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  1. Thought he just had naming rights to Fernerbaches stadium?
  2. Murat Ulker is based in Turkey and doesn't have a stake in another football club. Nothing to see here, move on. Shame though, because he's minted to the max.
  3. What kind of weirdo writes a song about his fucked shoes? I've had some bad times, Lived thru some sad times, This time yer hurtin' won't heal. You've picked a fine time to leave me loose heel. I'll get my coat. 👞 😉
  4. I think the only answer is to get a room with custarddiet Sluffy
  5. Someone is going to the wall, really soon imo. Just hope it ain't us.
  6. What a bell. I would guess chris custard diet is probably from the wanderer.co.uk - they probably got bored of him, so now we're getting his bitter bollox ramblings. Childish knob.
  7. If Beardsley had just simply said "No pal, not playing today" your mate who worked at the club wouldn't have had his story to dine out on for the last 20 years.
  8. Very much doubt that, but he tends to get confrontational, getting little digs in at some of the things Howard said, even though a lot of the time Howard admitted it was just his personal opinion and not actual FACT. We've got a long week ahead, Howards knowledge/information would be much appreciated by many on here.
  9. I wouldn't put Sam anywhere near the finances, but as a director of football maybe. With Allardyce/Nolan i think we'd see better times.
  10. It would be an improvement on what we've currently got Shirley? They'd get the fans on board and we'd get promoted from Div 1, then let's see where it takes us. I'm in.
  11. They can't have been impressed with anything they saw on the pitch.
  12. Basically what you’re saying is “Howard why are you giving us all this info?”
  13. KA must feel like Del Boy when hes got 2 punters trying to buy the same item darn the market.
  14. Is Ken still a cunt?, or will he go down in history as the man who just about kept us afloat, found a wealthy buyer and saved us from certain death? Hang on, i think i know the answer.
  15. Perhaps a bit soon to predict we’ll romp Div 1, but i expect the rest to happen.
  16. Chorley supporters club - Perth W.A. branch, has a certain ring to it pal. 😀
  17. Funny enough my footy loving daughter asked me last week who i would support if BWFC got liquidated “ Dad would it be City? Liverpool? Everton? Bury? Wigan?” I told her it would probably be Chorley (much to her disappointment!)I intend taking her to a match at Victory Park soon to show her what it’s all about.Football how it used to be before all the mega bucks ruined it appeals to me.
  18. Howards input and this site in general has been invaluable during the last few traumatic weeks. Anyway, are we having a Blackburn relegation "Party"? Show those turds what proper support looks like.
  19. He's already said he doesn't know who the knew bidders are - or he's not saying at this point. I see the name of Robert Sarver is being banded about - he's not skint.
  20. Howard, do you have faith in this deal being completed?. And would you say this latest prospective purchaser looks a better bet than Basrans consortium?
  21. Howards proved to be correct on numerous occasions, his knowledge of takeovers/administration/liquadation etc has been invaluable on here + his credibility has been proved. I guess you already knew all that though Wum.
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