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  1. First 30 mins i thought they were the worst team we'd played all season.
  2. Yeh but, winning games wins leagues - irrespective of how many goals you let in. Courtesy of the pedants society
  3. Santos, Doyle, Gilkes, Baptiste - in that order
  4. Trouble is, if that happens & Morecambe win, it's back in their hands....... i think
  5. Fuck it, win our last 5 games and we go up as champions.
  6. Yeh hugeminges and the like seem to have disappeared after the last couple of games.
  7. I thought that the minute we changed ends
  8. I think there could be a few twists and turns yet, but the games are running out. Would have taken a draw before tonight, so to get 3 points was massive.
  9. Yet they've not scored a goal against us in 3 hours of football and they've not taken 1 point off us.
  10. Be another nailbiting narrow victory, Grimsby are fighting for their lives and have been hard to beat of late, they've only lost 1 of their last 9 games - a lot of draws though.
  11. I thought Thommo was immense 2nd half. Shame Morecambe won & Spearings was a 2nd yellow, so only a 1 match ban? Anyway, i'd have taken all of this before the game.
  12. Almost perfect, but i'd have Jensen instead of Delaney, i wouldn't trust Delaney to hold his own knob. I wouldn't mind betting Salford target Gilkes tonight for a bit of rough stuff.
  13. Nail on head. A lot of the spit 'n sawdust boozers have gone.
  14. Already pre booked the giddyness for later 😄
  15. Oh yeh. Gettin' a bit giddy
  16. 43+48. I would imagine i'll be the Southend of the WW Battlenips league table, i don't think i've ever got both nips right,in fact it's fairly rare that i'm a one nip wonder.
  17. There's more chance of the English catching the virus in Scotchland.
  18. Nope, still not seen it confirmed anywhere. Travel within Scotland yes, but travel from the UK is still "expected to be on the 26th April.....OR VERY SOON AFTER" Come on Krankie, i want to know if i'm travelling or not you little gobshite
  19. Thinly veiled "i wish i'd posted that" Anyway 1-2 Doyle & Dapo
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