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  1. Mike Hunt

    Take Over

    I may have this wrong, however, the players are guaranteed creditors, so get their cash unless we go bump. PFA are recommending the players accept the offered deal, so why can the PFA not pay the players what is owed and FV pay the PFA back on the agreed deal? Thought that's part of what the PFA where in place to do?
  2. What a great read. Loved the Rivals chat room wind ups and invasions. Mrs C yelling Mike Hunt at me several times across a sold out Spikey gig at Albert Halls was fun.... Forgot about so many of the posters mentioned Think Jules mentioned earlier, the support from this site is unbelievable, from the beach balls, sportsmans dinners, and general kindness. Happy you should be proud of what you have done.
  3. Went in 97, it is immense. You can't even begin to imagine the size of it from the telly. Bucket loads of other stuff going on, not just music.
  4. Hugh Cornwell playing The Met in Bury in November, could be tempted
  5. Late to this. Good luck, looks a monstrous challenge. Hopefully see you at parkrun
  6. Amazing venue. Saw Elbow there a few years back, won tickets. Bit of a theme, won tickets for Raise The Roof charity gig at Victoria Warehouse next Friday. Courteeners, Blossoms, John Cooper Clarke and......eeerrrr Lisa Stansfield
  7. Cocked up when booking tickets for Catfish next week. Autofill on booking page has a mix of me and Mrs details. Had an email this week stating lead Booker needs to bring photo ID and strictly no admission without. I call bullshit, hoping I'm right
  8. Long time coming, but the final bit of the funds raised went towards part funding a standing frame, which Erin got to use for first time at school today (yes, some stuff really does take an age). Wanted to share to show you the joy you have brought to Erin, who loves working hard as you can see in this photo. Promised an update and want to thank each and every one of you who helped out, as a family we remain so grateful.
  9. Frank Turner never disappoints and was bang on form again at Victoria Warehouse for show 2,301 on Friday. What I didn't know is he did a set in Bolton yesterday afternoon for a kids music project.
  10. Yep, that's right. Two Tim's did North Country Boy together tonight at Wembley
  11. My memory of that gig was the sound being awful....and Beck being shiiite
  12. Did a Tim Booth solo gig there, good venue. No surprise that it's like a lecture theatre
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