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  1. Turner caught my eye, will be interested in seeing him in comparison to Crellin. Different Joe Riley though. Our ex mon is at Mansfield.
  2. And lest we forget, LB. If he can retain any of his previous ability and stay fit, I have no reason to doubt that Baptiste will be pushing for a starting spot ahead of Delaney. Haven’t seen enough of Delaney to give a solid opinion but he was signed before Evatt, so favouritism might come into it. Being an older head that knows IE well, I see no reason why he couldn’t play a part in coaching too, similar to Gilks. Potentially a very good signing I reckon. Was made a scapegoat played out of position and got flak for seemingly taking in a big wage/signing on fee previously. A clean slate and hope it works out.
  3. Adopted Spanish team. Part of an exclusive Bolton/Betis club alongside @jules_darby. Feel free to sign up.
  4. Behind Phoenix and Evatt all the way. If there’s one disappointing factor in this for me though, it’s that Emmanuel wasn’t kept on. For me he’d be absolutely perfect as a right wing back. Not a great defender, but got up and down and great going forward. Sad to see him go really.
  5. I’m amazed that anyone who has been to these games still doesn’t give a fuck about them. I tried my best to ignore them for years. And they tried so fucking hard to create a rivalry. They got one from me eventually. I fucking hate them more than any other club. I think geography comes into it with our fanbase. We have a big catchment area; being from the Chorley side I’ve never felt animosity towards Bury and I’ve never met a Bury fan. Throughout high school there was a big Bolton/Blackburn divide. I’ve never cared as much for them since I left in 2005. I cried my bastard eyes out the day after we got relegated at Chelsea. I was nine years old, in the first year of being a season ticket holder, surrounded by United fans in primary school. They were laughing about my team getting relegated, and I’ll bet they’ve still to this day never seen them live. Throughout all this, I couldn’t give a fuck about United now. Perhaps it’s different if you live somewhere like Walkden, but in the grand scheme they care about us as much as we care for Chorley. I’d fucking love it if we had a red away kit. It’s part of our history, we’ve always had a red trim, we have a red rose on our badge, we’ve traditionally had a red away kit and I think it would look smart. I still only know one Wigan fan. A mate of my dad’s who’s harmless enough (although gave us the odd dig through our financial troubles). I fucking hate them. Throughout all the miserable away days at their place. All the gloating on Twitter. Putting a Wigan scarf on Lofty’s statue etc. I cannot resist milking this situation for all it’s worth.
  6. It’s decent. Not sure where this obsession with us having blue sleeves has come from mind; including the gear that Hummel sorted us out with, that’s three kits in a row with that template.
  7. Wouldn’t be surprised if that’s all it is. There seems to be a load of ‘EFL Transfer’ Twitter nonsense lately. Another had Politic down as close to joining Blackpool the other day.
  8. Reckon the lad Gordon from Dag & Red will be unveiled too.
  9. Think it looks quite good personally. Always prefer a prominent red trim, even if some of our fans do have weird reservations about it. Will reserve judgement on the v-neck when I’ve seen it in full, but I’d take an imaginative kit over teamwear shit from Adidas, where they just stick a badge on standard stuff any day.
  10. Don’t think Hill was convinced with Brockbank either. Sure he was available for a while and didn’t make the squad. I think he can play but couldn’t tell you what position. Too short for centre half perhaps, filled in at right back, and also seen him considered as a midfielder too. Similar to Threlkeld in that respect.
  11. Have a match worn Chungy signed version myself. That has torn sleeves for some reason. Both of the home and away pocket shirts were a worse design than the sports bra for me. The home version of the sports bra actually grew on me. Picked it up cheap and I quite like the material. Away colours were obviously dreadful though.
  12. Zouma has potential but seriously needs to work on his positioning and rashness if he’s to make it. Wish him all the best, not concerned that he’s gone though. Edwards looked good before injury. A bit shaky after that, and he’s no spring chicken. He’s 24 this year. It’s make or break for him now
  13. Agreed. Much prefer us in all white; the best years of our recent times were in all white too. Fair play to the club. Don’t others usually release images and then there’s a massive wait for it to go on sale? No one seems to have leaked it online and it appears it will be ready for purchase very soon.
  14. I listened to it. No qualms about the podcast, it’s good. McAteer and Stubbs are a couple of years before my time; I’ve (rightly or wrongly) inherited respect of McAteer and dislike of Stubbs. It did stand out to me that despite us bringing Stubbs through, he didn’t exactly speak fondly of us, considering we were as good for him as he was for us. Fuck him. As I say, a bit before my time. But having seen footage of them both in a white shirt, they both didn’t hit the heights they looked like doing. McAteer being an all action centre mid with us; wasted at full back for Liverpool then an also-ran at Rovers/Sunderland. Stubbs I don’t recall ever being touted for England. Health scare so fair enough, but I saw a link earlier in the thread (preview of the 95/96 season) that suggested had Rioch signed the pair, Arsenal would be considered title contenders? Madness in hindsight. I really enjoyed that article by the way. A lot of players who failed to live up to expectation (or I’d never even heard of!).


    There was an FA cup replay against Arsenal, where I think in extra time we sent Jussi up to find an equaliser. He ran the full length of the pitch and ended up our last man back and gave away a penalty. So much for being lazy. Misunderstood indeed. Pure class that boy.
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