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  1. No, I won't be asking for a refund, but don't begrudge anyone who might need to.
  2. I went to the Pisa & San Marino games. Bit of a thrown together trip. We went out on the piss in Bolton until around midnight & then got a national express coach to London where we flew out to Pisa for our game. After the Bolton match we planned to get a train to Bologna for the England game but there was a national rail strike. We ended up hiring the ice cream van that was near Pisa train station & he drove us there for a few quid! After the England game we didn't have anywhere to stay & nobody wanted to let us in because we were English - ended up trying to convince some small hotel that we were French - not sure they believed us but we got a room in the end! I've got a few pics of the game somewhere & when we were in the ground I took a poster off the wall which I've still got framed at home somewhere & it's the same one that's Steejay's avatar. I must be one of the only people to ever visit Pisa on a leisure trip & not see the leaning tower - don't remember why we didn't make the effort - just stayed in bars for the duration!
  3. Was once in the Burnden Paddock in the last 80s when Ray Deakin did a backpass that hit his own bar & a few people in the crowd started singing "Deakin for England". This weird bloke who used to stand near us nearly burst a blood vessel & shouted "Deakin couldn't play for Malta" - which is still his nickname between me & my mate to this day. Still see him walking around Bolton. Also, his equally weird mate is still known to us as "green socks".
  4. Remember the trip to Scarborough well. Our coach broke down at Hartshead Moor Services & one of the lads called the Scarborough police from a phone box to say that if the game wasn't delayed there'd be a riot when we got there. The game obviously wasn't delayed & we arrived late just to see Dave Sutton head into his own net. I remember that the bogs were just a wall to piss against & no trough at the bottom so it was running everywhere. Also remember that as we arrived in the town, the "welcome to Scarborough" was sprayed out & had "Wolves on tour" sprayed next to it. The rest of the season was largely forgettable apart from Wrexham. That Robbie Savage goal & the Dave Higson commentary of it is legendary.
  5. That's you thinking like a football fan. I'll guarantee he considers it to be the greatest thing that's ever happened to him. 💰💰💰
  6. Funny one Vela. A couple of seasons ago he had a purple patch as an attacking midfielder that had goals in his game - 10 in 2016/17 (had to wiki that) but then turned into a shit Darren Pratley just chasing & harrying & not much else in his game. Probably a decent enough League 1 player under a manager that plays more football than Parky, but looks like that's his level.
  7. That last night was classic BWFC this season under Parky. Anyone who doesn't watch us very often will say that the effort was there & there weren't many chances in the game overall. Anyone who watches us every week could tell you what was going to happen from the off. We can't keep a clean sheet so we were always going to concede. We don't really create anything, so we were never going to score. As soon as they scored = game over. I wouldn't mind but they were bang average at the back, but playing Donaldson on his own upfront has got to be the least threatening attack in world football. Ever. It's boring, predictable, clueless, uninspiring shite. Next years season tickets will be halved.
  8. So frustrating watching us at the moment. It feels like we're holding back & we only have a go once we're a goal down & need to equalise. Magennis & Donaldson is an odd front 2 combo for me - both too similar & no real pace there either. They didn't really work together & I can't remember them linking up to create anything worthwhile. Really pleased that Doidge bagged & I really hope it's the first of many. He could be a great foil to Magennis. If we played a midfield that wasn't just full of ratters who win tackles & break up play we might be able to play through them & create a few more chances & could even start entertaining the fans on a regular basis. Don't understand those moaning about Vela, he offers a lot more than Gary O'Neill & at least he drove forward with the ball a few times.
  9. Absolutely dreadful. Managed to stick it out until 80 mins - god knows how. Couldn't see why we didn't change things at half time after what must have been one of the worst first halves in a long time. I'd like to think we can set up better than that & play better than that.
  10. I've got quite a few at home. My personal favourite is Wrexham away - you don't see many scenes like our away end when Robbie 'show us yer arse' Savage bags the winner.
  11. Went to Lazio v Steaua Bucharest a few weeks ago in the Olympic Stadium in Rome. 5-1 win for Lazio & an Immobile hat trick made it a great game to watch. Stadium was half empty apart from 6000 Steaua fans & the end full of neo Nazi, anti semetic ultras that I accidentally booked us into. Took my eldest to Barca v Valencia a couple of years ago & got a cracker - 3-2 away win to Valencia - Barca's first loss there in 18m. Saw a Messi penalty at our end & Jordi Alba was sent off. Best one was El Classico at Barca. 2-1 home win, Matthieu & Suarez for Barca & Ronaldo for Madrid. Managed to get front row tickets (it's not what you know!). Could have sold them for a couple of grand each outside.
  12. It's something I come across more & more at work. It is mortgageable for now (just) but anybody buying the property would have to use a lender that's happy with that remaining term. Some lenders like Clydesdale Bank & Natwest will lend if there's 50 yrs left now - agreed on a case by case basis, but the lender's surveyor might down value the property if they think the low lease term affects it - which could affect any sale.
  13. Still got a copy of the Wrexham video at home (not sure I've got a video though). Up there with the absolute best that one.
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