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  1. athywhite1958

    Non League Chatter

    Just seen it mate, I'm changing provider and my phone is off for a day or so, I've just spoke to Bob and booked you 2 more seats
  2. athywhite1958

    Non League Chatter

    I'm at work mate and mobiles aren't allowed, I'll get it when I get home about 4.00
  3. athywhite1958

    Non League Chatter

    Brave linesman to alert the ref over the attempted 'cow kick' dirty bastard should be banned for 10 games for that, Your reet L/H the lobby was good especially my portion with carrots
  4. athywhite1958

    Football Ground Grub.

  5. athywhite1958

    Non League Chatter

    Probably be about 11.00am, I'll find out for you
  6. athywhite1958

    Non League Chatter

    As Carlos has said they are standard fare £15, we have to start being a bit stricter now and you need to pay as you put your name down [non refundable] as we had too many last year booking on the coach then not turning up, it cost the club a good few quid which we can't afford
  7. athywhite1958

    Non League Chatter

    Coach to Marske on the 13th and coach to Kendal on the 20th, it looks like the Kendal trip is staying behind for a couple of hours after the game, I'm driving because I've got my 60th to go to after the game
  8. athywhite1958

    Non League Chatter

    we got done on the toll road £4.70 going and £6.70 coming home, thieving wankers, 2 hours to get home, worth it though
  9. athywhite1958

    Non League Chatter

    I don't know mate, it's up to Sue the club nutritionist :-) :-)
  10. athywhite1958

    Non League Chatter

    Ok at the moment, we'll see tomorrow but I think we'll be reet for the game
  11. athywhite1958

    Wacky Races

    We had a W reg VW Golf which we left, and a T reg fiesta which came home
  12. athywhite1958

    Wacky Races

    We drove to and around Russia in a £400 car, gave it to a charity in Armenia after the WC
  13. athywhite1958

    Holidays 2018

    Going AI to the Seabanks complex in Melieha Bay in Malta, they have 5 different restaurants which I've been told are very good
  14. athywhite1958

    Non League Chatter

    I won't be there, all the committee lads are in the Lakes for a wedding [you know Bob from England trips] he's getting hitched.
  15. athywhite1958

    Non League Chatter

    I know Harry well, cantankerous owd bugger, had a run in with him last season, he was right as rain the other week, he agreed to play us on Sunday if they won, it was the manager who wouldn't, doesn't matter now though

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