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  1. Very stressful but great team performance. Game should have done and dusted by half time, and going from free flowing to gritty determination shows how resilient we are. One game at a time.
  2. All about results now, we won, that’s all what matters. Buzzing and the beer will taste all the sweeter tonight.
  3. I thought it was a professional performance today against the best side we’ve played since being on this run. Two good footballing sides who cancelled each other out with a moment of brilliance being the difference. FGR did their homework and singled out Dapo for treatment and whilst it affected him, it meant other players could step up. MJ didn’t have his best game and we looked slightly sloppier than we have done in previous games. Lucky for us their star player got injured, as they offered nothing up front. It was the most nervous I’ve been in a game since Forest and Peterborou
  4. I enjoyed 3 minutes of that game, the 2 goals and final whistle. I’m going to enjoy all of this evening. 3 points, comfortable in the play off places and top 3 now in firm sight, that’s all that matters. COYWM.
  5. Harry Carpenter, boxing, particularly in the Bruno days. Eddie Hemmings, rugby league
  6. Even though it pains me to say, If we don’t go up automatically then I hope they do. Couldn’t do with a play off game against that lot.
  7. Similar to Southend where the opposition just tried to stifle us. Winning ugly is just as important as winning in style and now buzzing once more, just a shame the top 3 all won but as long as we keep winning, we can do no more. Kieran Lee is immense and a great signing, MOM for me. Commentators made me laugh more than annoyed, couldn’t decide if they wanted to shag or kill Santos, and now I have an urge to watch some wrestling after their many references.
  8. Best first half for many a year. Looked solid until the substitution. Wrong player was taken off and we completely lost our shape and then squeaky bum time. The Fonz would have been better to swap if Maddison had to come on. We’ve got the best starting 11 in the league by a mile.
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