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  1. We had a Beavis who always stood a few people to the left of us on Burnden Terrace in the mid 90’s. Saw him at a fair few away games too, but not seen him since the stadium move.
  2. Local to me is Cambridge, Northampton and Stevenage. Stevenage doesn’t look likely unless Oldham go by the wayside and with rumours Bassini is involved, we’ll have to wait and see.
  3. There has to be life out there somewhere. Whether it has the intelligence and technology to visit our solar system is a different matter, and if it did I’m sure they wouldn’t just fly around just to look or have flashing lights on their spaceship.
  4. My son and daughter work in the kiosks at MK Dons. My daughter is working on Saturday (son wants to watch the match instead) and more often than not, she’s put in the away end so be nice. She said food is okay, but expensive and that Peterborough fans were the worst and Wimbledon fans were the most polite, which surprised me.
  5. Had the mispleasure of going to this game with a Watford season ticket holder mate. First half brilliant, shut the cunts up in no time. Second half, Watford manager decides to take off the two central midfielders who were running the show and put on two debutant teenagers. I thought it wasn’t possible but I fucking hate them even more now.
  6. I’m one of the most others. Just look how many teams have bounced straight back to the Championship at the first time of asking over the past five years or so.
  7. Price doesn’t have a great Ally Pally record and has a tough opening game, assuming William O’Connor wins his first match.
  8. Making the journey up for this tomorrow. 2-0.
  9. Another one in 17, bottom left with the 90’s curtains cut.
  10. Micah Richards is looking for a club, not sure what went wrong for him, injury, attitude or both but bags of potential as a youngster. Could probably do a job in league 1 on a pay as you play contract.
  11. I think this is why it’s become an issue, comparing the BBC inconsistency. If the Danny Baker thing hadn’t happened then this would the non story it should be.
  12. Luton. Felt sorry for them when the FA stitched them up a few years back, done well to get back up but not happy they are now in a league higher. The few fans I know are fairly realistic. Didn’t realise just how much they and Watford hate each other. The town is a shithole.
  13. Cheers Traf, not won £40m to buy Bolton, but 2 out of 4 eases the pain 👍
  14. Going to this on Saturday, if any of the regular tipsters want to share their wisdom on any of the races, it’ll be much appreciated.
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