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  1. That too but I meant the New Order Spzl shoes. Just not my thing
  2. The trainers are shite IMO.
  3. I’m gonna try for a pair as those Leeds mugs will be frothing at the mouth if they don’t bag some.
  4. What’s the release date on the Elland?
  5. For starters, I think it’ll be Doyle & Fonz up top. With three CB’s and playing with wingbacks I’m not sure where Poltic fits in.
  6. jimmyjoojar


    The soggiest 🤮
  7. We swapped our Faro flights for Dalaman at the weekend. Turkey wouldn’t normally be my destination of choice but after doing a bit of research plumped for Kalkan. It’s seems we can have our pick of privately owned gaffs for a song.
  8. See for me if those Paris were a general release they’d be on the sales rack come Sept. I won on the End Three Bridges raffle and got a pair of the Topanga’s, which are lovely. During lockdown I got into some of the ZX’s. I really like the nineties vibe. A few months later and I’m 6 pairs to the good on the 7000- 10000’s.
  9. Just too purple/pink for me. I like a splash of colour but nahhhh.
  10. Wearing them you might look like one too!!! Dreadful c/w
  11. Pissing me off the “I can’t breathe” line being rolled out now every time some wanker is resisting arrest and acting the cunt. That’s three videos I’ve seen this week. Doesn’t take long for the arseholes to sabotage the GF incident.
  12. Miami’s truth again...🤣🤣🤣 Challenge him and he gets pwoper shirty!! Take the piss and he wants to go dancing with folk... 💃 🕺 🤣🤣🤣
  13. I’d honestly say bang average was a tad generous. Though never did like the grief he got simply as he was a local lad. Limited ability and unspectacular.
  14. Dingo dollars... 💵💵💵
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