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  1. Burndens Bogs


    I remember saying that he was the worst defender i’d ever seen play for Bolton after his first few games. Well he made me eat my words, he’s a beast of a player. “ You’ll never beat the Santos”
  2. Thats a nightmare for a full back, marking someone who constantly cuts inside and puts you on your weaker foot. I think Arsenal used a similar ploy but with their wingbacks back in the day.
  3. I’m showing my age here, but anyone remember those things that looked like a twig? Tasted okish when you first started chewing ,it was liquorice flavoured and after about an hour of chewing it became soggy and tasteless. Fuckin rank.
  4. If i’m honest i’d probably prefer them to survive for now, but in the lower reaches bottom tier with fuck all fans, fuck all money and no decent players. In other words, i just want them to suffer.
  5. There used to be some sweets called Tics, they came in a tin, tiny black liquorice things - fuckin horrible they were.
  6. Oh and Gobstoppers, how could i forget them?
  7. Coltsfoot rock,Black Jacks, Penny Hobo's,Flying Saucers,Liquorice Allsorts,Love Hearts,Refreshers,Parma Violets,Swizzles,Fruit Gums,Fruit Pastilles,Bon Bons, Drumsticks,Opal Fruits,Pear Drops,Rhubarb & Custards.
  8. Not a bad shout, Arfur Lion seems to play well when he's on the right At least switch the two of them throughout the game.
  9. We’re not quite there yet imo. Still too much arsing around with it at the back, we choose the wrong option too many times - passing when we should shoot and vice versa. We often have players who turn into trouble and finally, there are still one or two bottled tackles. Once we hit top gear, we’ll spank someone.
  10. We owed millions though ( including HMRC) Wigan don’t. We were failing to pay players, Wigan aren’t and finally, we were failing to play fixtures and Wigan haven’t. As much as i’d like to see them go pop, their situation isn’t as dire as ours was as far as the EFL are concerned
  11. The tackle had everything wrong with it, high/late/studs up/reckless/nowhere near the ball. Red all day long
  12. Got the Scottish geezer commentating
  13. Don’t think so. If you go on the NHS vaccine website you have to be eligible for the vaccine - or it will reject your application. I’m in for the first jab on Thursday and the 2nd jab on the 20th of May. I’m 61 years old, no underlying health issues and not a fatty, still incredibly fit, fiendishly handsome and irresistible to wimmin of all ages. Oh and very humble obvs.
  14. Discount? Next seasons should be free to anyone who bought one for this season.
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