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  1. ive never said I don't care what happens to the club. I choose not to go as iam not a fan of modern day football all seater stadiums,
  2. I had 9 mates in the corporate yesterday, all of them had a brilliant time, we were really well looked after by the club,and for the price they charge is well worth the money.
  3. truly gutted about cleggy leaving, I wish him well, leaves a slighty sour taste to where hes gone for me 1 place above us with a very small fan base, cleggy now has to perform every week now as ashton expect, were he had no pressure on him at colls, ill give him 2 years max at ashton , had some cracking days out watching them, like carlos said a massive appointment to be made. big sam? pochetino are free. time for the club to keep going and show cleggy whats he missing.#upthefuckingcolls
  4. not so glamorous next year iam afraid, 2 weeks in sidari end of july. my daughter loves it there.
  5. young offenders series 2 now on iplayer. simply superb comedy
  6. coldplay- arse wipe courteneers- as above radiohead -plop pink Floyd- rather bath in my own piss
  7. sheephead was a lad called joel worsley, whos dad was Duncan who used to play down the shire
  8. ive sponsored same game for my 50th hopefully 10 of us, should be a good day.
  9. we did the cage diving in south Africa in may, drove to a place called gansbaai about 3 hours drive, the great whites get such a bad press, a graceful animal, one of the best things ive ever done.
  10. fancy wales to turn the south africans over. the welsh havnt played at all well this world cup yet and are due, would love England to beat the all blacks but think its a tough ask,
  11. they could do what they do in a few European grounds free local transport to the ground if you have a valid match ticket,all they have to do is roughly put a quid on the tickets to subsidise it,
  12. should be a good following for colls next week. was good to get our 1st win of the season,`and a decent performance, you missed vinnys goals both good finishes.
  13. a superb performance from the colls today against a previously unbeaten Nantwich town played some good stuff today and looked like the colls of the previous seasons, Nantwich had a patch in 2nd half were colls defended too deep,but hardly tested the keeper, last 10 minutes our pace of the break was frightening, some of there fans were bellends,
  14. well done to walkden on winning the hamer cup yesterday, bradshaw were well in the game until the big no9 came in to blast a quick 37. horwich excellent hosts, it shows just how far local cricket has come, a very sparse crowd on, years and years ago they would be far more people watching
  15. hamer cup final on sunday at horwich. walkden v bradshaw, bradshaw big underdogs against a high flying walkden side,lets hope the weather stays nice, as iam sure horwich will put on a good show as there used to getting decent crowds recently. #uptheshire
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