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  1. According to Doctor shit head on Good Morning ITV, its all Lancashire thats lock down - but part of it, and we cant travel out of our area???
  2. It will just be like the end of Ramadamding dong - there were that many parties going on it was like the feckin Millenium and one person I spoke to said if it was Christmas we would be doing the same
  3. bwfc2003

    lge 2 forum

    This song needs to become our anthem
  4. Bloody hell - better than some of the dykes SS seem to be employing at the moment
  5. And went for the standard 4m each I think
  6. Mark Winstanley may beg to differ
  7. I reckon that very few on here give two fucks about your red ramblings
  8. So who do we think is our next signing??
  9. Joe Williams, but their wages are high by Championship standards. Was that the tosser we had on loan from Everton - and they are saying his wage is high??
  10. Probably home fans only on most stadiums I would think
  11. bwfc2003


    Especially if they are U21s like Burtons (and I think they had only made one appearance for Burton between them)
  12. Just show show transfer rumours start!!!
  13. bwfc2003


    Are they still doing this shit - are championship also doing it
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