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  1. Heard him mention the other day he had an Achillees problem
  2. Yes we were on the side at a field - centenary stand? And from memory we had half of it
  3. sacrilege - that tune is reserved for JB
  4. Would you mind repeating this every 15 minutes - especially across social media as it appears a high percentage of our fan base seem not to understand what embargo means are are having a pop at Auntie Shazza for not opening her purse!!
  5. Cant be - its not part of the season ticket
  6. I can see problems here - surely this will be a sell out?
  7. How the fcuk did Blackburn get 18.5k on tonight
  8. bwfc2003


    For some reason I thought Burton had been KOd
  9. bwfc2003


    Bit of a shitter that - another free saturday gone to waste
  10. bwfc2003


    Do we assume that, in the absence of any other news from club, that we arent re-arranging either Doncaster or Burton for our free FA Cup saturday?
  11. According to the BN On Saturday December 1, the three men were part of a larger group of men who entered the Bee Hive pub on Chorley New Road in Horwich, which is a dedicated away supporters pub on matchdays. Whilst outside the pub, the group approached a small number of Wigan Athletic supporters and began to assault them. The disorder continued and spilled into the pub, where further Wigan supporters were also attacked.
  12. Quite like the commentator but not sure who it is? Dont seem to get the hysterics like sky or the twat on ITV
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