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  1. Who me? I've branched off in another direction now Baz. Like GG said though, i believe the used car market is flying a bit at the moment, achieving prices higher than before the virus.
  2. There’s one bitter red on here. No doubt he joins in with the “Argentina” chants at O.T. (If he’s ever been) Man U fans were hated by all other fans of English clubs when they used to show up at England matches, so they decided to become “Anti- England” sad wankers.
  3. Back 1990 i was selling a Ford Escort XR3i, Split mint it was - Mercury Grey,First of the "New Shape"D reg (1987) low miles etc etc. I had it kept in a lock up garage 300 yards from my house. I had it advertised on Auto Trader and was getting quite a few enquiries. One day 2 scousers turned up at my door asking to see it, so i took them to my lock up, they had a quick look and said they had "one or two others to see" and fucked off. Thought nothing of it and put it back in my lock-up. Next day i'd had another phone call and this family from Chorley and they turned up t
  4. Good shout with this forum Zico, I’d go along with that. Other things keeping me sane - watching us win games on i follow.Other things also help like Cooking/Eating decent food & drinking decent wine, but perhaps the number 1 thing is taking my dog on mega long walks in places where I hardly see a soul - bliss.
  5. Very early in the build up to the Argies 2nd goal Glen Hoddle was brutally hacked down deep in the Argie half - no free kick was given, this led to the Argies gaining possession and culminated in Maradonna scoring the so called “wonder goal” . In truth the goal should never have stood. The Argies didn’t score a straight goal in that game and should never have won it. The officials were bent as fuck and we were well and truly robbed. 34 years on & I still hate Argentina with a pash, mainly because they are cheating slimy twats with no class.Anyway we won the battle that really mattered - “
  6. I went from The Beaumont for the 1991 play off final v Tranmere, got back to the pub in time for lasties, then got a lock-in till daft o'clock. Happy days - apart from the result obvs
  7. Yeh cracking lads, still have a pint with one or 2 of them.
  8. They had some decent players though, but as with most Sunday teams it was all about the crack. I know a lot of lads who played for the Beaumont ,but maybe a couple of years earlier than your era, i think Peter was managing. I even turned out for them myself once or twice.
  9. Cornwall will move into Tier 0 for free bing & brasses.
  10. It certainly happened in the summer, some places welcomed the extra trade and some places got arsey about it.
  11. Hi ho,hi ho,it's Tier 3 we go. Not too bothered, but a reduction to Tier 2 on the 16th Dec would be nice.
  12. I got about £35 for my first weeks wage back in 1976 & my mam nabbed a tenner of that for my“keeps” as they used to call it. I seem remember it was about 30p a pint at that time. I moved jobs in 1977 and was earning around £100 a week, i still have the ticket stub from 1978 at Old Trafford when Frankie Worthy ruined them and the ticket price was £1, you could have a really nice time as a kid on £100 a week back then.
  13. I think Shazzas alright by everyone luv 💕
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