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  1. I held off taking my DB transfer value and buying equities, wondering now if to stay with the DB pension or buy equities at rock bottom prices. Have video call with my FA on Monday
  2. Cancelled 18 months ago and still watch all the channels for £50/yr via iptv
  3. A reality TV Junkie (allegedly) celeb takes her life and the country is in tatters, a veteran of Britain's war on terror takes their life, and nobody gives a fuck.. Just like Schofield the perv who has a thing for young boys, the British public have their morals and idols all wrong !!
  4. Flying into Bilbao in July, visiting San Sebastian and exploring the Basque region before going to Pamplona to take part in the bull run. Then off to Iceland in October aurora hunting etc
  5. The upfront charge is also 1%, which is good value, it’s the ongoing management/advice fee of 1% p.a, I’m having an issue with as its looking like 0.5% is the dominant fee. However,I guess if their advice yields 5% growth, instead of 3.5% with the guy that charges 0.5%, then it’s obviously money well spent.
  6. What’s the going rate for IFA advice on potentially transferring 2 x DB pensions to a DC pension ? I’ve been quoted 1% p.a of the pot for the advice and ongoing consultancy/management fees, seems excessive at potentially £13.50 a day on current valuations. Has anyone done similar, and if so what was the cost ?
  7. If Shazza has any sense she’ll bring someone in on Monday to take Keith through a media training course, he needs to chill the fuck out.
  8. I live just outside Kirkwall, love it up here
  9. We’re heading to Lofoten for a week in October storm watching and Northern Light hunting.
  10. Been cracking the flags today and the weather for the next few days is great as well https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/forecast/sw60cvch0 koutoulafari is busier than I expected
  11. Campos_Wig

    Take Over

    I smell BS, in a world of digital signatures etc this is a lame excuse
  12. Campos_Wig

    Take Over

    If this is true, Anderson is going to be looking over his shoulder for a long time, he has had plenty of time to agree to a deal. He's definitely got an axe to grind against the club and its fans, I hope one day the whole story on how he's behaved in these dealings gets leaked.
  13. Campos_Wig

    Take Over

    Poor review from the FSA as well https://ratings.food.gov.uk/business/en-GB/413904/Motcombs-Westminster
  14. Coming back from Wrexham after gaining promotion
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