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  1. HomerJay

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    bolton need to do nothing. parents need to get a grip.
  2. HomerJay

    Sweaty Ken

    Comparing Anderson to Oyston is absolute fucking nonsense. Give your head a wobble FFS.
  3. HomerJay

    Transfer Gossip

    Why is that obvious?
  4. HomerJay

    Transfer Gossip

    We should have gone for vokes. Bargain at 10m. Or will Grigg for just 3m
  5. HomerJay

    Transfer Gossip

    Good god. Is there a more repetitive program on TV? I'm going to be singing the words "deal sheet" and "michy batshuayi" in my sleep tonight. Only watched SSN for last 20 mins and I'm pig sick of it... Surely theres more transfers to talk about??
  6. HomerJay

    Transfer Gossip

    Oz is stopping. Thank fuck. I thought we were about to lose a player who can't get in our team to a top class team in the league below us.
  7. HomerJay

    Sweaty Ken

    Watched on the red but......
  8. HomerJay

    Our next manager

    See I have no issue with folk wanting parky out. Or even moaning about his tactics and player selection. But why is he a CUNT exactly?
  9. HomerJay

    Bolton v Reading

    Don't go then. Sorted.
  10. HomerJay

    Bolton v Reading

    Connell was buggered but only a very brave or very stupid man would have taken him off. Didn't look like a pen to me, would like to see replay. I like parky and couldn't give two hoots about his style of football, it's results that matter. And I just don't how he can turn this round. I'd honestly gamble on anyone else having a go right now. Oh and donaldson may work hard but he is awful, just awful.
  11. HomerJay

    Bolton v Reading

    May as well bet on us to win 7-1
  12. HomerJay

    Next season

    no chairman in the land was sacking PP after last season, considering our circumstances. and this season PP started well... given the choice, i'd get rid tomorrow, but only if i had a plan b.
  13. HomerJay

    Dickheads/Oddballs who sit near you

    owd chap behind. obviously never kicked a ball in his life as he expects every player to be world class. he is the most negative person ive ever had the please to listen to, and ironically i constantly moans at our negativity. EVERY pass backwards is a moan, playing one striker is a moan, not having an man up front for defending corners is a moan, booting it forward is a moan passing across the back line is a moan i dont think ive ever heard anything positive come from his mouth.
  14. HomerJay

    Sweaty Ken

    hit me
  15. HomerJay

    Sweaty Ken

    this is not a criticism, just an observation but ive never seen a bolton scout in preston (which covers chorley teams). maybe our scouts just dont travel that far? maybe thats for good reason? or maybe we just havent crossed paths? and there are "preston" lads being picked up left, right and centre for manure, city, rovers and burnley. and maybe im just being selfish, as my lad wants to play for bolton, so he's turned down all the above.

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