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  1. Ani

    Norwich City at home

    It is not belittling Norwich’s efforts to point out we are in totally different positions. I live in Leeds and my drive to Bolton is about an hour I pass Leeds, Bradford , Huddersfield, Oldham, Rochdale and Manchester if I go on M62. Can go over on M65 and pass Bury, Burnley and Blackburn, get near Preston. So that is 11 of 92 league teams in the hours journey. If you come from West there is Blackpool and the scousers so we are up to 15 league teams in an hours drive.
  2. Ani

    Norwich City at home

    NUFC ? Newcastle ? Sorry Saturday and pedantic.
  3. Ani

    In Or Out Again

    Aye. The point being is I never heard anyone say ‘2 hours to London ! Fuck that’. But I drive to Manc as train is shit. Unless you are on the piss no reason to get train (apart from the m62).
  4. Ani

    In Or Out Again

    It takes 2 hours from Leeds to London. Not bad. Takes over an hour to get to Manchester. Which is fucking rubbish.
  5. Ani

    Brum away

    If you read what I have posted about Parky as a manager not sure why you think I love him. He seems out of his depth at this level and before last night showed no signs of knowing how to change it.
  6. Ani

    Brum away

    We win and you still feel the need to find something to criticise about Parky. Just enjoy the miracle of us winning and keeping a clean sheet.
  7. Ani

    Brum away

    People booed at half time v Sheffield Utd at 0-0.
  8. Ani

    Brum away

    Casino Garp Starlight and I went to game week after coca-cola cup final. I am excused for life. Is the young un injured ?
  9. Ani

    Transfer Gossip

    he has only played at a lower level and averages 1 goal in 4. You have a small hat Could we us him better, almost definitely but he is not a goal machine
  10. Ani

    In Or Out Again

    You are trying to win an argument with people who agree that the outcome is not defined and the process to leave is not defined but are convinced the outcome will be better, because that is what they believe. It is really not worth the effort. Was going to say they will trot out the democracy card next but Mounts already has, if you are lucky they will tell you about retaining our sovereignty at some point although the referendum has no standing in our constitutional processes. Just relax everything will be OK (Although please do not expect them to be able to explain what OK means or the future looks like) Everyone knew exactly what they voting for as explained by Boris and Gove. (Please do not mention that Gove voted for Mays deal and Boris against it showing they have different opinions of what it was all about) You have already reached Remoaner status in the eyes of Bolty, please do not react by calling them names they get upset when that happens, bless the little snowflakes.
  11. Ani


    Very much a look at me post. Goong to a wedding in US end of April got a couple of days either end in Chicago. Any suggestions? Missus wants to go to a baseball game so getting tickets hopefully for the Cubs.
  12. Ani

    Preston h

    Parky seems happy to concede ground and then defend en masse. At this higher level teams are good enough to unpick defences. Someone said on SKY a few weeks ago ‘harassing is the new passing’. We simply do not do enough.
  13. Ani

    In Or Out Again

    Boris and Gove voted different ways in last House of Commons vote. But you blame Remainers for the uncertainty. The Remainers have different opinions on the best deal, everyone has different ideas but you blame the Remainers. Take off the blinkers it is not remainer/brexiters it is self serving politicians of both persuasions and red lot are as bad as the blue.
  14. Ani

    In Or Out Again

    The NHS ?

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