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  1. ZicoKelly

    Donald Dead Cat On Is Head Trump

  2. ZicoKelly

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    KA will probably say "well if it happens just don't pay them, I wouldn't" Not sure how you get round this though, other that worrying about it later or trying to convince them to take a lesser payment now, ie "we might never get there so you can have £3m now and call it quits" Still, it's a lot of money for nothing as far as any new buyers are concerned
  3. ZicoKelly

    Donald Dead Cat On Is Head Trump

    Aye On one occasion when he was running his casinos, trump owed something like £5m to the tax man or he was getting shut down The day before it was due his dad sent his lawyer to the casino who bought 5m worth of chips, them fucked off without playing them That was so he could bail his son out but also knew his son was a bit shit when it came to business so wouldn't officially lend him the money as a creditor and instead got chips he could cash in not long after (so long as the casino was open)
  4. ZicoKelly

    Norwich City at home

    Should save this post for when Worthy10 goes to Norwich
  5. ZicoKelly

    Norwich City at home

    Need a Sheffield double today Rotherham v Weds Utd v Reading
  6. ZicoKelly

    Norwich City at home

    Perfectly valid point if you ignore his goal and two assists Pretty sure we would've concerned anyway, and a draw wouldn't have sufficed
  7. ZicoKelly

    Things which get on your tits...........

    Worse when they append it with "I think" or "iirc"
  8. ZicoKelly

    Meanwhile In America ...

    I'm sure with America being great again he'd have soon got another job had he waited a couple of weeks
  9. ZicoKelly

    Pivotal week in relegation fight

    One way of looking at it is if we can beat them, we just need to win one more than them the rest of the season to stay up You also need to ignore the fact draws exist, but it seems realistic
  10. ZicoKelly

    Things which get on your tits...........

    aye, another one I came across recently on facebook, this woman said for the new year she was going to be semi vegetarian what's that? i'm not eating red meat what about things like chicken and fish? yes, will still eat them so not semi vegetarian then yes, it is because I'm not eating red meat that's not how it works - if you eat a plate consisting of half meat, half veg, it doesn't make you half vegetarian. neither does just having a cheese and onion sandwich for lunch if later on your have a chippy tea or go to KFC
  11. ZicoKelly

    Things which get on your tits...........

    no. thems the rules in Aldi, it's the people who try to pack their bags at the checkout that's not how Aldi works self scan checkouts are a pain at the best of times, but but people need to know their own limits far too many look like they're taking part in a particulary tough mental challenge on the crystal maze, whilst I shout at them (in my head) what they actually should be doing also, if you've done a big shop, take it to the the fucking manned till
  12. ZicoKelly

    Pivotal week in relegation fight

    chuck in Wigan at home in the 4th game though their run afer that looks tough facing mostly top half / in form teams (that said I've not looked at ours)
  13. ZicoKelly

    Terror Attacks

    The father who was seen at a rally who said his daughter should come home can get fucked The father of the pregnant one went to the cops when she went off, to warn them about her mates https://www.sundaypost.com/news/uk-news/father-warned-police-over-isis-girls-fears/
  14. ZicoKelly

    Callum Connolly

    Give the lad chance, he's not been here on pay day yet
  15. ZicoKelly

    Terror Attacks

    yeah, but what about those who don't listen to LBC eh it's as though folk want them muslims to take out a 1 page ad on the front of all natioanal papers, have an important one interviewed first thing on the evening news where they profusely apologise and then organise a march, given they're so popular these days, where they can all get together to show their contempt and even if they did, it woudn't be enough (as demonstrated previously on this thread)

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