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  1. Well said. I love our new owners me. Having mega bucks owners isn't the be all and end all. The right folk, at just the the right time imo.
  2. Look, just hit us with a -3pts for the Barnsley game,but add it to last season because thats when the “offence” was committed, then give us a slap us on the wrist for the Donny game because we were just acting in the best interests of our kids. Then we can carry on with what we do best - annoying the fuck out of folk 😂
  3. Chicksons not had a bad game for us yet, i like him he keeps it simple. I like Chris O'G, clever player, but he didn't have the best of days today.
  4. Chickson apart, no one played great today. We won, so wgaf? Wait till we play well, someone soon is going to get spanked.
  5. Ah yeh of course thats the fella. At least i got the nationality right.
  6. I reckon it will be a better atmosphere with the roof over us. Even if the games poor we can be entertained watching the yoof get pissed wet thru'. I remember that semi final first leg at Swindon Town years ago, what should have been a beltin' atmoshere was fairly shit cos we were in an open terrace.
  7. I've just swapped my terrace tickets for seat tickets. Open ends are shit.
  8. Not a vintage performance by us admittedly, but we stuck at it and ground out the result. Chickadee MoM for me. Nothing in football beats an injury time winner
  9. Glad Brids is back,but that side lacks width imo. S'pose we can always bring Polly + Verlinden on late on when MK are getting tired.
  10. You’re a ledge Stan, your info has been top notch - many thanks.
  11. Fuckin 'ell, the EFL are dragging this one out. I can't make my mind up if they're going to make an example of us and kill us with a -12 points. Or if they're playing for time to just give us a slap on the wrist and hope no one notices.
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