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  1. by they way, trains bewteen preston and blackpool cancelled. it's a bus from Preston. that'll be fun
  2. we're not going to go down. but we will drop like a stone. 1 pt in 12 poor, when it should have been (on paper) at least 6. To be frank, it may take a drastic dip in form for the management to start to utlisie our players (ie. diouff and anelka) in the correct manner. I would love to see them play 4-4-2 (I know boring ain't I) but we just won't. As soon as you put campo or davies into the team, your formation choice is restricted completely. Not knocking davies or campo, think they're playing well. But I would like to have seen us go 4-4-2 against the wigans and Sheff Utds with diouf and anelka runnign riot at the back 4. Utd and everton, I can forgive a 4-5-1.
  3. did you know Idan Tal is an anagram of Dantail. which is actually Israeli for 'pederson is sh??te'... mark my words, that's gospel..
  4. he'll start and he'll score. we'll lose though...
  5. I'd blame that cn??t no matter what.. the fact he's on the pitch absolutely baffles me - especially when he leaves faye on the bench. Have you seen the weather tonight?? That's his f??ckin fault as well !!!
  6. there is no FCKING way he would sign for us.
  7. your entertainment to be pollitically incorrect... Brings back some memories does this.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDzYblAn_0c or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Nm4BQ0c7KI
  8. how long has Benayoun played for us??
  9. probably Casino. apprently he's got a monster dangler.. nicknamed him 'Tiger-Beer-Bottle-C??ck' in the dressing rooms. whereas I'm known as the 'Beer-Can' as mine's the same thickness from baaaalls-to-helmet..
  10. we're f??cked next year.. ??5m was generated from UWaffa Cup exploits, which we won't have this year and then we have to take into account the ??8.5 million for Nicolas.. Club is doing well, but the figures will make dreary reading next year.... Unless the creative accountants weave their magic. never mind, we're still top half and wont go down and anelka will score 20 goals a season as of next year!
  11. do you think his missus would change her mind about pressing charges if he wasn't on ??40K per week?? Just a thought? I don't mnd his antics (bar spitting), as it's great to see away fans getting wound up when he gets the ball. He's becomming rather a tasty player for us now and I do think he'll work well with Anelka.. just wish he'd stop tw??tting his wife with his Senegal player of the year trophy !
  12. or have I seen an advert for the BWFC credit card offering ??40 in credit at the store? Sure I saw this advert Anyone ???
  13. similar to the beer-tent at Blackburn... ??10 for 4 cans of luke warm Carling Black Label. Thing is, when it's football, the site of a price-tag doesn't put you off a drink.. It's like curry to a p??sshead.
  14. i think that's my first ever bextor !!
  15. Came through to the ticket office this week. Apparently there are 12 (yes 12) different prices for the tickets... How does that work??? So that should be fun then !!
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