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  1. Happy to Crawford start after a while. Just hope he shows up like he was last season. Nothing against Thomason at all. Tidy player but I really do see him as a luxury. Seems to take an age to look like he has control of the ball. Not the most physical. Could be an asset coming off the bench if we’re looking to spread the play and stretch the opposition in search of a goal mind.
  2. Perhaps his head’s not in the right place, but I’d have brought the Fonz on for Isgrove today.
  3. Take corners off this Jackson. Useless.
  4. Hall signed for them permanently recently. Guessing he has a missus up north. Really hope Chorley hold on here. Doubtful they’ll ever have a better chance of reaching the fourth round.
  5. Definitely Laville. We’d have gone down and never had our top eight finishes without him. Case can be made for Bobic too I guess.
  6. The accolades Wednesday fans are giving this lad are unreal. Yet he’s a player whose career has completely passed me by. Remember him playing a cup game for United in his early days and that’s it. Really hoping it works out.
  7. Pleasantly surprised he’s signed an 18 month deal. Just hope he’s stays fit.
  8. Didn’t this come out a few years ago via his daughter? Something which was later denied (by supposedly himself) I think.
  9. Some talk of Joe Dodoo returning. I’d have him back personally.
  10. Nathan Jones looking like he’s decided against a recall for Kioso. Great news IMO.
  11. I’m surprised he’s not been given more of a chance but some fans will never cease to amaze me. I’ve seen two separate Tweets asking why we’ve let our best centre half go.
  12. Was this the guy we used to bring on before Wolves to rile their fans up? Certainly for the first couple of games with them at the Reebok. Not sure if it started at Burnden.
  13. I can never go as far as calling Wigan a cup final; I see that as a term for a smaller club facing a larger rival. We are their cup final. Same goes for Tranmere and did go for Bury. I comfortably hate them more than anyone else though, and can’t quite believe some are indifferent after the last fifteen years. Bogey team and an awful set of cunts that appeared from nowhere because they got bankrolled. And worst of all won an FA Cup. Perhaps age and location play a factor too. I couldn’t care less about United in the grand scheme. Top flight football is of little interest to me and
  14. See I think Doyle has been excellent when dropping deep. As good as anything we have in midfield. The problem being we need him up top. If we had two Doyle’s (one in midfield, one up top) we’d be in a much better position.
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