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  1. I’m assuming FV knew that the hotel wasn’t included in the sale of the club when they put their bid in for it and proved they had funds of £25m,then threw their £25k in to see the books?
  2. A JCL is someone who is a recent supporter of the club - not a recent addition to this site. JSL. HTH.
  3. Olispence going to work in Greece for the summer, when he was really going on holiday there with his Mum + Dad for a coupla weeks. Anything by Little Whitts. Wanderersways trip to Guimaraes. Smiffs was one piss funny bloke.
  4. Zouma looked ok. Nice to see the young right back Ethan Maguire come on in the 2nd half,16 year old Bolton lad went to Canon Slade. It probably could/should have been about 3-0.
  5. Iamin.My daughters twisted me round her little finger again and persuaded me to go to this. Personally i'd rather lick my wheelie bins clean, but it's a game and it's the last time we'll ever visit that ground as the bulldozers move in next month. Coupla beers, some lunch and a mooch round York, then a bit of footie - there's worse ways to spend a day i s'pose.
  6. Aye, shite first half, crap 2nd half.
  7. No cushy Forest Bank type gaff for TR then! Belmarsh will be a tough gig for him, there will be folk who'd love to get their hands on him in there. Mr Big in the showers will be the least of his worries.
  8. TR knew there was a good chance he'd be arrested when he turned up "reporting" the case at court. He also knew he most likely get banged up if found guilty. That makes him a bit of a thick cunt imo. Anyone know where he's serving his time? I seem to recall him being moved to Leicester last time he was incarcerated, which was highly dangerous for him considering the amount of fundamentalists locked up there. There's a fair chance TR could come to some serious harm if he is in Leicester, but i guess that's the reason the government put him there - they want him quietening....permanently.
  9. I'm guessing there'll be some extra bodies just to make up the numbers! Probably the coach driver and some kids from the club shop.
  10. Daughters mithering me to take her to York on Sunday to see our kids/ trialists, personally i'd rather lick my wheelie bins clean. My daughter usually wins. Pay on the day?.
  11. I don't live round there anymore, but i believe it's now called Smithillsabad
  12. Perhaps he just didn't like my mates glasses, shame as they were expensive.
  13. Burndens Bogs


    Fuck Bury, hate them as much as Tranmere and Wigan.
  14. Total cunt apparently. A nice mild mannered mate of mine bumped into him in Tenerife 4 or 5 years ago, my mate said " Hi Ricky how are you, any chance of a selfie?" RH pulled my mates glasses off his head, threw them to the floor and then stamped on them. Then he walked off with his minders without saying a word I hate stuff like that.. Manc wanker.
  15. Smithills High me pal, i was offered the opportunity to go to BCGS or Smithills Moor Grammar just before i started 1st year at Smivs High, but i fancied going where all my mates were going as we were all from top of H'well/Smithills - No regrets, it was a blast. My older sister went to Bolton County Grammar though, she remembers Bolty + vice versa - it doesn't seem to have harmed either of them!
  16. Barry Sheen, Ian Botham, Freddie Flintoff, Carl Foggarty, Alex Higgins.
  17. Same secondary school years as myself. Big birthday coming up in the next 12 months Riz?
  18. Nice positive rumour mate, no lectures or insults from me. Just plain old Bowton cynicism.
  19. I very much doubt if any of them will ever be involved, but i'd take BSA, KN and Gudni in a heartbeat....the other two JCL's can fuck off.
  20. 12.5p? I was about 11 when decimal currency proper kicked in, i was confused as fuck!
  21. I think his family are minted, not sure if Parminder is.
  22. That's the fella! Fancy being called Al Wilson and being on the Northern Soul circuit B'Met/Top 'oth brow was all the same to me back then - apolols (see what i did there) to all the B'Met dwellers on here. He seemed a scary fooker to us impressionable 14/15 yr olds at the time and maybe taking over from FD as top dog was an ambition of his, rather than an actual FACT.
  23. Anyone remember a lad called Willy? He was a big scary looking skinhead from B'met who seemed to take over the mantle from FD as "top boy" in the Lever End probably around the mid 70's. I've never seen him since those days. I doubt he made the switch to the Reebok.
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