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  2. Sounds like he is having a wank
  3. At the moment from 1 to 11 we are shit - including Crawford who I thought would tear up this league
  4. we are shit at both ends with corners
  5. Fuckin hell Rog - you get redder every fuckin day
  6. I think Bradford - with there cheap season tickets are on about 7k
  7. Third - only seven behind Leeds
  8. I agree with giving him time but we can’t keep saying he has only had two games - we can’t ignore the cup game against Bradford and possibly the Crewe game either
  9. Is this team worse than last seasons??
  10. Home commentator sounds like a professional as opposed to the twat on Tower FM
  11. Cheers Cheese - you arent as bad as they say
  12. Ivc got Bolton FM - how do I change it
  13. Bolton FM do a poll amongst listeners over result 19 people have put forward there prediction 19!!!!! How can they be a serious station????
  14. Ive got live feed with banner blocking part of it telling me whats on and audio from ground - Not them tossers from BN FM
  15. Agree with that , as it removes any connections to the Neanderthall element of BLM movement who think it is OK to terrorise white people and loot shops/businesses in USA
  16. Bloody Hell - I didnt think it was that bad!!!!!
  17. At this moment I would have Wheater and Beavers straight in
  18. I assume you haven't listened to the two half wits who commentate on our games - as well as giving shout outs to any morons who email Bolton FM - they must be the worlds worst commentators EVER
  19. And they havent been subjected to numerous winding up orders as we were - If it wasnt Wigan I would feel sorry for them - but it is - and I,m not - Fcuk em
  20. Getting his misses out of the way before the real football starts
  21. Can just see full kit wankers looking even more of a wanker in this
  22. You dont get to be a billionaire by spending money you don't need to
  23. Surely thats the main reason there are so few coloured coaches/managers in the game then rather than the Sol Campbells and John Barnes banging on about in equality
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