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  1. gonzo


    Thought he was Portuguese?
  2. gonzo

    King Ken

    You sarcasticly used the word hero which alludes to an opinion.
  3. gonzo

    Tv Shows

    On narcos Mexico now. Brilliant. Makes me want to get bang on it.
  4. gonzo

    In Or Out Again

  5. gonzo

    Todays Games

    Didn’t know this was allowed now??
  6. gonzo

    SPOTY 2018

    Bagsy Who’s Googled who he is tonight?
  7. gonzo

    Official Boxing Thread...

    Pissing blood for a month
  8. gonzo

    Meeting Other Fans On Holiday.

    Did they have a big brown stain in them?
  9. gonzo

    SPOTY 2018

    Either is that rolling round on the floor homosexual shite you’re into
  10. gonzo

    SPOTY 2018

    Hamilton or O’sullivan Should should surely be in the mixer.
  11. gonzo

    Meeting Other Fans On Holiday.

    Met Brenda and Janet from the king bill in the sportsman’s bar in Tenerife. Also always used to make sure I had a pint in the giddy goose until it finally dawned on the owner is an igronant fucking dickhead, the 51% doesn’t apply to him and his lager is shit.
  12. gonzo

    What Year Was It ?

  13. gonzo

    What Year Was It ?

    I shave my bollocks nowadays. when I pull my sack straight it resembles a bats wing
  14. gonzo

    Iles reporting PFA pulled out of funding wages

    It certainly feels that way. Only difference is the Blackpool fans had a genuine case. The family paid themselves about £100m instead of £500k

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