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  1. the first video in this list is funny as are many of the others below it
  2. aye, there was over 500 cases over 4 decades but the new labour leader didn't pursue 3 or 4 cases due to lack of evidence maybe a lack of evidence was why he got away with 500 cases over 4 decades but, Micky, ask your mate to answer this question directly: "Why am I sharing this with you?"
  3. your mate isn't a fan of labour is he, though not sure why this needs a thread of it's own
  4. I think it would go way beyond fashion - there's 50k people live in Chinatown in NYC for example they are just big, international cities with diverse populations and there is loads going on in Wuhan https://www.businessinsider.com/wuhan-coronavirus-outbreak-business-hub-2020-1?r=US&IR=T
  5. let's all guess then, here's the menu http://www.bradshawtandoori.com/curries.html 4 curries - about £22 4 rice - about £10 probably poppadoms and delivery that's cheap, considering they tout themselves as a "journey of discovery" anyway after reading the menu I'm having a curry for tea, fucking starving now
  6. Though maybe if this season was void i think there'd be a case for not giving out any remaining prize money, or giving less money out next season to make up for what was already handed out during a void season Then the likes of Burnley have to pay all their players next season with a massive chunk of their revenue missing One way or another, i think this season is finished to balance the books Then they can figure out how to complete next season in time for the Euros
  7. I think all contracts to be automatically extended by one year to june 2021, and this season to be finished by then across all domestic and international competition The 20/21 season won't happen, it doesn't need to Everyone to be fresh for the Euros then business as usual This is the winter break they've all been crying out for
  8. That sounds fairly reasonable to me, depending on what you had
  9. I recall Ferguson saying Shearer was a right surly twat with him, all like "why would i want to sign for you?" That's might be why he never called back
  10. Border collies freak me out with their mad eyes Don't trust them one bit
  11. Just now needs to avoid nipping off to her other homes for the weekend
  12. Yep, i thought she gave a good pep talk there
  13. now we just need some games
  14. done my 5m run still the weekend the week starts tomorrow
  15. Im still going for a run but suspect I will feel fresh after and therefore decide to crack on with some Sunday boozing
  16. Need some time off the booze No cans in the house and ran out of weed Aiming to stay off it till Thursday if not Friday Back went last week but going to do 5 miles today, hopefully Need to feel fit again
  17. It started at QPR away in 2000ish when he was a sub warming up alongside Iain Dowie, though not sure who the chant was initially aimed at
  18. Now they've done the Grand National, what's next for virtual sports? Probably just greyhound racing, though some bull fighting where the bulls win would be good
  19. This season will get finished, though we may need to skip the next one
  20. I watched the first half this afternoon Then started it again so the mrs could watch it, she found it hilarious Was just what we needed, after watching little else but the news in weeks
  21. Was just about to post the same If you like Lock Stock and Snatch then its well worth it Gave it 8/10 as there were maybe one too many twists, but, Hugh Grant was excellent
  22. For me, fish stuck around a couple of seasons after relegation and tried to get us promoted, then after we twice didnt make it he took a PL move, it wasn't like he jumped ship at the first chance Jensen played one season and then did one
  23. I remember Fish getting loads off nobhead corner so everytime he came near he kissed his Charlton badge and raised a fist to the away end
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