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  1. Virtual festival next weekend raising money for worthy causes. Organised by a friend of mine and Saul Davies of James. https://everybodybelongshere.com/event-music-feeds/
  2. Thank you all so much. Second place with 1,024 votes, winning £1,250. Your support means a lot.
  3. Never met or seen any artist that is more fan focused. Middles of a sold out tour he sent daughter a video birthday message. Met him and he took time to speak as long as you want, chatted about a set list we got signed. Top bloke.
  4. Frank Turner, great tunes, top bloke. Another vote for Paul Heaton too, all round nice guy
  5. What state were your underpants, Underpants?
  6. Tried but not grabbed me. Didnt get them live at Heaton Park on the Courteeners and James bill either.
  7. Barrons up on Chorley Old Road have some belting sausage. Fat Bob's take some beating, chilli dog if you like a bit of spice, pork and black pudding.
  8. Me neither but really enjoyed that set
  9. In the 2 minutes between copying the link Wiki was changed back. Did read manager of League Two Bolton Wanderers
  10. First time I have seen the Captcha ask are you human.....difficult question...
  11. I've seen them over 50 times and the song can still cause an argument in the fan groups
  12. 30 years ago today since Gold Mother was released. Belting album and a band still going strong as one of the best live acts around
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