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  1. Why do Bolton FM bother with a poll on the result - 38 votes tonight!!!!
  2. Fcuk um - No vax - no entry to football/pub/brothel etc
  3. Didn’t both keepers score
  4. Wasnt that the game that Forest officially had half the Lever End for some reason??
  5. Can just see it now - first 5 mins injured and off!!
  6. Sorry CUNT - didnt realise it was a private conversation on a public forum
  7. What the fuck has that got to do with it - when did we last play them. and how many players from each of tonights 18 featured in that game IT HAS NO RELEVANCE
  8. Can we get rid of the twats from bolton FM now - or at least provide an option for no commentary - just stadium noise
  9. This event has ended
  10. who the fuck is the stupid flat dick doing the draw
  11. How fuckin amateur is this station fergal sharkie again
  12. Including cup games he has now had 9 games - and no sign of ant pattern/progress
  13. bwfc2003


    You need to explain that to me - I must be a bit thick!!!!
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