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  1. gonzo

    Bolton v Forest

    Yeah man I’ll send you Seat no
  2. gonzo

    Sunday Blues

    Kicking in.
  3. gonzo

    Official Boxing Thread...

    Link not working mate but is it this? Millwall apparently
  4. gonzo

    Official Boxing Thread...

    So happy for tommy coyle. wish he’d just retire now but reckon he’s gonna fight riston
  5. gonzo

    Bolton v Forest

    Someone can have my ticket for a reprint thingy.
  6. gonzo

    Tommy Robinson

  7. gonzo

    Huddersfield grooming gang

    When are these crimes going to be treated as racially motivated?
  8. gonzo

    This Weather.....

    UK weather WARNING: Britain smothered by radiation fog in 24 HOURS before DEEP FREEZE hits ooooooooooohhhh
  9. gonzo

    Rotherham town centre

    Yeah he got the National express there on Xmas day and stayed in a travel lodge. Fuck me haha
  10. gonzo

    Huddersfield grooming gang

    Fan 5 reckons there isn’t a problem with Muslim men targeting young English white girls though. Part of a wider problem though. Fucking bull shit.
  11. gonzo

    When Did Stewarding Go Wrong ?

    Blake missed bad one at Blackburn as well. Can still hear the thud of the ball twatting the advertisement hoarding. They ran up the other end and made it 3-1. cunts
  12. gonzo

    Skills You Once Had.

    Making bongs out of stuff stolen from science class at school.

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