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  1. your memory serves you well, yes love a good set of busters and miss Kirkwood supplies them also like my ranvir singh as she also got ample bosoms
  2. just started white gold on thi'player quite funny in places staring 2 of the blokes from inbetweeners
  3. cant help but look at the size of her hands, and think it will only look small in her hands
  4. a card to each other, its her birthday sunday so I get hit twice, treating her on Saturday to a day watching colls at droylesden, pushing the boat out I guess this year
  5. went 2 years ago, 1st time we did all inclusive, we enjoyed it, ventured out some afternoons and nights, as a beer snob, theres a few places about but it wasn't cheap, but must admit I enjoyed the drinking black Russians for breakfast
  6. totally agree with you carlos, weve had some superb results recently and played some outstanding stuff they seem to be getting stronger as the season goes on, the team spirit is superb, the support growing slowly, ill keep banging the drum,get down to colls next Saturday against leek there sure to fetch a few fans, would be great by the end of the season if we could get 500 on.
  7. colls turned in another superb away performance yesterday turning a 3rd place Runcorn linnets over 3-0, colls are getting better as the season goes on, also Radcliffe boro got beat at leek town which for the time being puts colls top. ill keep saying it, if Bolton are away and your not going its worth a wander down to watch them, good set up and set of lads and always a warm welcome,
  8. i think I need to up my fibre intake, iam down to 2 shits a day,
  9. its an amazing cricket ground,
  10. a superb 3-0 win for the colls at ramsbottom, was probably there best performance of the season against a strong rammy team who beat league leaders Radcliffe boro on boxing day, once we got in front never looked like losing and could have scored more, #upthecolls
  11. was chatting with quite a few of them, they all seemed to enjoy it, granted a lot of them didn't watch all the game, hopefully they enjoyed it enough to come again
  12. got a bottle smashed on my head upstairs in the trotters pre match, I was only 8 at the time,
  13. driving up leaving aat 12-30 via a short detour to hawkshead brewery, see you all there.
  14. i blame the homemade baileys pal. I was a mess int club
  15. another cracking awayday with the colls yesterday, feeling it today, a good game played in a gale force wind, colls getting a last minute penalty (fouled outside the box) to draw 3-3. the replay is on Monday night
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