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  1. Adlington Trotter

    Dirty, Horrible, Leeds

    Absolute nailed on penalty. Clear boot to the back of the leg.
  2. Adlington Trotter

    Good read - Allardyce years

    Read this yesterday with my one year old son playing on the carpet in front of me. Whilst it's great to think back to those days, it's a shame he will probably never see anything even close to what we were lucky enough to see.
  3. Adlington Trotter

    Todays Games

    Shite these lot at the back. Rooney will definitely score. Without a doubt. Worth a dabble at 13/5.
  4. Adlington Trotter

    Todays Games

    Running rings round these yanks. Should be at least one up by now. Probably end up a draw now I've said that.
  5. Adlington Trotter

    Wanderers V Swansea

    1-0. Dull game until Hobbs bags right at the end.
  6. Adlington Trotter

    Speed Camera Watch

    I've always wondered with average speed cameras on motorways, do you get the 10% leniency?
  7. Adlington Trotter

    Todays Games

    Only saw the second half. Thought we looked decent, quite an open game. No chance we'll top the group, but as long as we don't get relegated I'll be happy.
  8. Adlington Trotter

    Iptv With Mag Box

    Used it for the first time tonight for the game. Crap picture at first. Then decided to switch the VPN off and the picture was perfect. Happy with Necro. So far.
  9. Adlington Trotter

    Iptv With Mag Box

    I've had a mate recommend Necro to me, and I'm thinking of taking up the 3 day trial this weekend to get the England game. Just need to sort the VPN now. Tunnel Bear allows you 500mb a month for free. How much of that is likely to get gobbled up by a full match? Is 500mb likely to be enough? Can anyone recommend any other decrnt (ideally cheap) VPNs?
  10. Adlington Trotter

    Bolton v Roverrrrs

    Been speaking to a few rovers fans tonight who gladly admit they were lucky. They pretty much did to us what we did to Derby last week. They had few chances, took one, then defended well. Fuck it, it happens. We were definitely unlucky today. But I've seen enough to be think we're good enough to stay up.
  11. Adlington Trotter

    Bolton v Derby

    Buckley's best game in a long time, worked his arse off. As did they all. Outstanding.
  12. Adlington Trotter

    Bolton v Derby

    Happy with Olkowski, but is Little injured at the moment? Nowhere to be seen today. That said, I have no idea if he has been on the bench at all this season.
  13. Adlington Trotter

    Todays Games

    Just found this old photo. That crowd of fans went all the way back to that bridge.
  14. Adlington Trotter

    Todays Games

    Cologne was great for the Sweden match. I remember two massive car park type areas next to the river that had big screens set up to show the game. Must have easily been 10,000 England fans in there. Good times.

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