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  1. That's pretty cryptic whatever it is Them teeth though
  2. Zico


    Might help if you have a guess though
  3. At this stage the most meaningful way, I'd say, to assess Sweden is to compare them to their neighbours who all locked down But as the article suggests, it all depends on your criteria for what success looks like, and sweden aren't arsed
  4. Zico

    Name The Ground

    Swindon Hope you're keeping score to do a league table at some point
  5. Cash out gone up £50 to £186
  6. Zico

    Name The Ground

    In 96/97 my old man was security guard at chrotex (factory on CNR), and I basically sat for ages in his gatehouse watching the ground being built on his adjustable cctv camera thing
  7. Maybe it's not Phil's place to berate team mates on the pitch Save it for the dressing room, don't give the opposition an inch
  8. All things considered, this is one away day am gutted to be missing Could've been the next Port Vale
  9. Zico

    Name The Ground

    aye it pops up about 10 mins into this history of BP video on YouTube when talking about our record attendance v City so guess it's 1933
  10. Zico

    Bull ****

    away fan wise, I'd never seen owt like the number of geordies that turned up on the piss they were in the beehive at 11am loads of them in all the away fan pubs in town remember they picked up the bloke in his hot dog stall near the rail bridge and ran down the street with him and all his gear
  11. Zico


    been a long year to be fair but you were a regular this time last year
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