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  1. if i was putting together a pub quiz team, TR supportes wouldnt be high on the list for picking team members. but i would probably pick you MW. im not one for slagging folk off and getting personal with people i disagree with. you do seems to be one who is. im right of centre politically but TR, even though he has some points i agree with, comes over as a vicki pollard type of character at times when in debates. that doesnt get folk like me, and many more, on board when he goes off on one.
  2. i will be amazed if anything other than the smallest of ripples accures from TR big reveal. hes a paranoid, attension seeking wannabe who panders to the lowest common denominator.
  3. i agree. belgrade and macedonia were more exclusive. bayern and marseille every man and his dog went.
  4. fake news, even back then. obviously no one knows for sure. but wieghing up the probabilitys i would say he's dead. mainly because hitler couldnt hide anywhere on the planet. no matter how few people knew folk would blab. i prefer the lucan thing more. no body at all in that case.
  5. clifford will be replaced by a likeminded loony. no change at the clowncil.
  6. Did you know that the word gullible is the only english word not in the Oxford English Dictionary ?
  7. fair do's. i was just wondering what i earned it for thats all. now that it seems most of the board has a warning for one thing or another ive lost my elite "bad to the bone" feeling. mwd, ex mod abuser.
  8. it was worth it then. anyway, as i cant remember, and none of the mods can remember any details, and it was 8 years ago, any chance of wiping the slate clean ? im totally rehabilitated and a good ww citizen.
  9. them that know more about the game than any of us said he wouldnt start.
  10. iirc skinner got involved with almost everything that happened. i also remember moore was on with brazil on talkport and he talked about this match.
  11. if you go in to your profile it shows your own personal mod smacks under your avatar. only you can see it i assume
  12. ive had 1 indescretion point against me for 8 years. not a clue who i upset or what i did to get it. can any of the mods give me any details other than i was a dick ? anyway,1 point fror 8 years, and counting. who can beat that ?
  13. in serendipitys on saturday and i got wankered on blue bolls and leamonade. luckily last orders were called before it got really messy.
  14. indeed. beautiful human being - http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11699/2296478/ref-rennie-in-the-dock still supports us - https://twitter.com/therealuriah
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