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  1. It is now it's the same price as every other fuckers...
  2. Christ. I give zero fucks which side he's on or if he has one. He give educated guesses on the information we know. If I'm honest I feel educated by him. Chill.
  3. Is Munich banned on here now then? Asking for a friend.
  4. Over hulton darling. Or bl5 :-)
  5. Hulton arms is full of carrot crunchers.
  6. I've heard it's a.o. from a very reliable source...
  7. He'll do alright with them. Gives them another option because generally they try and pass it. Good luck to the lad he'll always be remembered here.
  8. Erm. We've had about 4 flakes of snow. The worst has been and it's due to warm up.
  9. So what telly channels is it on do we know?
  10. Ameobi sounds as thick as fuck when he speaks to the camera. I'll bet giving him instructions on where to be and what to do is like platting rocking horse shit. But what a fucking goal tonight. Beltin.
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