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  1. Saw Aldershot have snapped up Ross McCormack. Would’ve liked to have at least get him in on trial, although perhaps he didn’t fit the ‘system’.
  2. Twitter has told you all you need to know about karma and it coming back to them. This guy’s profile is a particular highlight. Just constantly blowing a fuse at fans of other local clubs asking about Wigan’s situation. It’s hilarious.
  3. Yes and no for me. See the way Taft was able to drive forward with the ball on the lead up to our goal; three at the back probably allows for marauding runs and someone to drop in. However, my biggest issue with three at the back is no one ever seems to know who to pick up. See Bradford’s second goal and the goals from crosses against Crewe. Zouma’s biggest flaw for me is easily his positioning and sitting too high. Can’t see it being better with three at the back.
  4. My dad’s mate was the same last year. The only Wigan fan I’ve ever known, though he’s harmless enough. Used to go for a drink every Tuesday after work with them until COVID happened. A tongue in cheek “not looking good is it?” every fucking week. Had to seriously bite my tongue when I saw him recently.
  5. Agree with all of this. Haven’t bought a shirt since we were selling off home shirts for a tenner several years back. Nonetheless, those that have a bee in their bonnet over what other men wear are a much stranger breed than those who wear them. On the subject of players names, once saw a man in his 50’s in a United shirt with ‘Chicarito’ on the back at a Chorley game. Now that was cringy as fuck.
  6. Genuinely believe that a good 60% of Wigan’s fanbase were United/Liverpool fans before Whelan bought them top tier football. That combined with their obsession to create a rivalry, ‘Bolton’s going bust’ chants. Fuck them entirely. Anyone who thinks otherwise, I’m absolutely baffled with.
  7. I thought Rodrigo was criminally underused and never got a chance up top, despite starring for Spain U21s. I remember it being rumoured that he was to start up front before the Stoke game, and I was all for it. Instead we had an isolated Klasnic, who could hardly move on a big pitch and barely touched it. Not knocking Klasnic, I was a massive fan of him, and he deserved to start after scoring in several rounds. Just something I wonder about in hindsight. An quick unknown quantity who could’ve made a difference. And let’s not forget Elmander in centre mid.
  8. Norman Smurthwaite doing the rounds now. Didn’t he get linked with us at one point?
  9. Not for me. Petrov was a luxury player who we absolutely could not afford to carry. Certainly not in a 4-4-2 that was fucked after an hour with Coyle’s lack of training. Put him in a top half team with no defensive responsibilities and I get your point. I see him as one of many factors as to why we went down. Taylor was made a scapegoat. Presumably because he was a wide player with not much pace. Not sure exactly but it pissed me right off. Always liked him, especially seeing as he turned down Sunderland for us.
  10. Certainly works in his favour for Leicester now you mention it 😂 I did the 5-0, whereas he’s been to the King Power. The likes of Yeovil piss me off. All that effort only for them to drop out and become meaningless. Such a shit town with awful beer too.
  11. Strict rules in our family. Counted that I was 52/92 last season (including Bury); doesn’t include the likes of West Ham (Boleyn), Leicester (Filbert St), Spurs (WHL) etc. as my brother insists it has to be current grounds. 🙄
  12. Always fancied Grimsby away; I do however feel like it’s got the ‘watch yourself, it can get tasty around there’ Port Vale vibe about it. Someone on here can surely confirm or deny this theory? I’ll be there if we’re allowed in the ground by then regardless.
  13. Thought Matthews was a decent enough shot stopper, and has potential to maybe land a job in the second tier if he pushes on. Still, he managed to let in a lot of weak goals which pissed me off. Headers at Coventry and certainly Portsmouth (slow motion header which he got nowhere near) come to mind. I also thought he seemed a bit soft. Wish him all the best.
  14. Lead singer definitely went to St Michaels. I know as I started there around about the time they hit fame. Never heard the end of it.
  15. Wasn’t exactly local was he? Thought we nabbed him from Leeds youth team? 😂 I think he’s done well to forge a career that’s included a season in the prem.
  16. I’d certainly be up for giving him a chance. Not like he’s ever relied on pace and was playing two tiers above this level last season.
  17. I think Vaughan has looked quality against us over the years myself. A really good hold up player. Beckford’s return for Huddersfield (immediately before he joined us) was largely down to him I reckon. Would’ve certainly had him over Delfouneso given the chance, but happy to give the Fonz an opportunity to impress now.
  18. Turner caught my eye, will be interested in seeing him in comparison to Crellin. Different Joe Riley though. Our ex mon is at Mansfield.
  19. And lest we forget, LB. If he can retain any of his previous ability and stay fit, I have no reason to doubt that Baptiste will be pushing for a starting spot ahead of Delaney. Haven’t seen enough of Delaney to give a solid opinion but he was signed before Evatt, so favouritism might come into it. Being an older head that knows IE well, I see no reason why he couldn’t play a part in coaching too, similar to Gilks. Potentially a very good signing I reckon. Was made a scapegoat played out of position and got flak for seemingly taking in a big wage/signing on fee previously. A cle
  20. Adopted Spanish team. Part of an exclusive Bolton/Betis club alongside @jules_darby. Feel free to sign up.
  21. Behind Phoenix and Evatt all the way. If there’s one disappointing factor in this for me though, it’s that Emmanuel wasn’t kept on. For me he’d be absolutely perfect as a right wing back. Not a great defender, but got up and down and great going forward. Sad to see him go really.
  22. I’m amazed that anyone who has been to these games still doesn’t give a fuck about them. I tried my best to ignore them for years. And they tried so fucking hard to create a rivalry. They got one from me eventually. I fucking hate them more than any other club. I think geography comes into it with our fanbase. We have a big catchment area; being from the Chorley side I’ve never felt animosity towards Bury and I’ve never met a Bury fan. Throughout high school there was a big Bolton/Blackburn divide. I’ve never cared as much for them since I left in 2005. I cried my bastard
  23. It’s decent. Not sure where this obsession with us having blue sleeves has come from mind; including the gear that Hummel sorted us out with, that’s three kits in a row with that template.
  24. Wouldn’t be surprised if that’s all it is. There seems to be a load of ‘EFL Transfer’ Twitter nonsense lately. Another had Politic down as close to joining Blackpool the other day.
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