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  1. 3 of us have just booked for a 4 day break in Porto 4th - 8th September, i'm not allowed to travel now but I need a break so fuck it
  2. Oi, I was 10 and in the last year at junior school, as I reckon it I am still way behind you and Steejay 🤗
  3. Whose parents let them stay up on Monday night to watch Appointment with Fear?
  4. Still not having it mate, that is Atherleigh, Atherton started at the bus depot
  5. When was Westbourne Avenue in Atherton, I went to Leigh CE school and Westbourne Ave was in Atherleigh the same as the school, in fact folk who lived there called themselves Leythers
  6. Always comes across as a shit stirring cnut that Lammy, horrible turd
  7. I just missed them mate, we had proper street lamps up Everest Road as it was a new estate then
  8. Bloody hell Mick, you'll be trying to convince us that Leigh had a station a long time ago
  9. Allegedly an American backed consortium are set to buy Wiggin and immediately picking up the unpaid salaries if around £1million, they are looking at a deal of around £5.1.million according to The Sun's Alan Nixon
  10. My missus of 36 years has been to the Etihad once to see Rod Stewart, she came to the Malta V England game a couple of years ago as we were on holiday there and she has been on Colls many times to do's but never a match, she will drop me off and pick me up so that I can go
  11. Portugal's cases being watched so the restrictions and isolation on return can be lifted, just booked 4 days in Porto early September, I need to get away
  12. I'm same as you Rudy, travelled extensively the past 40 + years for holidays and football (Bolton & England) but I always like coming home to Athy, not the best town in the world but it's home and is a lot better than some of the towns I've been in abroad
  13. athywhite1958


    Only met him the once in the bar at Cliftonville, he was ok and quitye chatty
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