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  1. I thought we were rid of KA the moment the administrators took control?
  2. He knows plenty who no longer have an interest in pro cycling?
  3. Cheers, much appreciated. We also had some dark days in the 80s, but our current plight is darker still. We'll be back one day!! I have fond memories of days/nights on the piss in Bris, i had mates from Yate + Fulton. Long since lost touch with the lads, but they were Bristol City fans and always up for a laugh and a jar or two!
  4. Have we gone yet? I'm optimistic by nature, but fuck me it ain't looking good.
  5. All feeling increasingly grim. I'm sure someone will be along shortly to say "It'll be reet"
  6. Well if the doomturds have their way, we've already played our last game. In 20 years time there'll be 20k claiming they were at York City.
  7. I’m assuming FV knew that the hotel wasn’t included in the sale of the club when they put their bid in for it and proved they had funds of £25m,then threw their £25k in to see the books?
  8. A JCL is someone who is a recent supporter of the club - not a recent addition to this site. JSL. HTH.
  9. Olispence going to work in Greece for the summer, when he was really going on holiday there with his Mum + Dad for a coupla weeks. Anything by Little Whitts. Wanderersways trip to Guimaraes. Smiffs was one piss funny bloke.
  10. Zouma looked ok. Nice to see the young right back Ethan Maguire come on in the 2nd half,16 year old Bolton lad went to Canon Slade. It probably could/should have been about 3-0.
  11. Iamin.My daughters twisted me round her little finger again and persuaded me to go to this. Personally i'd rather lick my wheelie bins clean, but it's a game and it's the last time we'll ever visit that ground as the bulldozers move in next month. Coupla beers, some lunch and a mooch round York, then a bit of footie - there's worse ways to spend a day i s'pose.
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