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  1. Wheater can get to fuck for me, he was obviously the driving force behind the players strike. All he had to do was say "Hands up who wants to play against Brentford?" we could have played the fixture with kids + whoever else who was willing to play and not be facing another points reduction for failing to play a game. It's such a shame, cos he's been a good player for us, but he can fuck right off - cunt.
  2. Fair fucks to all involved, every little helps. We'll be back one day.
  3. For some reason i always think that about Josh Magennis. But i admit i could be totally wide of the mark.
  4. Just passed them near the Beehive, looked to be around 70 of them. They seemed in good spirits, i gave them a toot on the horn and a wave, they responded by chanting "Wanderers, Wanderers"
  5. Yeh i was at that game.Gabbiadini and Coleman went for a "50/50" that slightly favoured Gabbiadini who iirc got there a fraction before Coleman and booted the ball into touch as hard as he could, his deliberate ott follow through shattered Colemans leg - Gabbiadini knew exactly what he was doing. It was a horrendous nasty horrible bastard "tackle". Hated Gabbiadini ever since, Simon Coleman was a lovely fella and he was looking like the real deal for us.
  6. Burndens Bogs


    Kens ramblings actually made more sense than this blokes.
  7. Number 12 is a consortium of ex Starkie regulars , after them it all goes downhill.
  8. I don't think i've seen it anywhere that £25m buys a totally debt free club. Unless i'm missing summat.
  9. I think you can actually get arrested for having both, crimes against food act. 😂
  10. Well, people are getting bored while things are quiet and this being Wways, things have a habit of going off on a wonderful tangent. I've realised that i know more about condiments than i do about our financial dealings.
  11. Daughter had Mayo with Chilli Con Carne today in the pub. I felt like twatting her
  12. Boiling tar over Sweaty Ken would be my favourite.
  13. Branston for me, although piccalilly is good.
  14. Got to be chippy curry sauce -- any other would be evil
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