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  1. banktop wanderer

    Thrown Out For Singing

    Did u enjoy the besiktas game? Just saying this as u were being a pissed up fuckwit. With your top off screaming at the few hundred bolton fans to make more noise
  2. banktop wanderer

    Good Luck Owen

    always liked coyle and i wish him all the best, really wanted it to work but sadly it didnt.
  3. banktop wanderer

    Dear Mr Gartside

    really? oh sod it lets get megson back in
  4. banktop wanderer

    Muamba, I May Be Reading To Much Into It, But...

    hes on about the banter!!! them facts also should put people in there place who dont rate fabrice
  5. banktop wanderer

    Tyrone Mears

    my mate whos a burnley sth says the same, a good attacking full back. is he a right or left fullback? eagles is a decent sub also pratley has not done much wrong, he dont stop runing and if hes just a replacement for cohen hes better than him just for that alone imo dont buy in to all this coyle has replaced prem players with championship ones
  6. banktop wanderer

    11 Years Ago Today

    when he dies i will have a good drink, and if it was near enough i'd piss on his grave the cheating twat think it was whitlow he sent of for a second yellow for pulling a shirt when he clearly saw Jim Magilton kick one of our players and didnt even book him and he secored in the last minute of normal time to take it to e.t i once heard he was good friend with then ipswich chairman
  7. banktop wanderer

    Happy Wanderer - Thank You

    i'd have been baggin on the windows all the way home to piss him off
  8. banktop wanderer

    Happy Wanderer - Thank You

    he slammed on in the middle of a motorway for what? people bangin in the windows
  9. banktop wanderer

    Online Petition For Standing

    lets just all sign it eh cant do any harm
  10. banktop wanderer

    Online Petition For Standing

    http://www.fsf.org.uk/petitions/safestanding.php get as may people as possible it only takes 30 seconds
  11. banktop wanderer

    Music When We Score

    music when we score is nearly as bad as them 3 fucktards with the drums we are worse than blacknurn with it now and thats embarrassing dum,,, dum ,,, dum dum dum dum CHEAT dum,,, dum ,,, dum dum dum dum CHEAT is fucking cringe-worthy
  12. banktop wanderer

    Megsons Fans Forum

    for me sjm has told it how it is, =D> a true wanderer! gary megson go fuck yourself you bitter ginger cunt get on with your own job as we dont give 2 fucks for you here
  13. banktop wanderer

    In Debted To Megson

    oh please, if i remember right we was 4 points adrift and doomed till we won at boro i believe we was very lucky to stay up that year and the year after there was that many shite teams in the prem it would have been a crime if we went down. does anybody remember campos letter to the fans? saying how before the game all the players came together and got there selfs up for it which i read inbetween the lines as they fucked the manger off for the game eye for talent my arse, danny shit remember when he subbed campo and he stormed down the tunnel then next match he made him captain what a fucking clown
  14. banktop wanderer

    Bolton Fans Where Are You?

    indeed x most the reason above and youve got it in 1
  15. banktop wanderer


    ssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dont post anything like the truth people on here would rather slag mindless bolton fans off who twat kids. how dare they goad fans from a team that fuckin hate us

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