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  1. bwfc2003

    Taken over

    Who is Newsham?? - the investor??
  2. bwfc2003

    Taken over

    Regards kit - just nip to JD sports and get 15 white shirts and a green one for goalie - numbers on the back and we are away Pretty sure its not a rule to have names and logos on shirts -
  3. bwfc2003

    Taken over

    Whats wrong with last seasons kit? and strictly speaking dont need season ticket sales sorting before first home game - if at all (although I supposed they will have factored in S/T revenue in budgets)
  4. bwfc2003

    Taken over

    I think they still have to abide by the rules and give 2 week notice
  5. bwfc2003

    Taken over

    So was the administrator telling lies when he said they had??
  6. bwfc2003


    I dont think they have any??
  7. bwfc2003

    Taken over

    While it is riddled with factual inaccuracies, Reminds me of one of Ken Kunts statements
  8. Doesnt he normally up sticks and leaves??
  9. As someone pointed out, he has now managed Sheffield - Wednesday and United Birmingham and Villa Sunderland and Newcastle Obviously doesnt buy into the loyalty element - what next Rangers and Celtic??
  10. bwfc2003

    Taken over

    No - he will be one of the "Once In Never Out" brigade unless he disagrees with owner/manager/location, and numerous other excuses
  11. bwfc2003

    Taken over

    Alan Fudson is a parody account of Nixon
  12. Youre having a laugh? - Mr McGoo - not a patch on the 2 keepers we currently have - and I know they have there faults
  13. In my time there in late sixties a very strong Wanderers support base
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