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  1. I see what you did there.
  2. Wouldn’t it.
  3. I used to hitch a bit when I was a lad. Have also picked up a few over the years. The last one was in the Lakes when me and the Mrs stopped to pick this lass up. Dressed up to nines. Peeing it down. Was obviously in a flap and asked if we could drop her at a hotel somewhere further down the road. We set off and within 5 minutes the place was there. I said 'That'll be a fiver please' as a joke and she started getting her purse out! I had to tell her I was only kidding.
  4. He means you missed the ‘b’ off.
  5. Market off Las Ramblas is worth a poke about. There's a decent real ale tap house on the harbour called the Black Lab See if they've finished building that bloody church yet.
  6. I keep drinking Mexican beer and 1970's pop. I think I might have caught it.
  7. Merry New Year monkey fudgers. x
  8. Owt by George Pelecanos is worth a read, imho. https://www.fantasticfiction.com/p/george-p-pelecanos/
  9. Ha ha! Git. I hadn’t spotted that.
  10. Tmgj - nah, my Mrs used to run with one of ours but he’s such a pain in the arse (too excited, barking and getting wound up) at the start she eventually sacked it off. Plus he’d set off like a bloody greyhound and then blow up after about ten minutes. Useless!
  11. Daryl Morphine Mikel Opium Purple Hearts of Midlothian
  12. Good man. Wythenshaw and (especially) Worsley Woods for two fast local-ish ones. Got my PB at Worsley Woods a couple of years ago. I mostly do the one local to our caravan in the Lakes these days. Its a nice, small local event but it's got so many twists and turns that it's slow as fuck.
  13. Ah, those glory days... Boom. Boom. Boom, be boom, boom boom. "Cheat!"
  14. fishbulb


    We've been Pescetarian for nearly a year now. Started off with 'meat free Mondays' and it just progressed. 90% of the time we are veggie. As a runner and cyclist I can't say I've noticed any problems due to lack of protein. It doesn't seem to have done this lad much harm: http://www.scottjurek.com/eat-run I don't feel the need to go Vegan as it is too restrictive, but each to their own.
  15. Mr Swinhoe. Baldy headed Welsh French teacher at Hayward Grammar. He had it in for me. I was then a shy quiet type and I tried to understand French grammar but just didn't get it so he'd give me loads of shit. Fancied himself as a ladies man and was always sniffing round the lasses in 6th form. One day I got a piece of chalk, hollowed it out with a compass enough to put a match in it and then chalked over the end. Cleared all the other pieces of chalk from under the board so he had to use that one. We started the lesson and as it happened one of the girls from 6th form came in so he was being
  16. Agree with Cas. Dick move by their lad. Didn't detract too much from a good game and atmosphere. Couldn't have got much closer to winning it. Fair play to 'em all. Politic MOM for me.
  17. Near us t'Roverrrs are always advertising special offers, events and deals etc on posters in all bus shelters. I've often thought that was quite effective. Well, for the ones that can read anyway.
  18. That is definitely Jack Walker.
  19. What’s Steve Keene up to these days? (ducks)
  20. Here it is: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/dec/18/solar-power-energy-firms-government
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