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  1. Its a real bitch to get rid of, I had it after the London marathon. To get rid I used to stretch the foot before even stepping out of bed for about 5 mins and then more stretching throughout the day. Also get some *good* arch support insoles, that helped a lot as well. Took 10 months to clear up. Good luck.
  2. No its not difficult to actually clip out, its just remembering. Sit on your bike in a door frame and use your hands for balance, and just practice with each foot. Also practice clipping in as thats the bit a lot of people struggle with at first as you may find you have to look at your foot for while to position your cleat with the pedal. It all sounds scary but its not, and worth the time to get it right.
  3. Buy them, you will notice the difference. Just be patient, you may fall off a few times as your brain will forget to unclip at traffic lights etc but with some practice it becomes second nature. Dont let that scare you off, its a rite of passage with clipless pedals. Yes I fell off as well.
  4. Think yourself lucky chaps, I have another 20 days of no booze to go......
  5. Not sure if its been mentioned above but its the London marathon on the Sunday 17th so not sure the old bill will be keen on policing a major event like that plus a manc derby on the same day...??
  6. Yep must have scared the shit out of him. At least with a rib out he should be able to jump an inch higher now with that instant weight loss ;-)
  7. All these little engined cars! Ive got a 6 litre Yank Tank in the garage, mind you petrol is 15p a litre here. Had a 4.8L TVR Cerbera when I lived in the UK. That was a beast. As were the repair bills....
  8. Ive spent many a New Year in Keswick, a really nice town with a good few pubs, open fires, nice atmosphere and great walks near by. Plus the best fish and chips shop Ive ever been to....
  9. LMFAO!!! I haven't posted on here for donkeys years but that quote deserves 10 seconds of my time to reply,
  10. I'm after going to the friendly next month in Doha, can any kind chap who is a member of the England fans club possibly get me tickets? PM me if you can help out, ta.
  11. Expedia and the likes also do this - just choose the multi destination option and stick it all in there. I would imagine they are as cheap as the next man.
  12. No you dont get that, what it does give you is an ability to bypass the IT Nazis or your local ISP if they block you from viewing a particular site.
  13. I its good, gets me on porn sites Skype here in the Middle East
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