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  1. It's a lot of Joules around the horsey world now, my missus and daughter spend a bastard fortune on it
  2. Cue LW telling the class what he has rubbed on his
  3. Come on P, how the fuck can you not deny being part of Wiggin ( waits now for BiE to add his twopenerth)
  4. He can keep his sausages now he's gone to Ashton
  5. I do not want to be under WIGGIN
  6. I remember Atherton being it's own Atherton Urban District Council (AUDC) until the wankers lumped us in as Wigginers
  7. How dare you!!! I make Parma Violet Gin and Turkish Delight Vodka and they are awesome, I've never made Marmite tho 😁
  8. Watched a film called Brian Banks, a young American NFL player wrongly accused of rape who lost 11 years of his life, true life story, very good watch, cameo appearances by Samuel L Jackson
  9. Spot on, don't fuck with the wrinklies 😃
  10. athywhite1958

    Euro 2020

    glad we kept our Iceland booking, Nations Cup back on
  11. There were some weird blokes wearing skirts, especially in the Wethy's next door
  12. We stayed there last time England played in Glasgow
  13. I ran the first Bolton marathon to raise money for our football club, I was sponsored by Shu String of Farnworth, he gave me a few quid and a new pair of trainers out of his shop to run with the shop name on y vest. I subsequently went on to complete 14 marathons running for Leigh Harriers, my best ever time was officially 2:43 in London in 1984 but it took me 5 minutes to get to the start so I had that as 2:38. My last one was at Leeds in 1988 which took me 3:04 so I jacked in running
  14. I take it the bloon didn't work ☹️
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