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Burndens Bogs

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  1. Burndens Bogs

    78 Promotion

    I'm on both those pics.......somewhere. The sea of bodies in the packed out Burnden Terrace says it all. And it was like that for every single match
  2. Burndens Bogs

    WBA home

    This cringeworthy "Protest" will be a guaranteed embarrassment to the club,the town + the fans. Live on Sky as well, so all our rivals can piss themselves. I'm dreading it.
  3. Burndens Bogs

    WBA home

    Yes there may well be16,000 tickets shifted, but that doesn’t mean there’ll be 16,000 on. I got 2 free tickets just in case i might need them - i don’t. Multiply that a couple of thousand times and we won’t have anywhere near 16k on. My guess is that the “real” attendance will be around 13k.
  4. Burndens Bogs

    Can't quite remember....

    Can't have been many times Gigg Lane has had more than 12k on.
  5. Burndens Bogs

    Sweaty Ken

    I always thought our mouthy youths would latch on to Mondays so called protest march, but i think they might give it a swerve once they set eyes on this bunch of fuckwits. Deary me.
  6. Burndens Bogs

    Radio Manchester Fans Forum - Wednesday 16th January

    It would be so sad if SJM lost respect from Bolton fans because of his misguided involvement in all this bollocks. Thanks for the memories John an' all that, but perhaps best if you stayed clear from this kind of stuff.
  7. Burndens Bogs

    WBA home

    Deary fucking me, is this the best they can come up with? Jesus wept.
  8. Burndens Bogs

    Brizzle AWAY Part 2

    Dogdirt draw admittedly, but anyone up for it?
  9. Burndens Bogs


    Only just spotted this sad news.RIP Frankietheman.
  10. Burndens Bogs

    Accused Of Being A Sex Pest Thread

    Ole Bummer Solksjaer
  11. Burndens Bogs

    Counter resistance to the protest march.

    In - We cud smash 'em in a Russian hoolie style.
  12. Burndens Bogs

    Is that it ?

    I'd have Rustie Lee - she'd get some weight behind our survival push.
  13. Burndens Bogs

    Is that it ?

    I'd take fuckin Christopher Lee at the moment
  14. Burndens Bogs

    Brizzle AWAY

    Usual crap,another Saturday and sweet FA
  15. Burndens Bogs

    Brizzle AWAY

    It's bad....really bad
  16. Burndens Bogs

    Sweaty Ken

    Fuck mop it's tough being us at the mo.......we'll be back - fcuk 'em.
  17. Burndens Bogs

    Brizzle AWAY Part 2

    Every credit for even contemplating it.
  18. Burndens Bogs

    Sweaty Ken

    Err no it wouldn't sound good - sorry Anything negative just sounds biz imo. Get behind what we've got ffs.
  19. Burndens Bogs

    Sweaty Ken

    Well said fella and welcome. Your views are exactly where i'm at. Yes we all know our current owner is a plate spinner and is dragging our good name through the mud, but the way i see it is if we didn't have sweaty Ken we'd be fucked, we'd have gone bust 18 months ago. If Ken decides he's had enough and bails, we'll be gone within 2 months.
  20. Burndens Bogs

    The Official B*stard F*cking Trains Thread

    Sounds like you're ready for joining your old mate Bolty and relocating to Oz
  21. Burndens Bogs

    Todays Games

    Just 1 or 2 would do for now. If we had a Billionaire owner then i'd expect 9-0 every week obvs.
  22. Burndens Bogs

    Baronesses coments

    Well said, this is the kind of spirit we need.
  23. Burndens Bogs

    Sweaty Ken

    Errr unpaid revenue maybe?
  24. Burndens Bogs

    FA cup next round

    Kinell Mickey make yer mind up!
  25. Burndens Bogs

    Walsall and Wembley bound

    The Noone cross and Magennis headed goal pleased me the most, if you look on youtube at Magennis's goals at Charlton many of them were scored in that style. Get it wide and get some decent crosses in and the lad will score. That can be Parkys mission for the rest of the season - it might just work.

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