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  1. athywhite1958

    Area's Of Bolton Never Been To

    I worked all over Bolton and Farnworth as a window cleaner from 77 to 87, I went to some very strange estates
  2. athywhite1958

    Terror Attacks

    I think all those who want her to be welcomed into England can be classed as her supporters as they are supporting her, simple really
  3. athywhite1958

    Terror Attacks

    Shouldn't her supporters be charged with attempting to aid a terrorist organisation?
  4. athywhite1958

    Tight Arse Valentines Day Club

    I bought her a card in 1982 when we had been together 6 weeks, she's never had one since and we're still together
  5. athywhite1958

    Things which get on your tits...........

    Cnuts who park in spaces meant for those with kids, usually jeep/4x4 type of cars they can't park properly in a normal space
  6. athywhite1958

    Missing footballer

    Has he taken Karen Carpenters title of World Hide and Seek Champion?
  7. athywhite1958


    I had my 60 year MOT in October and was told I was borderline diabetes, the nurse told me to cut down on everything I like and eat plenty veg and fruit and to drink low/zero calorie drinks, I've always had high BP and been on tablets for about 15 years, I keep active by walking to the pub and taking the mutts out.Re-rest in March
  8. athywhite1958

    Non League Chatter

    Yes, we fulfill the criteria for the Evo Premier league if we get there, we currently are submitting bids for new floodlighting but ours will suffice adequately
  9. athywhite1958

    The new wave of kids names

    I have a 'client' at work whose first name is Precious, he is a 36 year old from Luton
  10. athywhite1958

    Funeral Songs

    My dad went in to Mr Bojangles by Jerry Lewis, in the middle Little Ole Wine Drinker Me by Dean Martin and out to My Way by Frank Sinatra, he idolised the original Rat Pack
  11. athywhite1958

    The Official B*stard F*cking Trains Thread

    I had to go to Manchester yesterday, went for the 8.09 train, went straight through not stopping, then it was announced the 8.19 would not stop as it was full, the 8.39 was on time and half empty, a bloke I sat next to me said it is a regular occurrence, absolutely disgraceful
  12. athywhite1958

    Town Centre Latest

    What are you posing as, a student or a foreigner?
  13. athywhite1958

    Radio Manchester Fans Forum - Wednesday 16th January

    Ted Rothwells son was called Duncan, he used to drive us to all away games, lives in London
  14. athywhite1958

    New Balls, Please

    He's a jock cnut -IMO
  15. athywhite1958

    Non League Chatter

    Good to see you mate, you'll need to come to Athy for a game now

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