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  1. Am i correct in thinking that had we played well enough,England would have played in the 2nd semi final tomorrow night?
  2. Plenty do. Done it enough times myself in the past, but i think those days are behind me.Goretex and Sealskinz clothing would be De Rigueur in those conditions.
  3. Cheers. Stone Island wouldn’t be much use out on the bike in a downpour up Winter Hill in January.
  4. You just need the right clothing to ride in winter - and the good stuff doesn’t come cheap.
  5. For many years there was only the Starkie and The Lord Clyde between The Castle and the town centre shirley? The Dog and Partridge i would class as already being in the town centre. A visit there wouldn't have enriched your life trust me. Used to work nearby in the 80's, so it was often a convenient watering hole. In truth it was just a hole..
  6. With a picture of a pie on the front
  7. A back 2? I don’t think i’ve ever seen a team play with a back 2. I ‘m guessing you mean playing with 3 central defenders rather than 2, in which case i’d agree with you, but i can’t imagine Evatt going with 5 at the back. Attack will be the priority with the new “Brand BWFC”
  8. It's a yes from me, a quality central midfielder imo, but never a defender as long as he's got a hole in his arse. I would imagine he's good enough to get a gig with a Championship side though. Love to get Verlinden back on loan, as we'll be swapping places with Stoke soon, he'd be better off with a club on the up rather than one on it's way down
  9. Easily good enough for League 2 Shirley?
  10. I'd like to see Jason Lowe and Remi Matthews signed up to go with what we've already got. The rest can be "Brand Evatt" signings for me, he'll want to put his own stamp on the team.
  11. Crawford,,Darcy and Politic will all be quality in Div 2. Bring it on!
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