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  1. you can fuck right off with that suggestion, we are the age group being sensible, lock the young fuckers down, they're the problem IMO🤧
  2. Just tried to pm you but it says you can't receive messages.
  3. it will be 600, pay on gate, track and trace will be in operation, name and contact number will be requested
  4. average crowd is around 300-400 capacity is about 1900
  5. Sorry, DATA protection issues as I still work in a jail
  6. I locked that weirdo up at Full Sutton early 90's, he was transferred from Wakefield for being a soft cunt/vulnerable prisoner, horrible creature
  7. Leigh White is right, the FA Cup game is next Tuesday,
  8. At Colls we were allowed 300 on for the visit of Ashton Athletic for a friendly, if that went OK, which it did, we would then be allowed 600 in for the next game, with Bury it must be because of the league they are in
  9. Seems like it was perfect timing for us, I just feel for those now who's holiday is gong to be ruined
  10. None of mine were in that class, one is a year above and one below
  11. My grandsons school sent a full class home on Monday to isolate for 2 weeks as 1 child had symptoms, all 7 year olds
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