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  1. Do fuck off. Was made to listen to radio Manchester during the ifollow debacle and they had half an hour on it. Never heard so much shite talked. He's 20 not 2.
  2. Wrote a bit of an essay then deleted it good 3 points lots of positives happy.
  3. Cant get bolton fm in over hulton, bolton...
  4. Is there radio commentary anywhere?
  5. Just. Fucking. Shoot. Trying to walk it into the net ffs
  6. I honestly don't think we are that far away. Take away the first 5 minutes we were by far the better team tonight. Obviously keystone cops defending needs to stop and we are desperate for a seasoned pro keeper but come back at me in 10 games time he will get this right.
  7. He was absolutely dogshit tonight.
  8. And then what? Some poor cunt comes in and works with these players that this manager has brought in and does shit? Do we sack him? Continuity is important we won't go down he needs a season at least.
  9. Turned it off after gnome twatted it into the stand. Thank fuck.
  10. Sarcevic is woefull. Absolutely fucking awful. Now then D'Arcy...
  11. I wish mine would looks like a pissed up pub player
  12. Baptiste fucking hell he's a comedy player
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