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  1. I'm fairly sure they all write on the front of them which flavour they are as well....
  2. Haha so can I!! Were like potato puffs but shaped like pigs and cows and other animals and bacon flavour
  3. Farmer Brown's anyone? Or did I dream it?
  4. Funny how your memory plays tricks on you I was convinced we were 6 nil up at half time then didn't score in the second half. Ah well.
  5. In fairness if Santos uses his strength and sticks his head on a long punt upfield they don't score.
  6. No plan or tactics? Have you been on the crack pipe? Changing ill give you but fuck me he's the most stubborn manager in the world with his plan and tactics...
  7. I hope you're right 🙏
  8. Kioso and Jones played against Port Vale.
  9. We play 3 centre backs and 2 holding (shit, but holding) midfielders. I'd love to see a positioning map of our 2 "wingbacks" and see how much actual defending they do. I'm guessing next to fuck all. He plays them as wingers so play attackers.
  10. So play Crawford there or Darcy or a.n. other attacking player instead of a fucking defender!
  11. In the system we play im not sure we should even call the wing backs wing backs. How much actual defending do they do? They are wide midfielders or wingers. So play attacking players in those positions (he does on the right but not the left?) instead of defenders.
  12. I thought they were miles better than us for 75 minutes better running with the ball, better movement off the ball, better touch, better at set pieces... After that we were all over them because they sat back ill bet their manager doesn't let that happen again.
  13. In fairness to Jones he's a right sided defender playing left wing...
  14. Been coming that they are a yard faster both physically and mentally
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