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  1. Yeh i remember those days, he shaped a decent side did Ian Greaves. 3rd time lucky - and the previous narrow misses made that night at Ewood even sweeter.
  2. That match was brutal before,during and after iirc.
  3. How could i forget Blackburn away 1978? Ohhh Franky Franky
  4. v Reading play off final, nothing even comes close for me, apart from Hull, and Old Traf and Anfield and Highbury and Goodison 😂
  5. In the early 70's the police just didn't have a clue how to handle the increasing levels violence on the terraces, often they just had a thin blue line of coppers to separate the two sets of warring fans. By the mid/late 70's proper segregation was in place and the holding back of away supporters after the final whistle was commonplace. I always found the holding back of away supporters to be counter productive. At Old Trafford when we beat Man U 1-2 in 1978 we were held back for about 15-20 mins, this just gave Man U time to organise large mobs of cowardly knobs, who simply waited in the streets to ambush small groups of jubilant exiting Bolton fans. It was fucking carnage outside OT that night.
  6. For me it's got to be the Stoke FA Cup semi final at Wembley. That defeat was the start of our rapid demise, from which we have never recovered.
  7. I saw the worst April fools ever earlier, some fella who's part of a large lads Whatsapp group got his wife to post on there that he'd collapsed at home with breathing difficulties and was on a ventilator in Salford Royal. 30 minutes later, a photo of him at work with the message - APRIL FOOLS! Deary fucking me
  8. I read that in the North East, Police are actually receiving calls from people saying that someone they know has been exercising twice a day. WTF? Needless to say the police didn't follow up on the complaints
  9. The move to the Reebok in 1997 pretty much killed off any so called Bolton "mobs" From around 1968 to 1997 i'd say Bolton lads could more than hold their own against most opponents. Burnden Park was a fearsome place to visit for an away fan at times, especially in the 70's. There's plenty on here have more first hand experience,
  10. Has anyone else come across any of these? On the first day of lockdown on a public footpath that runs through a farm close to me, the farmer shouts " Get home have you not seen the news" I told him exercise was allowed once a day, but he wasn't having it. At Tesco last week i saw a bloke moaning at a lady as she left the store carrying a football (amongst the rest of her shopping) "Thats not an essential item is it?" he said. Knobs
  11. And to think, some (not loads,but a few) Bolton fans fucked off home as soon as their 2nd went in, I bet to this day they still won't admit to it though. You know who you are!
  12. Wolfy - Citizen Smith = Fulham The Dwarves - Phoenix Nights = BWFC Elija Wood - Green St = West Ham Reece Dinsdale - I.D. = Shadwell
  13. He did On it as of 10 mins ago, after a 2 hour dog walk, both of which are the highlight of my life at the moment.
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