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  1. Its a good game, ill give him that...
  2. Look the most likely scorers atm send it long get throw ins and corners fair enough not adverse to it.
  3. Fucking morecambe not going away are they...twats
  4. He's good prefer misty ricardo personally but both do great youtube vids.
  5. It depends on the curry you are trying to make. I'm into BIR (british Indian restaurant for the non initiated) curry and ill stand mine next to the best you can muster from any Indian restaurant. Cooking those involves lots of heat lots of spices cooked quickly and base gravy which although is a bit of a ballache to do you make it in massive batches and freeze it.
  6. Chaps. He's a dick. Stop interacting with him and he'll go away.
  7. Agree completely 👌
  8. We'll twat these now.
  9. Was Rodney Marsh to Alf Ramsey 🤣🤣
  10. Not particularly. I'd much rather someone else was doing that work and he was up the field on the end of stuff that is created instead of relying on lesser finishers to put chances away.
  11. I agree. We actually score quite a few goals from wide areas but rather than crosses they tend to be from the by line then pulled back along the deck towards the D for someone to run onto. Just a shout out for Doyle for our first..controlled a ball that was absolutely twatted at him on the half way line brilliantly and played it across the field to leave John I think with acres of space to run into. I don't particularly want to see him that deep but at least when he is he tends to make things happen.
  12. Don't think the Bluebell has a beer garden? Just tables at the front and side under umbrellas. Lovely view of the car park and main road 😁
  13. Haslam Park primary school was a featured school by United on one of the games this season via teams or something. They came into the school gave everyone in year 6 a United shirt and goodie bag and got them on the telly. How do you compete?
  14. He talks a good game I'll give him that and he isn't lacking in confidence. Could be an astute signing this. Sounds like Kevin Nolan sent him our way too so I'm hopeful 👍
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