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  1. blackleywhite

    Sweaty Ken

    Read Kens note ...
  2. blackleywhite

    Transfer Gossip

    I've heard it's a.o. from a very reliable source...
  3. blackleywhite

    Transfer Gossip

    He'll do alright with them. Gives them another option because generally they try and pass it. Good luck to the lad he'll always be remembered here.
  4. blackleywhite

    Reading 1-1 Wanderers

    Anywhere showing it in Bolton?
  5. blackleywhite

    Wanderers 1-3 Preston

    Erm. We've had about 4 flakes of snow. The worst has been and it's due to warm up.
  6. blackleywhite

    Qpr 2-0 Wanderers

    So what telly channels is it on do we know?
  7. blackleywhite

    Wanderers 1-0 Bristol City

    Ameobi sounds as thick as fuck when he speaks to the camera. I'll bet giving him instructions on where to be and what to do is like platting rocking horse shit. But what a fucking goal tonight. Beltin.
  8. blackleywhite

    Official Rugby League Thread

    Ooh you are awful
  9. blackleywhite

    Crypto Currency

    Friend of mine spent 500 quid on one and a half bit coins if he sells them today he gets 22 grand. That's how you spend em. The twat.
  10. blackleywhite

    Super League Is Back

    16 points in front with 10 minutes to go we should be managing the game and getting the 2 points..
  11. blackleywhite

    Super League Is Back

  12. blackleywhite

    Is There Anywhere Nice Bar Wise In Blackpool?

    She's plenty rum enough for Blackpool mounts worry not was just making sure there's some decent places my experience of Blackpool has always been pisscan related . I'll give that beach house a bell tomorrow but we'll probably end up in Wetherspoons supping bottles of magners for 1.89 and going for a curry. Any good ones?
  13. Been mithered to take Mrs Saturday night ffs. Shall I put my foot down and tell her to fuck off or is there anywhere there that won't be full of stag do cocks or hen do sluts? I'm not that bothered about hen do sluts.
  14. blackleywhite

    Super League Is Back

    Why in Manchester? What's the difference there to Salford? Where is the historical support base in Manchester? I'll give you 2 examples of minority sports setting up in Manchester with a massive bang playing their games at the MEN arena in front of massive crowds... Manchester Giants Basketball Manchester Storm Ice Hockey Ten years later the giants play in a school and the storm have died 3 times and play at Altrincham. And where are they going to play in Manchester? The small stadium city's reserves play in? Oh aye I can see loads on dyed in the wool Salford/Munchen fans travelling there can you? Plus it holds 5000 and supposedly we need 6000 to break even.... The owner needs to play the long game and stop fucking about.
  15. blackleywhite

    Super League Is Back

    The last time I went to a Bolton away with mounts I ended up getting a taxi home from Burnley

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