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  1. Escaped the lockdown this weekend and arrived at Cala Gran 3ish on Friday, nice little site, went to Mash and Barrell and sat outside in the sun, great then Saturday walked into Fleetwood, got the ferry over to knott end and after a walk round had a few drinks and some food sat in the beer garden of the Bourne Arms, then ferry back to Fleetwood. Tram down to North pier, walked across to road to Yates then up to roof top terrace which was a completely different world to the 2 floors below us. Then into the Comedy Central facing blackpool tower at 19.30, last tram back to Broadwater at 23.00, sh
  2. In Amazon's uk charts, Land of Hope and Glory is currently No1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 17. God knows how they compile them charts
  3. Courvoisier, keep away from Metexa 😄😄😄
  4. Im off to Crete end of September hope it's been lifted by then. Was in Corfu once and it was voting day so all the bars had to shut, anyhow we just went in bars via the back doors, I'm sure the Greeks will still be open just not officially
  5. Well flights booked, out Friday night back Monday night, day after flights booked Belgium is 14 days self isolation, typical
  6. We kidnapped him in Lisbon, we were in the town centre and on our way down to the docks and I said 'Are you coming down the docks Biffo' he said 'No Widders it's my bed time' I said 'Get in the fucking taxi' Anyhow he did, and got the round in at the first bar Silly old cunt Be good Biffo and I'm sure we'll all see you soon
  7. Why would you drive you lunatic, return flights from Manchester are about £60, half of our lot wanted to go by ferry, fuck that were in Friday out Monday
  8. I've been told to plan our route, any idea which ground we'll be playing at?
  9. Exactly, they could have all had Kick It Out on the back of their shirts and got on both knees and prayed for the black people who were killed by BLM whilst they were, rioting, looting and burning local businesses The FA and Premiership reps could have been allocated to each player and give it them up the rusty bullett hole whilst Sky filmed it all
  10. Kier Starmer was on his knees last week for photo opportunities, several dats later he's on BBC disavowing BLM's policies, should have bothered to look into this before you surrendered you spineless fucker. Along with the Premier League, why they are getting involved with Potitical Groups is beyond me. Especially ones as mentle as BLM
  11. I'm off to see the owd chap shortly and off work tomorrow so let the fruit of the vine flow Have a good one Twitter clogg dancers
  12. Sister Barbara was an utter cunt, I thought she'd died years ago
  13. He's having a piss at the side of it, he aint pissing on it or spray painting it or making some politial statement, just having a piss. is OK, fuck sake stop using symantics. Pissing on a monunemt and taking a selfie is cunts work, being desperate for a piss aint the same as you know
  14. How many Bolton trips have you been on Jules and not seen this?
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