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  1. A lot depends on what the final structure looks like. If the teams are excluded from the top leagues and cups and the players banned from International football it is totally different than if they retain those rights.
  2. Not sure anyone is doubting the numbers, especially in the short/medium term for the elite. I would challenge that 'product' that will be delivered will be a massively sanitised version. As much as this saddens me I take some comfort that these fuckers will never know what a 1-0 win at Salford followed by 2-1 defeat at Grimsby feels like. The problem of removing emotion from the 'business' you also will over time reduce the marketability of the product.
  3. Tbf that is because he gets Tinnitus from all the high screeching you lot make every time the other lot get mentioned. 😘🤪
  4. Think our posts crossed so my reply was more about 'not giving a fuck' . I am sure there are umpteen business models that have been produced that show commercially this makes sense in terms of balance sheets and show some guy in HK has higher net value to the business than some bloke in Moss Side. I agree putting the genie back in the bottle is an unlikely option but the impact of this will be more for the few and less for the rest.
  5. Sorry do not agree with last few posts. But I think I maybe contradictory in my thinking! I do watch the EPL, not as much as when we were involved and normally I pick and choose based on teams. Leeds v Liverpool is an example tonight of a game I will watch, had Arsenal Fulham on yesterday but played Wi golf instead of watching. However I can not remember last Champions League game I watched or Championship game I watched. That is where my thinking feels skewed as I do watch some games based on a good watch but the so called highest level Champions League is of no interest , it is not an eli
  6. This along with you subsequent post is a very reasoned argument. So fair play to you. In the same spirit let me highlight why you earlier posts were received so badly. Along with Ratchet you arrived here explaining how we needed to change and create and score more goals. Delf was a particular subject for your views. As a result of injuries we did change, we did create more chances and Delf was dropped. You are now saying in essence 'change it back' so presumably you will be happy to say that those arguing we should not change and that despite winning by 1 goal we were fine were
  7. Spurs joining a European elite league is like Bananaman joining The Avengers. Stolen from Twitter.
  8. I like Gary Neville as a pundit. There I have said it. Anyone watching Arsenal v Fulham today would struggle to understand why they would an elite league. A small number of players and agents get rich from football.
  9. Lee starts simple as. Not at his best yesterday but if fit he has to start. GT deserves a place.
  10. Play GT a bit further fwad, so swap him and Lee. I think is what was meant.
  11. Start the same 11. This is the core that got us to where we are. 'let's make up for Saturday and Newport lads' GT on corners, let John concentrate on being a good left back. Seems crazy when you he is taking mostly shit corners from the right. Start Dapo but make him push on more, drives me mad when he is picking ball up deep.
  12. Of course we wanted it, we made a terrible start and all the weaknesses we have in the team were exaggerated as huffed and puffed to get in the game. Gilks made some great saves, but some of his kicking was part of the problem putting pressure on us. The centre halves have been brilliant but both struggled today John had his worse game since he got here Williams early booking meant he was on edge. Lee see John. Dapo started well but seemed to lose it after his miss. Isgrove after 3-4 good games did very little. Doyle missed when you assumed he would
  13. Bottled it today. Pressure we could not take.
  14. Picture froze, sound ok
  15. It dropped twice, back on now
  16. I follow keeps dropping
  17. Second game on the run 😁😘
  18. We tried in Chicago couple of years ago, horrible, went a wedding in Kentucky same week and they were served with meal, slightly better but a long way off good. Corn Beef Hash was another unusual breakfast item.
  19. Just seen this...no wonder they do not give a fuck about Covid. The Gun Violence Archive puts the number of gun violence deaths from all causes at 12,395 so far this year in the US, of which 147 were in mass shootings. Last year saw a total of 43.549 deaths, and 610 in mass shootings.
  20. https://nextdoor.co.uk/pages/jw-glass-ltd-bolton-england/ My nephew who is a Bolton lad is trying to get his own business going, if you need anything like this please give him a shot. Cheers
  21. Ani

    Bull ****

    His dad was a security guard at the building society I worked at. Wolves second leg. Ilkley whites brother and sister in law big Wolves fans, they are top people and have had some great nights with them. They parked next to us on Raikes Lane, by time we got back they were already driving out, I ran next to their car 'waving', they 'waved' back, took his eyes off the road and drove into car in front of him, no obvious damage, sorted with a hand shake. Turned out they had damaged their radiator, got on M6 engine massively over heats and they are fucked. Had to ring up and join AA ( no mobi
  22. Think mentioned before worked with a linesman who was doing Championship level, he did our game when got beat 5-2 I think at Leicester. He was not even allowed to join the work Fantasy League.
  23. A clinical psychologist has to asses a woman who has driven a car off a bridge with kids in the back. She has done it deliberately and need to work out is she mad, bad or whatever.
  24. Too Close on ITV over last 3 nights was excellent , suggest watching all 3 in one sitting
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