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  1. Big E

    King Ken

    thats what happens when you are a manc and have manc friends
  2. Big E

    Dirty, Horrible, Leeds

    Another defeat coming our way. 0-3 i think. really struggling for motivation to be bothered to head up.
  3. Big E

    King Ken

    What would it be used for if not BWFC? Its not an asset at all
  4. Big E

    Has anyone......

    .....got anything positive going on. Jesus it’s getting unbearable this shit on Twitter. Surely someone has got some good news or some boobs they can post
  5. Big E

    King Ken

    i just dont get why we cant have a middle ground. we seem to have to be one or the other. its like fucking brexit
  6. Big E

    Bolton v Pie Eaters

    Wigan Flu
  7. Big E

    King Ken

    We need an overhaul. Too many jobs for the boys etc
  8. Big E

    Bolton v Pie Eaters

    0-3 a very very painful experience
  9. Big E

    King Ken

    Off ya fuck ya soft get
  10. Big E

    Jamie Bulger Documentary

    And that for me is the problem. lad round my way growing up got arrested for rape. Name everywhere. Turns out she was a girl shagging a bar manager. Not guilty but google his name and headlines of rape charges appear.
  11. Big E

    Jamie Bulger Documentary

    Good on you. i am glad you are able to do so. Most agree it’s ridiculous notion but you can’t dismiss it. Many would feel differently if it was their child. Personally I wouldn’t have let them out. May as well stay inside the rest of their lives than risk them causing more issues. Would you be happy knowing that your wife was murdered by someone previously sent down for murder that was released as it happened when they were young ?
  12. Big E

    Jamie Bulger Documentary

    All the standard bollocks again. it is clear the killers shouldn't have been let out when they have been recalled on multiple occasions. it is also true that young offenders prisons give them access to stuff whilst in prison. Killing children for crimes is not ok but letting them out certainly isnt ok. the usual bellend answers in the format of taking the moral high ground....fuck off. if it was your kid it would be different and killing wouldnt seem so bad. it doesnt make it right. fuck me its like a generic brexit thread
  13. Big E

    Millwall away.

    Easy..weekend on the piss
  14. Big E

    Wanderers V Swansea

    This is rubbish.
  15. Big E

    London Stabbings

    "I've heard" is hardly factual is it. Plus the thread was about stabbings not immigrants.......

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