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  1. From what I've seen he just seems ridiculously one footed. Salgado at Blackburn had him in his pocket because he knew he couldn't use his left foot.
  2. 670 bonnus 1 & 2 wtf has happened to that.
  3. The system of being granted priority is the joke. You complete a form stating your reason for needing priority. I work with people with severe mental illness but never in 8 or 9 years this system has been in operation have they checked into whether the person has an illness, child or disability. They never write to the Gp, psychiatrist or to me. I have completed forms for people with the same illnesses and problems annd some get priority, some don't. The system seems very arbitrary.
  4. You need priority status. Without this you've no chance. When they look at the applications, if anyone has priority status, they get it over those without. Time on the list is only a consideration between those with priority You get priority by completing a form from any housing office. Things like homelessness, kids, mental health problems etc get you priority. Surely you can say you've got some of these. The system is a joke.
  5. Watford's website is as bad. Their squad list describes mhim as being on loan from Bolton but the news page says he's joined on loan from QPR. Some fukker is getting paid for nowt.
  6. He's right. http://www.bwfc.co.uk/page/ProfilesDetail/...4~11658,00.html Who does that website. It describes Helguson as being on loan to Watford and then says he's made 3 appearances for QPR this season but he is in our squad list as number 18.
  7. I was supposed to have a parcel delivered on Tuesday by Interlink. While at work I got an email saying it had been delivered and signed for. I was wondering how this had happened as there shouldn't have been anybody in my house. I telephoned them and they said somebody called Jones signed for it. I told them that wasn't my name and they should know that. They couldn't explain why they let somebody with a different name than on the parcel sign for it and they couldn't tell me what address they had delivered it to. None of my neighbours are called Jones. They did admit they had t
  8. Betfair do multples now. You have to click the multiples tab rather than go into the individual sport.
  9. I like this bet. You get the added bonus of betting that Scotland and Wales both lose.
  10. I prefer to think of myself as enthusiastic but inept but otherwise, what he said.
  11. I think you're right, time to give this up. The trouble is I like having a bet on the horses but have nowhere near enough knowledge to confidently pick my own horses. But picking the right tipster to follow is difficult. With this in mind, when can we expect Traf's tips to return. its been like a morgue in here thhese last few months.
  12. Its the bloke who did the daily cash selections. The trial has been going since the beginning of July with the occasional day with no bets. There were some really good results in the beginnig but the last 3 weeks or so have been really lean. Still showing a small profit though.
  13. Both lost yesterday. Not sure this is worth carrying on with, we'll see over the next few days. 3.10 Epsom WOTASHIRTFUL PISCEAN (?10 E/W ON BOTH HORSES) Last Bet-LOST + LOST = -?40 ?1000 Starting Bank Running Total= ?1045
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