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  1. gonzo

    R.I.P. Alan Parkin aka Packy.

    Heard similar tonight. Great guy and bolton to the core. took me under his wing as yoof and took me on a few of his trips. Even got my first snide stone island off him haha sleep easy big man. hope he’s up there having a pint with his old pal ferny right now. RIP
  2. Whatever happened to that jade helm thing where the yanks were building secret prisons and stockpiling arms? And what’s the craic with that big owl all the rich folk pray round?
  3. gonzo

    Todays Games

  4. There’s a lot of weird stuff about all that you could properly get sucked in to. Im still not sure how the conversation went between the pilots and the us goverment before hand like ...now then Sanjay it’s Mr bush, I’ve got a job for you ...
  5. Not sure if he means chem trails but they are apparently what clouds really are. trails spread by planes releasing stuff to fuck with our minds and put gravy on fish etc
  6. gonzo

    Terror Attacks

    Aye and I’d want any nazi’s that lived here or wanted to live here shot too. she’s part of a terror organisation and ultimately a threat to our people. As are many others. By being part of that organisation they instantly become the enemy in what is a war against terror and their war against us. Every single one of them is capable of atrocities and should be shot or deported. Not chucked in a prison where they control their own wings and radicalise even more. They lost all human rights by signing up to Isis.
  7. gonzo

    Terror Attacks

    It’s a war. The enemy dies. Works both ways.
  8. gonzo

    Todays Games

    They can’t do as not one of their players would get into ours.
  9. gonzo

    Norwich City at home

    No carbs and no bay horse my friend Was either him or the kids haha
  10. gonzo

    Norwich City at home

    Fuck off now you fuckin bumpkin you’re boring the shit out of me. go and have a pint or enjoy your Sunday in some other than pissing about writing fuckin essays on another teams football forum you sad fucker.
  11. gonzo

    Stand-Up Wiping Part 2

    The more concerning issue in all this is that some fellas wipe back to front. Can’t get my head around that.
  12. gonzo

    Terror Attacks

    She can always just tell us her intelligence from over there seeing as she’s doing interviews on sky news
  13. gonzo

    Norwich City at home

    Within one hour of my house I have Fleetwood, Blackpool, Preston, Blackburn, Burnley, Bolton, Manchester United, Manchester City, Wigan Athletic, Bury, Rochdale, Oldham, Liverpool, Everton.
  14. gonzo

    Terror Attacks

    Not really had time to get involved in the debate here or read back 12,000 pages and straightener offers, but please tell me there isn’t a single person on this board that thinks this lass should be allowed back here with her baby?

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