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  1. Right,let's get off to Montpellier in readiness for Catalans. It's only Wednesday but you can't be too careful.
  2. Because Corbyn said there will be a deal. Ultimately that means that at best he will accept the EU's bottom line. If you think that's a good thing, vote for him. May says we will walk away if needs be. Go out to a showroom now and tell the bloke that you WILL be buying a car today. See if he laughs out loud or under his breathe.
  3. Predictions time then surely - I'm saying 98 majority
  4. So why didn't he do so? Jeremy Corbyn gives every impression of never having spoken to anyone with whom he disagrees. He has never spoken with loyalist groups, or Israeli settlers, or even bringing it to the present day, the opponents of the Venezuelan regime he loves so much who are currently being shot at in the streets. No, Corbyn picked a side and wanted the IRA to win. He supported terrorists against his own country. There is no record of him having supported peace except insofar as he thought it would be a consequence of a total IRA victory. He has supported Britain's enemy in every single conflict which has occurred since he entered politics. And as the extreme left always does he then has to spend all his time trying to drop this stuff down the memory hole.
  5. If Diane Abbot does not nudge you towards the opposite view, nothing will. Demics do all sorts of things. Academic achievement has nothing to do with it. Nick Griffin went to Cambridge, as did the, well, Cambridge five. Was it Orwell who said (ish) that some things are so stupid only intellectuals can believe them? This is what happens when the fringe left gets near the controls - the gap year is over. And Corbyn is left to nakedly flatly lie about who he has spent his entire life supporting and Abbot blames her support of the IRA on it being fashionable at the time. Not in fucking Warrington it wasn't. Bitch.
  6. According to the polls 38% of people say they're going to vote for this man. Terrifying. And some have the gall to think Trump and Brexit are bonkers.
  7. Cas might win the lot. They are quite a way ahead. Luke Gale has this season scored more points than Warrington.
  8. There are barely any barriers under CETA. A few on agricultural stuff which the Irish farmers who sell beef in massive quantities to us, for example, won't permit to be replicated. Some slightly enhanced version of it to reflect our service and banking sectors will be fine for British interests - and an act of self-harm on the EU's part not to permit. We do NOT need unfettered access. We need maximum possible access for businesses to whom the single market is relevant. 13% of our businesses export to the EU and can obviously expect to have to meet EU standards and regulations on whatever it is they are selling to them. But to the remaining 87% the single market is basically of no advantage and actually a hindrance given the regulatory burden that merely existing as a business in the EU brings. The other point is that the EU and Canada had to start seven years ago with a blank sheet of paper. Everything we need is already in place and has been for years. This will be about politics and appearances. The trade side is easy, as the EU 27 will not allow their markets to have any less access to ours. The EU needs to demonstrate that leaving their club is a bad idea. They need to make the final arrangements look like we've lost. If the EU wants to punish us let them say they've done so, it doesn't matter to us. Ultimately they know as well as us that actual punishment would be self-harm too. Well we're not asking to carry on regardless are we? We are leaving. All that's relevant is whether or not a Canada Plus style free trade deal on more or less existing lines is in our interests and those of the 27, irrespective of the fact that we're leaving. Both sides see that obviously it is. We are uniquely placed to achieve this given the trade deficit which the 27 cannot afford to jeopardise. Whether or not we used to be members is relevant only insofar as the EU wants to find a way that make it look like leaving is a bad idea. But they can't do that without self-harm. But I'm sure a way will be found that gives them the chance to argue we've climbed down, even though we probably won't have to on anything substantial. It's all going to be smoke, mirrors, cosmetics and bollocks.
  9. You said all four freedoms or no access. Which is not the case for any of the 34 free trade deals the EU has with outside countries. All we want is number 35, and it is very much in the interests of the states remaining in the EU that they get it. It is obvious from their softer tone of late that they want a free trade deal. Why wouldn't they, when you see how hugely it is in the interests of each of the 27 who matter, particularly France and Germany? Do they really want Australian wine and Japanese or Korean cars to be cheaper to UK buyers once we've struck free trade no tariff deals around the world outside the Customs Union? The UK is making a very friendly and generous offer – full tariff free access to our market, full rights for all EU citizens currently here, continuing defence and security collaboration and much else. All we ask is the same courtesies in return.
  10. The point is that Parliament has never even had the right to say no to EU regulations. They enter law via a process which deliberately dodges national parliaments. Even if every regulation had been a cracker, which they haven't, this would be a decent enough point of principle for getting out. So yes, if an EU regulation did ban abortion, abortion would be banned. It just so happens that abortion is not in the EU's gift. But on trading issues especially around fish, agriculture, the environment etc, lots is. And ministers have had no choice but to sign off on stuff: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/eu/10935703/Ministers-are-forced-to-rubber-stamp-EU-rules-against-their-will-former-adviser-says.html This is how it's been for 40 years, our politicians have bitched and whinged about Brussels to the public then in private it's total deference. It has to stop and we have to get out of the way of the other 27, not least of the Euro countries who desperately need to integrate further if their mad currency is to work, but whose necessary measures would be vetoed by us every time. And under the Great Repeal Bill, Parliament will be able to keep what we want, dump what we want and improve what we want.
  11. For about the twentieth time on this thread alone, which of the four freedoms did Canada have to accept, which pretty much replicates what we want? Access is not membership. Lots of Remainers since the referendum have deliberately created the lie that they are the same.
  12. We are likely to alter or scrap altogether hundreds of laws on fishing, the environment, agriculture, benefits and border control alone. And more to the point there will be no new ones that our own Parliament will have no ability to block or change.
  13. Sorry to break it to the class but we spend nothing like 2%. It only appears that we do because Osborne cooked the books to include things like the troops' pension liabilities. Trump has a point but what he is effectively saying is that you are not our ally and we won't help you unless you pay. Which is the same as saying allies don't matter.
  14. There was a thing in The Times yesterday about how union has gone to ratshit in Australia. No one watches it anymore, not at the grounds, not on telly, nowhere. I really do think that it's because it's total shit.
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