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  1. Not really, just more than likely a geezer guilty of having a letch - like the rest of us at the time.
  2. You either love it or hate it -iamin.
  3. Blue Stilton, Danish Blue, Extra Mature Cheddar pour moi I don’t really get the Brie love-in myself - it’s the John Major of the cheese world, bland,boring and a bit sickly.
  4. Imo they haven't got a buyer anywhere near close to a deal, just a couple of vultures sniffing around. I think the EFL are being more than patient with them.
  5. And Paddy, nailed on. Handy little fucker is TR, although he must be mellowing a bit by now Shirley?
  6. This is piss funny, it's Max for sure
  7. It's always bugged me that our home K.O.'s are 8pm. Get kicked off at 7.30, or 7.45 at the latest. If someone asked Auntie Shaz nicely i'm sure she'd sort it.
  8. Haha, i know what you mean I can't imagine PK ever frequenting any places where Trev was on the door, but there are definite similarities - so you never know.
  9. Trev was always very fair with us young ‘uns back then - firm...but fair.
  10. Scamps had some fairly handy bouncers back in the day. Late 70’s - early 80’s
  11. Used to love “The Invaders” back in the day, it was originally filmed in the late 60’s but re-run on TV in the UK (mid- late 70’s?) It was as if it was made with tongue firmly in cheek & deliberately cheesy, me & my mates found it hilarious. It was shown around Tea time on Saturdays iirc.
  12. Anyone on here old enough to remember the home made tattoo craze? Jesus Christ, there was some bad jobs - scarred for life with some Indian ink and a needle.
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