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  1. hamer cup final on sunday at horwich. walkden v bradshaw, bradshaw big underdogs against a high flying walkden side,lets hope the weather stays nice, as iam sure horwich will put on a good show as there used to getting decent crowds recently. #uptheshire
  2. sometimes you just have to applaud a truly outstanding piece of skill even if its against you.
  3. need 2 decent openers, and a spinner for a decent chance 1 2 bairstow root stokes butler woakes spinner? archer broad anderson
  4. yes, even livinstone was shaking his head in dis belief
  5. got to be said , having watched al ot of cricket over the years, I saw one of the best catches ive ever seen at lancs the other night, I would put it up there with ben stokes effort from the world cup
  6. hopefully we'll see you again this season,glad you enjoyed it.
  7. we did cage diving with the great whites an awesome experience about a 3 hour drive, we also did an overnight game reserve at inverdoorn, also the hop on hop off bus for the day, we went to groot Constantia vineyards and did some wine tasting, for food try the mojo market round at sea point, an indoor place with loads of different foods available and a bar with 100 taps pouring all different beers.we also did cape of good hope for the day. we went to langa on a township tour this was really really good and got to go in a shebeen for a locally brewed beer.
  8. just seen Accrington Stanley have a friendly against Marseille on Thursday night at Salford rugby league club, that's abit of a coup.
  9. just been to cape town for 10 days, its an amzing city you will love it.
  10. me and a friend have started brewing again,weve brewed a 4.5% session beer and a 6.9% mild that has just been bottled and will be ready mid august
  11. been with beer 52 for 2 years now, always a good variety,ive not had many repeat drinks sent to me. going more off cask ale and more into the craft beers, iam getting a real taste for the milkshake ipa's and ddh ipa's. wander beyond in Manchester do some cracking brews and rather potent as well. if ever you see the the octopod its an imperial ipa at I think 11% just like mango juice a lovely drink
  12. as somebody very biased there arnt many better places to watch cricket. bit of a shame that daisy hill have been asked to leave, with the bcl looking to expand and kicking teams out,dont think they'll be the last to leave,
  13. iam working, will be going against chorley next week
  14. a superb crowd on that, well done to all those behind the scenes who are putting a lot of hard work in to raise the profile of the club. both chorley and alty at home to come could well be bumper crowds.
  15. first time ive ever heard of them but thought they were very good. my highlight of the very limited ive seen of it.
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