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  1. working last night shift tonight then 4 days off, got 30 odd bottles in the fridge ready for tomorrow also tempted to get some more from tinhead
  2. i didn't want that couple to win it, what a horrible bitch she was so wrapped up in her own arse. I agree with the winners aswell, seems like they cheated to win it,although they did donate half of there winnings to charity
  3. it would turn bradshaw/harwood a nice little place to drink , crofters,no name, nook 7 stars and grey mare
  4. going to pick some tinhead brewery today 6 cans for £10 a bargain, todays tipples will be Bolton beer finish my box off, got 6 left ,then sample the tinhead stuff, got an extra box off beer 52 on route,and going to order 1 of there beer festival boxes off them. after a long week at work I could be in for the long haul today
  5. i fancy the real axe, but they don't deliver to tonge fold and cant see myself being sober enough by 4pm to go and pick one up, so its tinhead brewery for tea
  6. been to chips r us in tonge fold quite a bit, he does a family special for a tenner 2 fish 2 chips a sausage and 2 sides, its really is superb value for money and good food to.as theres some good competiton round there
  7. the best take away is spice island on tonge moor road, slightly dearer than most but the portions are massive and the currys are the best ive had in a long time,always busy 45 minutes for just a collection
  8. scariest away match ive ever been to, some of there lads came in our end. fireworks been trown all night, and a couple of rows in the terrace next to us just staring at us all night, a scary place for me that night
  9. has anybody seen tiger king on Netflix? is it worth waisting a day trying to watch it
  10. genuinely don't understand peoples logic, what the fuck is wrong with these people,make them pay for it and then burn the fuckers alive I say
  11. i don't know where that puts isle of man fc or afc bury now if theres no promotion/relegation
  12. i like a Wetherspoons as much as the next man, but I will be giving it a wide birth,its just not right to treat employees like that, problem is most of the pisscans drink in there and will keep doing so,
  13. fester58

    Alan Brazil

    i like listening to Goldstein and cundy at night
  14. daisy hill is still on for those wanting a footy fix, was just about to set off for stafford
  15. fester58

    N Y E

    been in town last few years with the fun prevention officer, its not been a bad night on both occasions, pubs just busy enough for an atmosphere and not to full so you can't get served. off to northern monkey later enjoy whatever you are all doing
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