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  1. man of the match wayne jacobs. followed by 10 minutes of laughing and taking the piss
  2. how do you all find out about these companys to invest in
  3. smeared in meat and tatty pie, from burnden pie shop
  4. when are the burndens released?
  5. all for british clubs doing well in europe, apart from our 2 anti british teams ,the red filth down the road, and the green bunch in scotland, both dispicable clubs who will never get any support of me, even cancelled a phone contract when vodafone sponsored them down the road
  6. fester58

    Salford (A)

    no games in the top 4 divisions should be called off for a waterlogged pitch, they have more than enough resources to keep the pitch from getting that wet.
  7. been a beer 52 customer for a few years and racked up some credit, ordered 12 bottles of various beers including some barley wine from there shop, getting them delivered today for £25, thats a superb deal, also 24 cans of the gordans gin and tonic from ginspirations for £10,
  8. ricky otto with a double hatrick for the o's and neil fisher sent off
  9. newquay steam bitter in grolsch style bottles
  10. just founa company called ginspirations on face mither,they got loads of booze i think slightly cheaper as there short dated,and deliver to your door, this could end up in carnage.
  11. free bar at colls then? the ricky brown stand
  12. abstained since just before new year, going at it big time today, taking the stouts out ofthe fridge shortly,to take the chill off.
  13. macclesfield offering residential trials, 8k for a weeks trial
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