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  1. He was on telly this morning talking to that arsehole Morgan
  2. Well they've drawn at home tonight and gone bottom, so a bit of comfort
  3. Isn't Shemima's case being heard tomorrow in the High Court about her appeal, I wonder if she has to isolate if she comes home
  4. My dad made us sweep the chimney as far as you could reach too when you made the fire to stop the soot falling
  5. Just watched it on the news, you've not a clue what was going through their heads at that time, it was the height of the war and there had been cases of Afghan soldiers dressed as civvys to kill troops
  6. no it's a green quilted one which looks good on me :-), the shop is a legit Lacoste store
  7. Just got a Lacoste jacket off The Lacoste Store on Amazon, £171
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