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  1. Just watched first 2 episodes of Your Honor, quite a good start looks to be a good 'un
  2. Watching the Bayern v BVB game, they didn't take the knee, does BLM not matter in Germany?
  3. I've worked at home since April last year and don't have the telly on at all, as soon as the fun prevention officer goes to work I turn it off and put the radio on, I saw bits of it early days and it was shit
  4. Spangles, sweet peanuts, nut brittle, penny arrows
  5. I won £500 on Lifeline and spent it on a 17 day holiday in Salou by coach in a static on a holiday park, Camping Sanguli, kids were 6 and 10, the journey there and back were nightmares, 30 hours on a coach full of skriking kids
  6. Bloody hell, a blast from the past, remember his song about us not going up, "one nil down and all to do if we're not to stay in division two"
  7. The 1980's were on last night for 90 minutes, great memories and bit of foot tapping🦶
  8. I know somebody off here who has
  9. Waiting list of around 2 months with Wigan and Leigh NHS
  10. For all people know he may be in a part of Oz with really shite interweb connection, believe me Pete does not sulk especially over comments on a football forum
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