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  1. Heavily. But too hung over to bite.
  2. Wish I was a pound behind the fucker who invented it. Is it Nan or Do? Anyway they are cunts 😁
  3. Oh I thought it was the wrong Fred. Thank fuck. And exactly Spider only Ray guns who can't cook and cunts go to nandos. Wish I'd thought of it. 😁
  4. Fucking hell there was a time where if you'd even mentioned watching man u on telly you'd get a backhander. I blame the lockdown. Can we all hate the cunts again when its all over?
  5. Its the first time ill be getting a season ticket for 5 years due to changing work circumstances so get the fuckers on sale in whatever guise they choose. There is a lot of optimism atm need to be striking while the iron is hot.
  6. Sounds like your Internet is ace. Depends how much your sky subscription is. IPTV would work very well for you and cost at the most 150 quid a year for a subscription for each TV which would include all ppv events all Bolton games etc etc.
  7. Corner of Mason st and chorley new rd opposite aldi
  8. Sorry just seen this no Monday to Friday only atm
  9. Fuck me I'm fairly sure I'm the most pissed man in boltonish. 20 cans of magners 5 thriple bailey's 6 Guinness . No reason either. Might I die?
  10. 30 pie and chips and 30 sauces. The cornerstone of any professional sportsman's diet... Although they might fuck me off this time after I thanked them for the 3 points getting off the coach.
  11. Hope Northampton are in the same division as us next season because they order their post match meal from my shop 😂😂
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