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  1. i presume if you've got a lower than normal testosterone, you take some to boost your performance ? legalised drug taking in athletics now
  2. horwich and social favourites for me.
  3. next Bolton manager ?? its been an unreal 4 seasons watching the colls, what an achievement from players,staff, and the hard working volounteers, what a challenge next season will be, be gutted to leave this division as there are some good clubs and days oiut to be had,
  4. another great performance from the colls yesterday, a 4-0 win against clit hero, a large crowd of over 450 and 50 people paiying on a corporate , the club has worked hard this season on and off the pitch to raise the profile of the club, and its beginning to show, 3 massive games to go,
  5. surely that honour goes to ray deakinho.
  6. going to be a messy day on sat, iam in the squeezy with c86. up the bloody colls, going to be a big 4 games in colls history, 4 wins and they play at the highest level they've ever done, hopefully the people from surrounding areas turn out in there numbers to watch them, these lads deserve it.
  7. definitely a game of 2 halves. colls were shocking in the 1st half possibly worst performance so far this season. god knows what cleggy said at half time, played well 2nd half and could have won by a few more, widnes keeper made a superb save from connor hughes. all in all a good win, but widnes is ground is everything I hate about modern football,sterile over officious stewarding. its now in our hands and iam hopeful our recent performances were just a blip and were back on track.
  8. think a draw would have been about a fair result, our keeper hardly had a save to make, a deflected goal, like matt said some proper spunktrumpets have attached themselves to Radcliffe, young nippers all in stone island, convinced they were top of the league, good luck to Radcliffe having to play 1st,2nd 4th and 6th in the form table. gutted for ben to miss the penalty, be a job to pick him up after that.
  9. this Saturday one of the biggest games is colls history, 1st v 2nd colls v rad boro at colls for those who aren't going to q.p.r get down on colls for a football fix. sure to be a good game, rad 4 points behind. lets try to get a good crowd on.
  10. your memory serves you well, yes love a good set of busters and miss Kirkwood supplies them also like my ranvir singh as she also got ample bosoms
  11. just started white gold on thi'player quite funny in places staring 2 of the blokes from inbetweeners
  12. cant help but look at the size of her hands, and think it will only look small in her hands
  13. a card to each other, its her birthday sunday so I get hit twice, treating her on Saturday to a day watching colls at droylesden, pushing the boat out I guess this year
  14. went 2 years ago, 1st time we did all inclusive, we enjoyed it, ventured out some afternoons and nights, as a beer snob, theres a few places about but it wasn't cheap, but must admit I enjoyed the drinking black Russians for breakfast
  15. totally agree with you carlos, weve had some superb results recently and played some outstanding stuff they seem to be getting stronger as the season goes on, the team spirit is superb, the support growing slowly, ill keep banging the drum,get down to colls next Saturday against leek there sure to fetch a few fans, would be great by the end of the season if we could get 500 on.
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