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  1. My taxi will be here in the next 20 mins so I'm off, I think I agree with 90% of what you say Mick so poo then airport.
  2. Mick, Tommy Robinson was a name assumed years ago
  3. Yep, because that's the name on the ballot paper, it's childish and juvinile to post Tommeh, and fucking backwards
  4. Lets call him Stephen Yaxley Lennon which is his name or Tommy Robinson which is the name he took when he set up EDL but calling him Tommeh is pathetic, dont really care if anybody uses the names SYL has used
  5. I'm assuming you're under the age of 12 and a fucking imbecile, writing Tommeh as a insult is up there with Gammon, complete fucking simpleton
  6. Never been bummed, blown up or stabbed so I'd say no. though my claim of never being bummed in tenuous, I ran as fast as I could
  7. I'd be stabbed, blown up or bummed.
  8. I'm in, Got Tunisia booked for December, 5star hotel less that £300 all inclusive, get to Sri Lanka in December for my birthday, follow terrorist attacks round
  9. Looks a great day out BB, I'll put it on my list of places to visit, having said that I've got Sri Lanka on my list
  10. That is the biggest shithouse post I've every read on here, what an utter twat
  11. No he is constantly on the road doing tours, he's recently returned from America and he's currently doing a tour of the UK, he more of a debater but with his brand of comedy thrown in, he basically gives a speech then he does a Q&A session. He was in Swindon town centre yesterday with a desk set up having conversations with anybody who disagreed with him to trash out what it was exactly they disagreed with But the point is, he sent a tweet to Jess 3 years ago which he considered satire, Jess said it didn't bother her, he's standing for a UKIP candiate so the aggreived have started their mock outrage campaign. Not sure how this incident will make him a good or bad MEP. He goes by the name of Sargon of Akkad on You tube in case you have a few moments to spare to make your own mind up
  12. I don't dispute that for one second, but Carl has about 1 million followers on Youtube so some people find it funny
  13. And not raping somebody is surely acceptable behavior?
  14. In isolation no but it was sent during a long twitter spat with Jess about feminism, it was intended to be shock humour which Carl does a lot, however, only that tweet is ever mentioned rather than the conversation summarised. Jess said at the time it didn't bother her and why should he apologise 3 years later when clearly the only people offended are those who weren't involved
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