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  1. Yeh it's like a library, shame because it's a great little stadium imo. Some of the numbest staff in the UK at the bars though, they made the Unibol staff look like MENSA members.
  2. Yeh Wycombe was a special day and up there in my top ten BWFC away days. I didn’t hear any negative shouts near where i was today, but did see a few sneaking out after the 4th went in. Maybe some folk were expecting a Barca type performance from us.
  3. Agreed and well put. The support was fantastic today - once again. Even after all these years it still makes me proud when i see the first fan with a Wanderers shirt on when i first land at an away game, also hearing our fans today - loud and proud. We'll be back.
  4. We looked like a team full of strangers...oh hang on a minute. Expected a defeat, but maybe not this heavy. As professionals those players will be hurting now, but they will get better after a few games together. Their 1st (or second) goal was a belter btw, a bit like Gazzas for England v The Jocks in Euro '96.
  5. Brinsworth St is closest to the ground S60 1EH Or handy for Rovram centre is Forge Island car park (10 mins walk from ground) and its free on Saturdays S60 1QE
  6. I very much doubt that will happen under our current regime. Decent people, decent values.
  7. Fuck O'Neill, if he ain't buying into where we are now and what we are doing,then fuck him. He can go and sign for FC Man Yoo or summat.
  8. Just asked him, he said " Yes, but there are a lot of positives"
  9. Always sad to here any Wanderer passing to soon. Rip Lad.
  10. That's a good point, does a dickhead actually know that he's a dickhead?
  11. It’ll be nice to show these new lads what BWFC away support is all about these days!! I’m fully expecting a defeat, but i for one will be singing my heart out from start to finish - i don’t think i’ll be alone somehow!!
  12. Burndens Bogs


    It's mint.Get in The Newcome Arms it's quality, full of the old 657 crew, so it helps if you have an invite.We went a few years ago, all pre arranged and they looked after us very well, some of their lads had been up to Bolton for Fernys funeral a year or two before, they did a nice remembrance speech for him iirc - they were all top lads that Ferny knew from the England scene. We still got beat though.....and it was still a long way back home. https://whatpub.com/pubs/POR/00230/newcome-arms-portsmouth
  13. Some people like to account for every paper clip.
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