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  1. jeep

    Norwich City at home

    BWFC 2 Norwich City 1 Coupon Buster! COYWM
  2. jeep

    Brum away

    Birmingham City 2 BWFC 2 COYFWM
  3. jeep

    Preston h

    Bwfc 2 Preston North East 2 Coywm
  4. jeep

    Sheff Utd away

    Sheffield United 2 Bwfc 2 It's gonna be a cracker! Coywm
  5. jeep


  6. jeep

    Bolton v Reading

    BWFC 1 Reading 0 It's gonna be feckin cold!!
  7. jeep

    QPR away

    In +2. The Howfen Ultras have teamed up with The Daisy Hillbillies & The Little Lever Posse........ Looking forward to an afternoon out in that there Landan! COYWM
  8. jeep

    Brizzle AWAY Part 2

    Bristol City 2 Bwfc 0 Concentrate on the league.....
  9. jeep

    West Indies Tour 2019

    1st test today. Broad dropped. Root lost first toss in ages. Windies batting.
  10. jeep

    WBA home

    Bwfc 1 WBA 1
  11. jeep

    Brizzle AWAY Part 2

    So did I.
  12. jeep

    Brizzle AWAY Part 2

    Probably because the pitch on Sunday will be a fucking mess after the egg chasing on Sunday.
  13. jeep

    Brizzle AWAY

    Bristol City 1 Bwfc 1
  14. jeep

    Sweaty Ken

    #Team Sweaty
  15. jeep

    FA cup next round

    Another kick in the Bollocks

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