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  1. Betfred have paid out on Liverpool winning the league
  2. The ex Bolton player who appied has a BWFC tattoo on his arm
  3. 30 odd of our lot there and every one of em was a Bolton lad, 20 odd of them season ticket holders and all go to the game, we had no game so went to Athy as we did last time. Don't judge but it's a good day out
  4. Had a great time at Athy yesterday, looked after us really well and I'll have you know, I watched the first half Cassy. Number 9 was MOM for me on that first half performance, plus I was talking to him after the game and he supports Bolton, that Hardcastle supports Leeds so he was 2nd in the MOM Performances
  5. Yeah it's Fridays, it's a good night out. Missed Cornwell, went watching Sham 69 on sunday though, they played the Alma in town. And have a flying fish sandwich from one of the huts on the Gap beach, they are ace.
  6. Fuck me I get offered it everyday when I'm there, you must look sensible, first person I spoke to in Barbados was a street trader selling shitty pendants, he said 'Hi my name's Oliver, I'm a great feeling man, it's like a lucky lucky man but the stuff I sell makes you feel great' You've obviously not made it to Oistens Fish Fry yet, I got offered chan every 10 minutes when I was there. Anyhow, have a good time
  7. The fire brigade let me into my apartment yesterday so I've filled a suitcase so I'm fine thanks then they boarded the door up again
  8. My apartment is the nearest to the cube so there's damage to the upstairs windown and patio doors. No idea when I'll be allowed back home, just keeping my eyes on social media for updates. The officials who where there yesterday also didn't appear to have any idea when residents will be allowed back
  9. I live in the Arches, well I did do anyhow, fortunately I was out on the piss on Friday so missed it. All the doors were kicked in by the fire brigade on Friday so I'm currently living in the Premier Inn. The cube looks a mess, I called home yesterday to collect some clothes but still can't move back in probably not til next week until the doors have been replaced and water back on.
  10. If the pain starts to get too much, start taking heroin, don't worry if you get addicted, you can always switch to crack and you'll forget all about the heroin
  11. Fucking hell, proper Wanderersways response, good for you Mr Escobarp, it's a shame that the shithouses have been allowed to turn this place into their twitter shouting club. Old women and queers, I now have hope
  12. Ex Wanderersways Posters Christmas do at Athy Coll last Saturday in November, get the lobby on
  13. Our lot are doing Czech, we're out on Thursday via Amsterdam then back on Monday direct with Jet2. Avoiding paying £6 a pint in Prague so we're staying in a posh hotel in Plzen for half the price, into Prague for the match so I'll text you and we'll have a beer. Can tell I'm getting old as all the accomodation I book these days is away from the place the match is being played
  14. Stayed in AG on 3 seperate occassions serveral times, in fact before the easiness of booking flights and hotels via the internet, my travel agent who booked my Greek holidays was based in AG, her name was Robin. Had to and pick some flight tickets up from her around 93 when I was staying in Benitses. Got to the tracel agents and the tickets were in somebody else is name, she'd just crossed it out and written our names on in biro. The departure staff and cabin crew never blinked an eye at the tickets, before 9/11 though when air travel security was very lax to say the least
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