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  1. it doesnt make any sense. rad boro can have 600 on, and bury afc who play at radcliffe can only have 300. dianne abbott must have swapped parties to work all this shit out
  2. pink floyd dont get the hype u2, fuck right off you pompous twats coldplay- after yellow they should have give it up radiohead- just white noise
  3. just come back from corfu, was temp checked every day, all restaraunt staff,bar staff and shops had screens on, had to wear a mask for shops and supermarkets if you went in, last day of holiday they imposed everywhere shuts at midnight, we all still had a great holiday and think we landed lucky, but was speaking to the local doctor over there,and she was convinced there going to shut shop up in a few weeks due to rise in covid
  4. we fly to corfu on weds aft, a lot of the places are just starting to open for the season,hearing its very quite but there getting a warm welcome of the greeks, giving my self 2 at the airport as ive already checked in.
  5. used to be rangers supporters club in manchester, they used to hold there meetings in some pub in ancoats (peebles) might remember the name but they used to be festered dog shit on the carpet. never saw an people supping in there.
  6. my contracts up later this month going to fuck my contract of with ee for giff gaff, and possibly a new battery for the phone, should save me a few quid a month
  7. theyve been buying there wheat from canada for years, apparently the wheat grown over there is of a better quality than here due to climate,soil etc. it is shen shipped here to be milled over here. this is maybe why they are the best selling bread in the country, i believe kingsmill and hovis are both owned by bigger companies but there both struggling with hovis having under 10% of the market share which means supermarkets will use them less and less. i can see 1 of eather kingsmill or hovis not lasting many more years as the big bread (800g) market has been in decline for many year
  8. spent many happy holiday as a teenager at crieff hydro, even now a few years later i still love visiting the place, its a fanstastic part of jockoland
  9. ranvir singh of gmb sophie raworth bbc news must be a news reader thing
  10. working last night shift tonight then 4 days off, got 30 odd bottles in the fridge ready for tomorrow also tempted to get some more from tinhead
  11. i didn't want that couple to win it, what a horrible bitch she was so wrapped up in her own arse. I agree with the winners aswell, seems like they cheated to win it,although they did donate half of there winnings to charity
  12. it would turn bradshaw/harwood a nice little place to drink , crofters,no name, nook 7 stars and grey mare
  13. going to pick some tinhead brewery today 6 cans for £10 a bargain, todays tipples will be Bolton beer finish my box off, got 6 left ,then sample the tinhead stuff, got an extra box off beer 52 on route,and going to order 1 of there beer festival boxes off them. after a long week at work I could be in for the long haul today
  14. i fancy the real axe, but they don't deliver to tonge fold and cant see myself being sober enough by 4pm to go and pick one up, so its tinhead brewery for tea
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