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  1. Have I accidently walked into the Blue Oyster Bar
  2. Say what you like about Iles but his live indepth reporting from the court is surpassed by none 1:02pm The verdict will be delivered at 3pm. 11:03am Case about to begin...
  3. Got a free ticket to watch The Who due to a last minute drop out, I was only going to watch Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros who were the support then I was going to shoot off anyhow, thought I'd stay and watch the Who's first couple of songs, best band I ever saw live, needless to say I stayed til the end, even through the encores
  4. Is Alan Fudson somebody off here? if not he seems to be following this thread Alan Fudson @reluctantThicko How am I suppose to bullshit people if they keep coming out telling the truth!!
  5. I use them daily, only problem I have is it being hacked, usually on a Saturday afternoon when there's load of money going on the big televised races, put it down as a Betfair balls up, bookmakers don't seem to have the best IT teams, assume they pay the traders loads and IT shit all
  6. This made me smile, sums up Nixon and Iles Alan Fudson @reluctantThicko You can hear me here getting my exclusives with future Bolton chairwoman. I don’t have sources. I get it straight from their mouths. I asked Sharron if it had been done. She didn’t say yes. It’s not been done yet
  7. This is my favourite photo from Saturday, Antifa clown masked up but doesn't seem to have considered that the police may be able to identify him by his pink hair
  8. And whilst we're doing stab in the darks, anybody been to Plzen, just trying to sort our Jollyboys out for October for the England match
  9. Long time since I camped but Shell Island in North Wales was great last time I was there, great beach, camp fires and a bar/cafe/restaurant on site but as I say over 10 years ago
  10. Anybody with #FBPE after their name automatically wins it
  11. Dan and Kate came on holiday with us a couple of years ago so we took them over to Skorpios in a boat and said 'That's where Royal White used to work' 😄😄
  12. Been on Skorpios a few times before he leased the Island, I'm assuming the one parked in Nidri last year was his old one
  13. Bizarrely enough there was one in Holland too of all places
  14. His Yacht was parked at the end of Nidri marina last time I was there with a big for sale sign on it, nice thing too. Not too sure anybody walking in that direction would be carring several hundred millions on them in suit cases.
  15. Well I never, I've gone through the last 30 years thinking it was someone else, I bought it on 12", thought it was great and never knew who it was, I've learnt something today
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