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  1. jeep

    Pete Shelley

    And last night at the Manchester Arena.
  2. jeep

    Town Centre Latest

    Went in Northern Monkey last night. Had a few pints of their IPA 5%. Was lovely. Nice friendly staff, hope it does well. Would recommend. Walked in and straight out again of the other Northern one. Shithole! Went in Spoons, tired looking pub but San Miguel was ok. Finished off the night with a Curry in Achari. Top grub! A nice pleasant evening in Bolton town centre.....
  3. jeep

    norwich away

    Coupon Buster! Norwich City 2 Bwfc 2
  4. jeep

    Bolton v Pie Eaters

    We're gonna win this! BWFC 2 Wigan Athletic 1 COYFWM
  5. jeep

    Sheff Wed, Wed

    Sheffield Wednesday 2 Bwfc 0
  6. jeep

    Millwall away.

    Millwall 3 BWFC 0
  7. jeep

    Todays Games

    Watch those chains!!
  8. jeep

    Wanderers V Swansea

    Bwfc 2 Swansea City 1
  9. jeep

    Tv Shows

    Night & Day was very good - well worth watching. They've made a 2nd series so hopefully Walter will have it on soon.
  10. jeep

    Tv Shows

    Recently I've been watching a few World Drama series from Walter Presents on All 4 - Heartless (Danish) - 8-9 episodes could've been condensed into about 4 - 6/10. Valkyrien (Norwegian) was quite enjoyable, had a good concept but felt a bit flat at the end - 7/10. Thicker Than Water (Swedish) - I'd seen the 1st series a few years ago so this was the 2nd series. Good acting (even by a 5yo standards...). Lovely looking Swedish blonde in it helped - 8/10. Rebecka Martinsson - Arctic Murders (Swedish) - this was good, left me wanting to watch more - 8/10. Started to watch Night & Day (Catalan) - about a serial killer in Barcelona. Looks promising so far.
  11. jeep

    Villa v bolton

    Aston Villa 0 Bwfc 1
  12. jeep

    Bolton v hull

    Bwfc 2 Hull City 1 Let's get behind the fuckers....... COYWM
  13. jeep

    Bolton v Forest

    Bwfc 2 Notts Forest 2
  14. jeep

    Speed Camera Watch

    Depends how far over the speed limit you were.
  15. jeep

    Rotherham town centre


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