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  1. Citeh have certainly missed Laporte, just like Liverpool would miss Van Dijk if he was injured for a lengthy spell.
  2. The Green ones would look better with "Norwich" written on the side. Those Cordobas have more than a whiff of lavender about them, they'd look better with "Canal St" written on 'em.
  3. Yeh that's where i'm at, i find it hard to dislike Klopp. I hated them under Souness and Roy Evans.
  4. Always nice to see Man U having their belly tickled. They used to be able to give Liverpool a game a few years ago.
  5. From where i was sat it looked like Matthews had pulled a worldie, he was just unlucky that some twat put the rebound in. It's not the first time it's happened this season. JSL.
  6. The lads played one game ffs, give him a bit of time to settle in. Then if he turns out to be biz we can give him dogs abuse 😂
  7. Kenyon is one of lifes winners, his involvement is a positive imo.
  8. I thought i was alone in actually rating Jason Lowe at this level - Good solid pro imo.
  9. He's usually bang on target to be fair.
  10. Yes - i'm getting biddyish and can remember him playing, very tidy footballer. We had plenty of very handy lunatics following us that day.
  11. WTF? - Fuckin' weirdos them Germans.
  12. Maybe he just fancied watching our game because Stoke had no fixture today? I hope you're right though, cracking little player.
  13. The left back played OK after a shaky start imo, Darcy was decent as was Hamilton, Toto did ok and JoDo put a shift in. Portsmouth are nowt special, i've seen 8 or 9 better sides this season. The usual bent EFL puppet of a ref. We showed some effort and kept going, i quite enjoyed the game in a strange sort of way and if we put the same effort in for the remainder of the season i'd be happy. If i hear fucking "Play up Pompey" one more time i'll top myself - footballs gayist chant.
  14. Add to that list Pikeys Asylum seekers Professional tea leaves Illegal immigrants. Anarchists - protest at anything types. Seriously though, there a loads of lads who were tagged "working class" and told they would "never amount to anything" by teachers, who through hard graft and a bit of nous have really done well for themselves and have fantastic lifestyles.There are millions of people in the UK who can only ever dream of being “working class”
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