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  1. Surely if we had a suspended sentence hanging over us before the Donny game we would have found a way to play that match
  2. I thought it was Chicken and I sit in that part of the ground - need to drink less before game in future
  3. What about Doncaster game - we play the squad we had when the original fixture should have been played??
  4. Its nearly SEVEN months since the first postponement
  5. Do we know when and where next round is??
  6. Was she not just Kens bitch??
  7. All away arent they as we were runners up
  8. Rochdale win 2 1 We are in next round
  9. Following on the Rochdale twitter feed - sounds like they are going for it - still 2-1 with 10 to go
  10. My first season ticket was late sixties as a teenager - main reason me and my mates got them was you got quite a few games free in Enbankment/MRN paddock
  11. Was that on Lols coach - leaving Bolton midnight Friday??
  12. 4164 on against sunderland earlier so think this game will quite comfortably top that
  13. You need to ask Fanny 5 to clarify this - he seems to be the all knowing one!!
  14. Its over 6 months since Brentford game got postponed - just dont see how the EFL can deduct points after such a delay
  15. Looked overkill by the stewards in the corner - Assume club was expecting a much bigger attendance judging my the number of steweards on duty
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