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  1. Zico


    judging by the guesses and none are correct it's an underwhelming 42-37
  2. If you're serving your sentence at home on a tag, can you sit in the garden?
  3. I had no idea he was called Ricardo until two posts ago
  4. that's the borough (which is fair enough) town is around 130k
  5. been once and we won, FA Cup, Vaz Te winner sunday 12pm kick off was queuing outside Sinclair's Oyster Bar at 9.30 with a load of pisscans
  6. is that an apology, or do you like Sorry by JB as well? it's not a bad track truth be told
  7. That's proper shocked me that RIP and all that Though I will always recall when @Ani said he looked like a startled lizard, was a perfect description
  8. Zico


    I do need to spend more time on her stuff, like Black Snake Moan and This Mess We're In You probably know this, but Nick Cave wrote Into My Arms for She dumped him over the phone whilst he was in the middle of shooting up Seen Pixies a couple of times, they go at 45 songs an hour, very good
  9. Zico


    In this instance PJ stood for Pearl Jam
  10. Mine wants Kewell gone, didn't say why
  11. Zico


    Loved this song, more so the video In those days all you could do was stick on MTV and wait, hoping it would come on https://youtu.be/MS91knuzoOA
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