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  1. Barrow fans claiming that Phoenix has already met Graham Alexander. The first I’ve heard and very hard to believe.
  2. I’ve no confidence in Crellin, but having no competition for him is no good IMO. Get someone in to push him further at the very least.
  3. I think Vela’s best performances came in that role in League One personally. He was largely ineffective sitting deeper or as a box-box and the games often passed him by. For a long time I was convinced he was best at full back until pushed further forward in midfield. Shame he fell off a cliff after that.
  4. Likewise. I just hope to fuck he stays as far away from the Bolton News comments as possible. Window licker central that.
  5. Twitter and on here/other forums surely. If I was in his position I’m not sure I could resist looking at fan opinion, especially seeing as there’s nothing to go off in the ground.
  6. Thanks; the Vela comparison is exactly what I had in mind. On the subject of players punching above their weight, I note that Ream, Basham and Robinson all started in defence in the same game this afternoon in the Premier League. Which would’ve seemed outrageous to me two years ago, so what do I know.
  7. I’m fascinated with the case of Julian Darby, a player before my time but is largely renowned for being a local boy made a scapegoat. I presume he was one of Neal’s favourites and nowhere near good enough for the top flight, but he obviously had something about him?
  8. Half made my mind up on this lad upon seeing his first touch at Rochdale. Hope he proves me wrong.
  9. And all three of them were done by their late thirties. At their best you could make a case for all of them potentially doing a job in the top half of the Premier League. Perhaps even higher for Holden.
  10. Best I’ve seen of Sarcevic.
  11. I still can’t believe we took relegation to the last day in that season, we were absolutely dreadful and knackered after 60 minutes every game. No doubt through a lack of training. That being the case, with a fit Holden all season we’d have stayed up for sure IMO. He ran the show the previous season and papered over the cracks. Without him (and Muamba of course Coyle you utter cunt) mopping up and generally being everywhere, we got completely overran.
  12. That and his awareness of players around him. Great prospect on that footage.
  13. I think they were about £2.70 last time I went. Scandalous really, although I’m always hearing about how badly run the company is, so I suppose they need to sell at premium prices. Agreed on potato cakes. My dads are the best I’ve ever had, but he refuses to make them now as he makes such a mess. More flour based compared to Greenhalghs.
  14. Don’t think I’ve seen Paul’s Pasty Shop on Chorley New Road mentioned. Been open a year or two. Very similar to Ye Olde and I’m sure I heard the guy used to work there or something. Very good value. Greenhalghs Puff Pasty is best for me but nearly £3 now. Don’t like their plain pasty though. Love their potato cakes and spicy vegetable soup as well. Carrs has always been average to me. Dry and taste of cardboard. The jalapeño one is decent though. Greggs meh; I’d rather have the pizza.
  15. Didn’t see the game but a highlight reel of young Regan Riley has just emerged. Looks a player.
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