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  1. Feeling deflated in my heart, we played well and deserved to win. I need to listen to my head, I’d have taken a draw at the start of play, another match unbeaten, we’re looking good at last, and being this disappointed at a draw is testament how far we have come since the beginning of the year. We still have loads more points earned after 90 minutes than lost, let’s get some perspective. Back on it Tuesday with the next 3 games all winnable.
  2. I’ve just had to check my previous guesses and they were in right handed format. Not sure why I did it left handed this time, maybe it’s because I’m visualising 49 being the nip on the perfect tit.
  3. Shittiest game to watch all season, yet the most positive I’ve been all season. Buzzing.
  4. 10 points from the next 4 games, then maybe.
  5. Ref should get a 3 match ban for being a cunt, and their player too for clear play acting. Clearly cost us two points, may not amount to much at the end of the season, but ruined my Tuesday night.
  6. My nephew plays non-league and watched him in a few games this year before they stopped, so would probably just do that.
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