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  1. Why would you drive you lunatic, return flights from Manchester are about £60, half of our lot wanted to go by ferry, fuck that were in Friday out Monday
  2. I've been told to plan our route, any idea which ground we'll be playing at?
  3. Exactly, they could have all had Kick It Out on the back of their shirts and got on both knees and prayed for the black people who were killed by BLM whilst they were, rioting, looting and burning local businesses The FA and Premiership reps could have been allocated to each player and give it them up the rusty bullett hole whilst Sky filmed it all
  4. Kier Starmer was on his knees last week for photo opportunities, several dats later he's on BBC disavowing BLM's policies, should have bothered to look into this before you surrendered you spineless fucker. Along with the Premier League, why they are getting involved with Potitical Groups is beyond me. Especially ones as mentle as BLM
  5. I'm off to see the owd chap shortly and off work tomorrow so let the fruit of the vine flow Have a good one Twitter clogg dancers
  6. Sister Barbara was an utter cunt, I thought she'd died years ago
  7. He's having a piss at the side of it, he aint pissing on it or spray painting it or making some politial statement, just having a piss. is OK, fuck sake stop using symantics. Pissing on a monunemt and taking a selfie is cunts work, being desperate for a piss aint the same as you know
  8. How many Bolton trips have you been on Jules and not seen this?
  9. And do you think that Nope Not Hate and Sidiqs comments about the lads coming to London is accurate?
  10. So say everybody who was going is far right thug? The DLFA actually support BLM core beliefs, but its not BLM is it, it's Antifa/Rebellion/Ararchist/ thugs Did he say that the BLM protests who injured 30 police officers far left?
  11. And I'd say 90% of the far right thugs I knock about with probably vote Labour
  12. I'm absolutely amazed at Sadiq Khan and the media calling 100 football lads going to London to protect Statues from (filthy cunts) far right, I knock about with loads of lads who go to football, wear Adidas trainers and CP/Stone Island stuff and I dont know any of them who are far right or racist. I go watching England all over the world and anyone who says anything racist is called out immediately. The England lads police themselves. What utter bollocks. The majority of Bolton supporters are far right if we're using this idiology
  13. If somebody spat in my face they'd be getting a right hander, fucking student wanker
  14. Fuck knows never been, I'm E3, this is my next door neighbours in E4 https://www.booking.com/hotel/eg/aqua-palms-resort-qesm-hurghada.en-gb.html
  15. Been out with Hugh Cornwell a couple of times, went for a curry with him in Liverpool and his after party in Amsterdam where he bollocked me cause I drank all his wine, also stayed up with him all night in his hotel when he played Widnes, he said that JJ was off the rails and scared him which was the main reason he left in 90, but he did say that Dave Greenfield was the only one he kept in touch with, he's a miserable cunt at times so his short piece doesnt surprise me
  16. I'd tell you to go to Skopolos instead but you dont do ferries so I'm wasting my time, you continue to do commercial Greece
  17. Shame they wont be playing later in the year, better than the Jam, Sex Pistols etc, I shall miss them
  18. At 10, my mate said to me, Have you heard of Manchester Appollo, our Baz is going waching a band called The Stranglers there, shall we go? Anyhow my mum went mad, absolutely no way I was going, after a couple of months she gave in and said I could go but my dad was picking us up, so looking forward to it for months, bonfire night 5th November, went to the Apollo with mates older brother and sat in the Circle, had alraead brought Rattus, Black and White, No More Heroes so sat there waiting for the Stranglers to come on, fucking hell, they were ace. Spent all my money on Tour tshirts, posters and badges from merchants outside. Anouncement, over the PA, Widnes Two Hats, your dad is outside, fucking gutted as a 10 year old punk. Saw the 100's of time since, Paris, Berlin, Preveza, Amsterdam, Nice in fact all over the world, me and Breighmet were due to see them later in the year, utterly gutter the best band in the world will never play again, was a bit pissed off when Cornwell left but nothing like this Anyhow, thats me just being pissed off
  19. I'm thinking of doing some cycling if the lockdown continues but not had a bike since my Raleigh Chopper. What size frame so I want, I'm 6'1 no idea what I should be buying. Dont want anything too expensive as I'll probably thrown it away after lockdown
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