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  1. athywhite1958

    In Or Out Again

    What was he before then? a drug dealer
  2. athywhite1958

    Tv Shows

    You are right mate, my missus told me about it and said Scunthorpe, silly mare, 14th December it starts
  3. athywhite1958

    Tv Shows

    Has anybody seen 'Sunderland 'til I die' on Netflix, and is it worth a watch? Ta
  4. athywhite1958

    Euro 2020 draw

    A beltin european tour that is, Kosovo is a new one for me
  5. athywhite1958

    Holidays 2019.

    8 days in Portugal in June [thanks England] and then a week away with the missus in September, we usually do Lanzarote but not sure where to go next year
  6. athywhite1958

    Good read - Allardyce years

    Good read, no mention of Anelka??
  7. athywhite1958

    Kids Footy Advice

    There's a scout from City attends our under 7's traIning sessions and matches regularly so they are out there
  8. athywhite1958

    Non League Chatter

    The Skuna ales are very good mate
  9. athywhite1958

    Non League Chatter

    You'll miss it mate, promises to be a cracker this one
  10. athywhite1958

    Non League Chatter

  11. athywhite1958

    Non League Chatter

    We don't want to gloat and tempt fate, hard game coming up on Saturday with Droylsden :-)
  12. athywhite1958

    100 years ago

    I reproduced a list of all 335 from Atherton who lost their lives during the Great War, it is on display in Colls clubhouse, Wigan Archives provided all the information required
  13. athywhite1958

    Politics - Not Interested, Dont Look

    Click your heels togethr 3 times whilst chanting "Theresa out" should do it
  14. athywhite1958

    “Bullying” advice

    My youngest daughter was bullied when she was 14 [17 years ago] 3 girls beat her up quite badly, jealousy over local pony club events, the school did fuck all except call the police to have me removed when i threatened the headmaster. I took it all the way and we ended up at Bolton Crown Court where all 3 girls were found guilty and given some sort of order. The intimidating and threats I got from one of the girls brothers [well known Athy as being of the criminal element] was quite scary. Over the years this dropped off and my daughter repaid each one of them in her own time with a good hiding. One thing stuck with me and that was the help and support we received from Victim Suppport and Court Services was brilliant
  15. athywhite1958

    Non League Chatter

    L/H we are leaving Rope & Anchor at 12 on Saturday, £12

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