quid for a pint in 2008. Perth Wa 1o10 bucks which is £6.50 for a standard pint it was $20 for a pint of Hoegaarden thankfully it wasn't my round
  20. wovlad

    Chumps Final

    Should be supporting Atheltico but I can't bring myself to do it. Not after what happened at their ground in the UEFA cup. Vamos Real
  21. Love Walsh trainers, never had a problem with them or Timberlands for that matter. Mars bars these days look like the fun size bars of old, feckin tiny.
  22. Did one tonight, bit of a cheat using Pataks extra hot curry paste rather than making my own. No cheating with 3 scotch bonnets. Hottest curry I've made myself in a long while, was good though.
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