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  1. Had my MOT and service in July. Received an email later in the day saying its failed it’s MOT and the the service sheet they sent said it required £700 odd of work including tyres, brake pads and the likes, the email had a ‘resolve now’ click to agree to the work. I went in said i’ll go elsewhere as i could get all the work miles cheaper and I’ll bring it back the following week to get it re-tested. They said i couldn’t as I would be driving a non MOT’d car, I said I have a week to sort, at which they told me that it was only a couple of lights that were out that failed the MOT, and the oth
  2. I finished coaching kids football last year after 11 years. Only got into it because my son was to shy to go to a football club. Anyway, I was a coach in his team from Year 1 up until Year 11. Started off as a school team training with a couple of friendlies and then joined a league from u10 and finished at u16, only local so mixed ability. Most stuff already said, I can relate to. Parents are definitely the worse at younger age groups, we had players promised the latest game or fad If they score a hat trick or goal and then the player is focussed on just scoring (understandably) which
  3. Definately Friday, I was too young to go to youth club where my sisters went , so it became me and my dad’s Friday night watch instead.
  4. Away from the Sunday night dread, the Friday night start to the weekend when I was a kid was The Fall Guy.
  5. Been consoling myself by reading some Tranmere forums. The delusional fuckers think Sunderland, Ipswich and Peterborough voted against to help them.
  6. I don’t think they are involved, though did at the beginning. If they were, then something more evidential would have come up, and government cover ups is just ridiculous. That said, I don’t think those who believe they are involved are fucktards either. The way they behaved from the start is just strange and I still can’t get my head round why they did some of things they did.
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